Week 50


First up this week is this sweet Captain America image by RobDuenas aka SketchCraft. I've never been a big fan of Captain America honestly, I get his appeal and all, so it's always nice when I see a cool image of him I like enough to share. The style on this is cool too. It's a little different as far as process goes for Rob Duenas, but I really dig the style.

Next is this Power Girl image by artist lucidsky, a female artist from the United States… or possibly multiple artist… It's kinda hard to tell from the wording of some of their post.

I thought I had used this image before, for this column… but it doesn't appear so. Maybe it was for the week that disappeared. Who can remember at this point.I try to keep this column PG as much as possible, PG rated that is. I was kinda surprised over the 50 weeks I've been writing this column I didn't feature more Power Girl images… maybe I'll feature more next year.

Well, that's all for this week, see you all next Monday with more artwork that should be covers!

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