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Keys and Notable Issues from Star Spangled War Stories

Confusing can be a recurring thing in comic issue numbering, and refusing to be outdone, DC gives us Star Spangled War Stories. Originally, Star Spangled War Stories was a re-titling of DC's Star Spangled Comics with Issue #131-#133. Then DC jumped to Star Spangled War Stories #3, which continued until #204. With #205 the title is changed to The Unknown Soldier and runs until issue #268. So, you will find duplicated numbering for #131-133. Everyone understand? 

Naturally, that renumbering fiasco will give us a few minor keys, depending on who you talk to and how they collect. Here's my take:

Star Spangled War Stories #131 (Aug. 1952)

1st Comic Titled Star Spangled War Stories

Pick it up if you see it, but don't go out of your way. This book had some strange value spikes in 2010-2011 but should be settled now.

Star Spangled War Stories #3 (Nov. 1952)

This issue follows #131-133, so truthfully it should have been #4.

Again, I would grab this one if you happen across it. There are 6 on the CGC Blue Label Census. in October this year a 7.5 went for $576 on Heritage. Easy money!

Star Spangled War Stories #55 (Mar 1967)

1st Cover by Joe Kubert in the series.

Joe Kubert is a big part of the series, with over 65 covers, credited for writing some issues, and even serving as Editor on some issues. Census is low at 5 with 7.0 being highest graded and bringing about $200 in the market. 

Star Spangled War Stories #84 (Aug 1959)

1st Appearance of Mademoiselle Marie

Marie's 1st appearance has been picking up steam over the last few years. With 46 copies on the census, this book isn't terrible to track down, it will however dent your wallet. A 6.5 went for $1,225 in April of this year. Great book.

Star Spangled War Stories #90 (May 1960)

1st Appearance of Dinosaur Island and "War That Time Forgot" Series

While the importance of Dinosaur Island can be debated, the market value seems to dictate some sort of importance. Batman, Black Canary, G.I Robot, Batlash, and Enemy Ace have all been to Dinosaur Island, so it must be important! Right?! Flash didn't think so. He destroyed it!

Again the census show plentiful copies, around 53. And the market was blown away with one of the 6 8.0's selling at $2,150 in March. 

Star Spangled War Stories #138 (May 1968)

1st Appearance of The Hangman and start of "Enemy Ace" series

This is a great pickup as it can be found relatively cheap and a key Enemy Ace book, featuring Enemy Ace's arch-nemesis.

Star Spangled War Stories #151 (July 1970)

1st Appearance of the Unknown Soldier

The next 54 issues and 7 years of Star Spangled War Stories would feature the Unknown Soldier before renaming the series to "The Unknown Soldier". This is a very affordable key issue for War collectors and is not hard to find. 

Star Spangled War Stories #151 (July 1971)

Sgt Rock and Easy Company Crossover

Not a terribly important issue but it is the 1st appearance of Sgt Rock and Easy Company in the Star Spangled Series. 

As always thanks for reading and digging deeper into war comics with me!

Happy Veteran's Day and Semper Fi and Happy Birthday (on the 10th)!




  • Avatar

    I’ve failed in multiple attempts to pick up those M. Marie early appearances. They are very tough to locate above VG.

  • Ben C

    I love love love the Mad Marie run, I lost out on a slab set a few weeks back.

    Great article, really enjoyed it!

  • Avatar

    The War That Time Forgot (or Dino Island) run is kind of awesome in that with #90 Ross Andru took over a lot of the art on that run including doing most covers for them. Plus the many of first stories were written by Robert Kanigher who created some of the more memorable DC comics War comic characters like Sgt. Rock and The Losers. It was a great run by a classic writer/artist team.

  • Avatar

    I wonder why CGC lists both Star Spangled War Stories 151 and Our Army at War 168 as the Unknown Soldier’s first appearance. Our Army at War 168 came out about 4 years earlier. Are they two different characters?

    • AnthonyL

      I wondered that at one point, after reading I believe the guy in Our Army at War, it is a one shot character. One never knows for certain except the creators. There were previous uses of the UNKNOWN SOLDIER by other publishers as well.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Awesome Tony! Happy Veterans Day to you and all the other Veterans!

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