1 Punchline #1 Matthew Weldon Variant

WRITER: Bill Williams
ARTIST: Matthew Weldon
In what will have to go down as the best week ever for Antarctic Press, this one tops the charts as it is selling for $25-30 just after release.  These were nowhere to be found near me so I can't comment on the story or interior art right now, but the cover art does present well.  Will this be the next….

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2 Rags #1

WRITER: Trent Luther & Brian Ball
ARTIST: Luigi Teruel
I guess having issue #2 drop drew interest back into this book that so many thought would tank after the initial $50 sales.  I guess that was an incorrect assumption since this is now a $75 book (a CGC 9.6 sold for $150).

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3 Rags #2

WRITER: Trent Luther & Brian Ball
ARTIST: Luigi Teruel
And just to complete the tri-fecta for Antarctic, I give you issue #2 of Rags.  $30 right now and the Patreon version sells for about 50% more than that.  Will this continue once she finds her pants?


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4 Survivors' Club

WRITER: Lauren Beukes
ARTIST: Ryan Kelly
This was a dollar bin Vertigo title and then an announcement that it will be adapted into a TV show and all of a sudden it's a $20-25 book.


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5 Invisibles #1

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Steve Yeowell
Another Vertigo title that Grant Morrison confirmed as being a TV show in the works.  This also could be found in dollar bins and now fetches $15-20.


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6 Young Allies #6 Arthur Adams 1:15 Variant

WRITER: Sean McKeever
ARTIST: David Baldeon
I am not a huge Art Adams fan, but he does have some good covers.  This is one of them and is really difficult to find (surprising since it is just a 1:15 variant).  Sales are sparse, but with a $300 sale this week, it deserves to be on the list.


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7 Transdimensional #1

WRITER: Michael Gordon
ARTIST: Henrique Pereira
I have never heard of T Pub publishers.  Just like Punchline, no store near me would be carrying this indie title.  Interesting premise but I would like to hear from anyone that has read it what they think.  It's a $15+ book right now.


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8 Star Wars/Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1 Luke Ross 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Robbie Thompson
ARTIST: Leonard Kirk
Star Wars.  Under-ordered side title.  High ratio.  Same formula as other SW variants that have hit the list recently.  All of those ingredients have led to a $75 price tag at the moment.


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9 Road of the Dead #1

WRITER: Jonathan Mayberry
ARTIST: Drew Moss
I don't have a large amount of faith in IDW titles for long term collecting, but this one seems to have hit the right buttons to start.  The regular cover is a $10-15 book and the B/W variant is $20+.  If you look, there are copies still available on a major retailers website–just sayin'…


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10 Thanos #11

WRITER: Keith Giffen
No Spider-Ghost?  THIS is the book that carries over from last week?  Well, not unexpectedly, the Spider Ghost variant didn't increase any this week, but this book did.  $20 last week and it's now $30+.


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Afterlife With Archie #6 Andrew Pepoy Variant

WRITER: Roberto Aguirre Sacasa
ARTIST: Francesco Francavilla
Raw copies are selling for $10+.  A CGC 9.8 sold for $125.  The show is a critical and audience hit.  I'd be on the lookout for any of the Chilling Adventures variants as well–they are not the easiest to find.

Nightmare #13

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Matt Baker (cover)
What a great Matt Baker cover (again).  In June a 4.0 sold for $650.  A mis-cut 8.0 just sold for $2600.  Very few sales have occurred on this one, but a 7.5 sold 5 years ago for a measly $250.

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  • Avatar

    Nice job and thanks for your hard work every week.

  • Avatar

    The CAoS variants caught my eye when they were first released as most are an homage to a classic horror movie poster. The Creepshow one is my favorite.

  • Gary Nusser

    Not gonna lie….seeing those first three on the list make me throw up in my mouth a little. I have no trouble with scarce books being sought after due to the quality of the contents but as the Unpressable Defects guys alluded to yesterday, these small Publishers are starting to get very good at gaming the public. Good on those who have been able to cash in I guess. As for those Afterlife with Archie variants…watch out if Vampironica every gets a series. As I mentioned recently on my page, a 9.8 Betty and Veronica 261 Variant recently went for $1200 and a VF raw for $300! Thanks as always been for monitoring the weekly spec pulse!

  • Avatar

    Ben, Once again another great list and Wow, I made the “Honorable Mentions” with the sale of “Afterlife with Archie” #6 Pepoy Variant. I sent two copies to CGC one came back 9.8 the other did not make the grade. It was a $7.00 purchase. If only they all could be that profitable.

  • Avatar

    No love for the Punchline Cover A Virgin ? 100 print run…..

  • Avatar

    Great write up. I love these really diverse ones. Road of the Dead…I see you.

    I’m curious what these folks that clamor for obscure indie titles that get optioned or even tv announced are thinking? I can’t name a single title, whose popularity is solely based on a tv deal or option, that has retained any value. They all shoot up to $20-30 and a week later you can’t give them away. Titles like The Kitchen come to mind. Even a series that has the Russo Brother’s stamp on it can’t get Deadly Class to be worth anything. Just seems like a lot of scampering for nothing.

  • Avatar

    AP is the 2018 version of Black Mask.

  • Beezle

    Huntress #1 (1989) has been on the rise lately (no doubt due to the upcoming Birds of Prey movie) after being a largely worthless book since its initial release. A few days ago, a CGC 9.8 sold for $370 (Best Offer) and another for $285 following a few sales in October that were in the $240 – $275 range. Raw NM copies used to be easy to find for under $5 but have now climbed past the $24 mark. You can probably still find this book in some dollar bins.

  • Avatar

    Confused about the #6 Archie / Sabrina’s in the first issue.

    • Avatar

      Afterlife with Archie 6 has a preview for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. That series is not in continuity with Afterlife of Archie, so it’s the first appearance of that “universe.”

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