1 Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Jee Hyung 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Seanan McGuire
ARTIST: Rosi Kampe
Yowza.  Selling at $250 last week and then jumped to $600 this week?  What??  Man, I can't recall any variant increasing to that kind of level faster.  Will this go higher? Where will this settle at?  If this drops back to $200, will variants in general be hurt?  I would love to hear comments about this one.


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2 Young Avengers #1

WRITER: Allan Heinberg
ARTIST: Jim Cheung
1st Kate Bishop and there are rumors that she will be coming to the MCU and now this is selling for $30+.  My money would be on YA #12 or YA Presents: Hawkeye #6 which is her 1st cameo and full of her as Hawkeye.


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3 Thanos #11

WRITER: Keith Giffen
Is it speculators looking at the 1st appearance of Fallen One that is causing this one to sell for $20+?  I'm not real sure, I just know that there is a definite uptick on this book.


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4 Spider-Force #1 Ryan Benjamin 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Priest
ARTIST: Paulo Siqueira
There are 2 first appearances which is a long term plus for this book.  The week of release, it is selling for $75.


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5 Harley Quinn (Vol. 3) #42

WRITER: Frank Tieri
ARTIST: Mauricet
When I saw this cover a few months ago, I thought, ‘seriously?'.  Then OLH gets her own series and now this is selling for $20.  Who knows if this will hold up, but Marvel has made it work…


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6 Ice Cream Man #8 Vanessa Del Rey Variant

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST: Martin Morazzo
Low-ish print run and creepy cover has pushed this book into the $10-15 range.  Side note: I saw multiple copies at stores that were in terrible shape–like 8.0 or worse.  Did anyone else see the same thing?


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7 Planetary #1

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: John Cassaday
I've seen no option news (correct me if there was some), but 4 different 9.8's have sold in the past 10 days ($124, $133, $325 and $200 SS).  I've not had a chance to read this series, but Warren Ellis stories are generally good.


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8 Batwoman #17 B/W 1:25 Variant

WRITER: J.H. Williams
ARTIST: W. Haden Blackman
There are a bunch of Batwoman variants that are very hard to find.  This is no different.  It's a good thing that this one wasn't done as a sideways/wrap-around because this cover is stunning.  A 9.8 sold for $160.

9 Daredevil (Vol. 6) #610

WRITER: Charles Soule
ARTIST: Phil Noto
I loved Daredevil back in the day (like Fall From Grace ‘day').  I'm not up to date, but this issue apparently has a new character named Vigil.  All cheap copies are gone and the secondary market is paying $10+ for this one.


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10 Captain America (Vol. 7) #25

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Carlos Pacheco
Sam Wilson becomes Captain America in this issue.  The thought pattern of some is that it is possible that this happens in the MCU.  This book could be found in the dollar bins but has picked up to $10+.  Topher made me aware that he was in Cap costume in Sentinel of Liberty #8 and #9–thanks Topher!


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Witcher #1

WRITER: Paul Tobin
ARTIST: Joe Querio
Who knows if the new Henry Cavill movie will be any good, but there is interest in this book which is selling for $25-30.  I've always thought that Dark Horse books had been given a bad wrap in the secondary market world–some are not easy to find and they are high quality in general.

Gunfighter #13

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Johnny Craig (cover)
Such a nice Johnny Craig cover (I personally love his cover art).  Book value in grade is around $350, an 8.5 sold this week for $1600.

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  • Great as always ! Thanks

  • Foxom

    The ice cream man’s I saw all had color rub on the cover except 1. Books were in good shape otherwise.

    As for ghost spider, I think it’s a mixed bag. I want it to sell well to drive up demand, driving up issue sales, freeing up more $ to hire good talent to write and draw other books. But man variants are also awful for average collectors and make getting back into collecting or just starting very intimidating for many (who would also bring $ to the industry)

  • I think the one to get for 1st Kate Bishop is that Young Avengers #1 Wizard World sketch variant.

  • 1,2,4 and 7 this week. I would love it if the ghost spider stay where it is at or if it continues to climb. If it drops back to the $200 range I think people will be upset if they paid more than that. I think as long as spider Gwen remains a character people like this book should have staying power. I can’t think of the character on a variant other than the Greg land variant that has commanded a high price tag. This is a good list and it’s always good to see different books make the list

  • Taking a break from Red Dead Redemption, damn this game is great! Just reached a pivotal part, so i decided to hit some bowls and check out Ben’s TOP 10. Thanks for posting this weekly, appreciate the time you put into these and very much look forward to checking them out.

    Ghost Spider, Oh Ghost Spider! No Brainer #1 with how high its selling at, even with more copies on Ebay this week. My comic shop had a 1:100 an hold for me, they ordered over 100 regular covers. Unfortunately they got shorted come Wednesday. I felt like a kid who just drop his ice cream cone just after taking a lick or two. Had to hit the Bay, ended up buying two, most I’ve ever spent on a raw comic, so why not buy two. My comic shop said they might still get it and honor the original price, fingers crossed! Not going to hold my breath on that happening though.

    I think this will continue to rise, might slow down a bit, but with 16 listings on eBay thats still not a lot out there to supply the demand. Like raisethedead said, no other variant with Spider-Gwen commands any price higher except the Greg Land Variant. Spider Gwen #16 1:50 Dave Johnson Variant is a beauty too in my opinion. A 9.8 sold for $242.50, just yesterday which I think is a steal. This Jee Hyung Variant is ridiculous and next to the Greg Land is my favorite cover of her done so far. its gonna go up, i’d get it sooner rather than later. no way its going back down to $200.

  • As to Ghost Spider 1, apart from the shill bidding that’s going on, yes other books have done this and ALL have crashed- Thor 700 Hughes, Tsum tsum 4 (Dave Johnson), Spider-gwen 16 (also Dave Johnson), and Pink Harley Quinn 1 (2016). This will follow suit. Far, far too many copies available to sustain that price.

  • Planetary is hands down my favorite comic series I’ve read. Not a single bad issue, and just 27 issues. Make sure you also read the Planetary/Batman oneshot. Ellis and Cassiday at their best!

    • Planetary is the best read since Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen came out in the mid ‘80s. The covers are wonderful, the story compelling.

      Savor it. The work that Ellis and Cassaday produced is timeless.

    • Coming down here to comment on Planetary as well–just an amazing read! Like Watchmen it’s one I go back and read at least once a year. One of the all-time greats….who knows, maybe that’s good enough for it to get hot again? Hard to even envision this a movie or series since so much of it is referential to other comics…

  • Yeah, if you want first ever Sam Wilson as Captain America get Sentinel of Liberty #8 &9

  • Ben C

    Really digging that EC at the end. Thanks Stein!!

  • Glad I have Young Avengers, won it in August with a box of 2003 Cat Woman comics.

  • It’s tough to find that Thanos 11 in NM+ shape. I sold about 4-5 copies in the past year…only one was really nice. I’ve been passing on them lately because they cooled off a few months after Thanos 17 came out.

    My ICM 8 had a small color rub on the front. Not too bad. Didn’t come across any other copies.

    Grabbed a DD610 on Wednesday…passed on several others before knowing this villain was heating up…will go,back and look for more today and tomorrow in a few spots, along with searching for young avengers, And the captain America keys listed.

    I did snag 7 copies of Harley 41 at an LCS (4A and 3B), all at cover. Cover B doesn’t seem to sell over cover price by much. But at $2.99 each there’s decent profit to be made.

  • The only winner from GhostSpider will be Hyung Lee
    watch the amount of covers he gets now

    • Personally I’m digging his connecting variants for Spider-Geddon. They’ve all looked amazing and I can’t wait to display them all side-by-side.

  • Really look forward to this every week, always well done. I completely agree with the author about the dark horse book anomaly. Looks like I need to read planetary.


    • Planetary is one of my top ten favorite series of all time. Bonus: it’s short, but if you’re going to read try and find a collection that includes #0 (most of them don’t, it seems)–it’s an amazing story.

  • Harley Quinn #42 “b” frank cho cover will be the one to look for if it goes up in price. Most shops aren’t ordering or are ordering only a small amount of the DC “b” covers when there is no buzz. Also, it is a two part connecting cover (the other connecting cover is #41) which creates a really nice image when put together. Thanks for putting this list together. Cheers! 🍺

  • I think Avengers #35 (Nov. 2013) should be considered in the mix for Falcon as Cap. He’s on the cover as Cap and it predates Captain America #25.

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