Aristocrats of War #7 – Top 10 Hitler Comic Covers

Top 10 Hitler Comic Covers

Last week, at the end of the Aristocrat's of War article, I posted a picture of Hitler as an apparition, haunting someAmerican troops. Hitler, in terms of war comics, is the ultimate antagonist. Like a real life version of the relationshiop between the Joker and Batman, Spidey and Venom, or He-Man and Skeletor. 

There are many different flavors to a Hitler Cover. I am going to try to steer away from the Supes, Batman, WW, and Cap covers. Here are my favorites:

What a great cover by Mac Raboy from August 1943. There are several other Fawcett covers that could make this list.

There are 16 Blue Labels on the Census, ranging from 3.5 to 9.4, with the average grade being a 5.5. Current market is $398 for a 3.5 (March 2018).

A composition cover from August 1943, not sure who the cover artist was but it has some L.B. Cole and Kurtzman doodlings inside.

As for Blue Labels Census, there are 6 copies, ranging from 3.0 to 9.2 Current market is being set by a Kurtzman File Copy 4.0, which sold for $1550 in June of 2017.

What a perfect cover for the week of Halloween. Although it's only a pumpkin staged as Hitler, I love this Al Plastino cover.

The most recent market price for this book was $254 for a 4.0 in Apr 2018, with a 2004 sale of $66, this book is appreciating nicely but still undervalued. Current census sits at 11 Blue Labels, with the low end at 3.0 and 8.5 for top of the census.

Uncle Sam covers could have their own list altogether, but this Al Kotzky cover of Sam giving the fuhrer a toss is a perennial classic. Top notch! 

The CGC Census is dominated by a 9.6 copy of this book, with 15 others between 3.5 and 8.5. Most current sale of this book was a 2016 sale of a 4.0 for $304. Grossly undervalued!

Not for sure on the cover art for this but the composition looks like Reed Crandall style. He did a lot of perspective pieces looking over someones shoulder. I love the horror feel to this one!

This cover only has 3 copies on the census, with a 4.0 representing the lower and topping out at 7.0! There is a current market price on this book but the 6.5 sold for $221 in 2014. This is grossly undervalued and will dramatically rise if a cover artist receives credit.  

A tatted up Uncle Sam throwing the smack-down on good old harelip, what a wonderful cover. No credit can be found for the cover work. Happens quite frequently in the Golden Age, nonetheless a great cover indeed.

Census has 12 Blue copies with 3 in 3.0 heading up to the lone 9.6 on the top rope. Current GPA has an 8.5 sold at $1,434 in August 2017.

I was going to leave this cover off of the list because it was from DC, but included it because it's not really a Mainstream Title, although it is a Kirby/Simon Cover. 

Being a DC book and having cover art by the duo of Jack and Joe is evident in the Census numbers with 29 copies, with 2 at 1.5 and 3, yes 3 at 9.4. The best market assessment is on a 8.0 that climbed from $956 in 2006 to $2450 in December of 2017. Great Book!

One of my absolute favorite Alex Schomburg covers. This comic would look absolutely fantastic on display. It is considered one of the Iconic Hitler Covers.

This book has an astounding 33 copies on the CGC Census. 2.0 to 9.0 is the current range. This would be a good one to find an old label CGC and press-up. Right now a 3.0 will set you back about $3,750, up from $800 in 2010. One of those 9.0's sold for over $20k in December 2017! 

Another cover that remains uncredited but I suspect as Crandall. This cover composition is an absolute treasure. This is in my personal Top 10 Golden Age books. Another that would be a sick display.

Again we have a book with a good amount of copies on the census with 22, ranging from 2 copies at .5 and 1 at 9.0. The best current market indicator is a 4.5 in May of 2017 that sold at $4,605. My guess is that the 9.0 could break $30k.

Yet another uncredited cover, but a masterpiece none the less. This almost looks like an early Creig Flessel Cover, but in some ways it has a Bob Kane feel. Not sure either way and it still doesnt get labeled at CGC.

Once more we have a good amount in the census with 22, dominated by a 9.4 and a 1.0 at the lower end. Again this book in 2.0 has greatly appreciated from $214 in 2005 up to $3,851 in December 2017. Could that powerhouse 9.4 break 40-50 thousand. I feel maybe a little higher!

Well that wraps up what I feel are the best of the non-mainstream (DC/Timely) covers featuring Hitler. Any of these books would make a great investment and should be fairly liquid, only being outdone by the Blue Chip superhero comics. Are there any that should have been here, or that shouldn't have been? If so, drop them in the comments and we can revisit the list at a later date.

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    Don’t think you could have worse timing running a Hitler article CBSI.

    • Ben C

      Its an article on investing, it has WWII covers that are anti Hitler.

      Its posted under a column used by a writer to cover Golden Age War comics, this is a common subject.

      For the record, this was also written before the terrible events of the weekend, and was held back until today.

      Growing tired of your comments, as they only seem to judge, show off your own knowledge and attempt to stir the pot…

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    All very collectible. I’m digging these post’s so far.

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