Week 48

This week I went a different route with finding content. Many people are probably aware that not all comic artist color their own artwork. So to start things out, I wanted to showcase an image that was a group effort.  Also it's been a while since I featured a Star Wars image, so this all worked out nicely.

The image was Penciled by Sorah-Suhng  and Inked by Juan Castro and Colored by Sanju Nivangune. This is a tremendous collaboration of Kylo Ren by this trio of artist. The Alfons Mucha'ish design for the background was handled exceptionally well and almost unnoticeable at first glance.

Last up is an image by NeoArtCorE aka Nudtawut Thongmai. Whos an artist from Thailand and has worked for a number of game and entertainment companies overseas. This Black Cat image is incredible and it begs the question, how is Marvel Comics not on this mans resume. While it's a little bit manga's it's still really cool. Pretty much any image in this mans gallery would work for this column. I almost used a Wonder Woman image this week that was really cool, but we had a Wonder Woman last week. So I ended up going with Black Cat… because, you know, contractual obligations… nah just kidding, because Black Cat.

Well, that's all for this week, see you all next Monday with more artwork that should be covers!

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