1 The Walking Dead Blind Bag Variants

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Yes, stores ordered a TON of these.  But they are selling, like a TON.  The Negan word bubble sells for well over $150 and the J. Scott Campbell's are selling all over the place for well over cover.  Expect the success of these to spawn other blind bag events.

Check It Out Here

2 Life of Captain Marvel #4 Jen Bartel 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Margaret Stohl
ARTIST: Carlos Pacheco
Brand new variant this week is already selling for $40-50.  While probably riding the coattails of the #3 variant (a 9.8 sold for $600 by the way), this one is nice enough and probably hard enough to find to warrant its current price point.

Check It Out Here

3 Halloween: One Good Scare H25 Convention Exclusive /3000

WRITER: Stefan Hutchinson
ARTIST: Peter Fielding
Only released at the H25 convention in 2003.  I have a lot of Halloween books but honestly didn't even know this one existed.  The time of year and the current movie are likely reasons the price has gone up from $15 to $40+.


Check It Out Here

4 Heroes In Crisis #1 Francesco Mattina Foil Variant

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Clay Mann
Most of the DC convention foil variants end up in the $25 range.  This one however is defying the odds and is selling for $50-75 at the moment.  People just really seem to love this depiction of Harley.


Check It Out Here

5 Red Sonja (Vol. 4) #30 Lucio Parrillo NYCC ‘Virgin' Variant

ARTIST: Carlos E. Gomez
So, this is yet another Parrillo cover of either Red Sonja or Vampirella that has gone crazy.  Like $130+ at the moment crazy.  If you haven't seen his other Red Sonja covers, they are impressive (#76 is one of my favorites).


Check It Out Here

6 Captain Marvel (Vol. 5) #16

WRITER: Peter David
ARTIST: Paul Azaceta
Thanks to Peter Renna for his insight into this book in his ‘Dollar Bin Digging' article about this 1st Appearance of Phyla Vell.  As he points out, this one might be considered a cameo and #17 might be the first?  Tough to know at this point which one the market favors, but right now, #16 seems to be getting around $20-25 and #17 about $15-20.


Check It Out Here

7 The Source #1

WRITER: Don Handfield
ARTIST: Leno Carvalho
3 covers.  It is being reported a regular, 1:10 and 1:20 but I can't confirm that at the moment.  The regular cover is getting $10-15, the black variant $20 and the glow-in-the-dark variant is kind of all over the board right now, but about $25.


Check It Out Here

8 Legionnaires #0

WRITER: Tom McCraw
ARTIST: Jeff Moy
1st appearance of Barry Allen's granddaughter XS.  She is apparently on the Flash show so there is interest in this one right now.  What was a $0.50 book is now getting upwards of $10+.  (Pro tip: there is a Zero Hour UPC variant of this one!)


Check It Out Here

9 Strange Stories From Another World #4

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Norman Saunders (cover)
What?  A PCH on the actual list?!?!  Well, a CGC 4.5 sold for $600 and then a 6.0 sold for almost $900.  Last year an 8.0 pedigree sold for $525.  Seems hot to me.


Check It Out Here

10 Ogre #1

WRITER: Bob Salley
ARTIST: Shawn Daley
Yet another independent comic that hits the $10-15 range the week of release.  Keep in mind that this is a 3 issue mini-series which generally doesn't stand up over time.


Check It Out Here

Unstoppable Wasp (Vol. 2) #1 Yasmine Putri 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Jeremy Whitley
ARTIST: Gurihiru
Ok, so this list is based on completed sales only.  At the time of the writing, the only sale was a pre-sale for $60.  There were 2 auctions that were already at $75-80.  Expect this one to hit the list next week as there just can't be that many of these out there.

Boots & Her Buddies #9

WRITER: Unknown
ARTIST: Edgar Martin (Frank Frazetta art on 2 pages)
Hard to find book that lists for around $225 in grade.  An 8.5 sold this week for $870.  Baseball, beach and boots…awesome.

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  • Ben C

    That Boots and the Wasp are fantastic.

    Great List Ben, thanks!!

  • It is a shame about mini series’ not holding over time. That’s why I don’t see God Country as a long term investment. Time will tell. Great, diverse list.

  • Love the post. Look forward to it every weekend. Please keep up the awesome work and thank you.

  • Great post. Struck out this week. Better luck next week.

  • Only 1 this week with The Source (assuming my order goes through). Thanks! for putting these together. BTW the Parrillo Red Sonja link goes to a captain marvel search.

  • Great post ! Love that The Source made it! Repping for the INDIES! Thanks for all you do Ben S.

  • 3 for me – Ogre, The Source and Leigionnaires 0. Ogre is a great read although I wasn’t a fan of the art. These Savage Shores was a fantastic read from last week. I love these lists.

  • Almost 9 years ago to the day I bought out all the remaining Halloween One Good Scare comics. 9 years ago lol
    Huge Halloween fan and decided since it was such a difficult find I would just buy whatever was left.
    I’m not sure 3000 were printed (help on that?) and I’m not even sure it was for sale at the 25th Anniversary show. I went back to my e-mails and we never discussed the print run.
    It’s a tough book and kind of fun to see it on the Top 10! I got a lot of texts letting me know!

    • Ben Steiniger

      That’s great info! I read somewhere that the print run was 3000 but as I mentioned, I didn’t even know this book existed. If you have more detailed info, definitely let us know!

  • Variants rule, even if people say they don’t like em. this list is so random from week to week. Keep your fingers working, got to keep eyes on all media to try to keep up with this list.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Thanks to everyone for taking a look and commenting! I’m trying to keep it fresh for everyone each and every week, but still be as accurate and informative as possible.

    To give some extra incentive to read/comment, NEXT WEEK, I am going to pick out a comment I like best and send you something awesome. So make sure to leave a comment after next weeks list drops. You will have 48 hours to be in the running.

  • Ben, you do a great job always. Everyone loves to see a new Top 10. It causes discussion and people also look at books they had no idea about or see books they own.
    Keep it up.

  • Prize should be called
    Win Ben Stein(iger)’s Stash

  • Respect the power of PCH. Especially in October.

  • Dale Valiant horton

    Great stuff as always. Please Allow me to shamelessly plug my article in regards to the #6 book

  • JamesGoodwin

    Superb as always; I love this article. It’s well written and informative. It’s also obvious that Ben puts a lot of time and research into this every week.

  • I was looking for a Venom book this morning (10/20) and noticed the Red Sonja #20 book was available on the site the search took me to. It was $35 and I really like Parrillo. They didn’t have the Venom book. Sold out. So I kept searching, didn’t find Venom, and decided to go back for the Red Sonja book. This all took about 15-20 minutes. The Red Sonja book was sold out. Doh!

  • The girl on Flash is his daughter Nora Allen 1st appearance Justice League vol3 #26 from 2017 it’s not his granddaughter from legionaries #0

    • That depends. If it’s the name Nora Allen you’re speccing on than it could be JL #26, but if it’s XS, then it’s absolutely Legionnaires #0.

      • The character Nora Allen is new and this is her origin on Flash very little actually comicbook appearances so if she starts as XS and later takes the moniker Cruise then it makes sense her daughter Barry’s granddaughter would take the moniker XS in the future of the future.

  • Any info on the rarity of Legionnaires #0 Zero Hour UPC variant?

    There are none on ebay, only direct editions.

    Are the zero hour UPC variants like the DCU UPC variants or something?

    I have the zero hour UPC variant and trying to gauge rarity and market value.

    Any info would be great. Thanks!

    • Yes, the Zero Hour UPC Variants are exactly like the DC Universe UPC Variants just with a different logo used. The Zero Hour UPCs come from two 20 Pack Bricks from the months of September 1994 & October 1994, an 8 Issue Zero Month Collector’s Pack and also in a few of the 2 Issue Collector’s Packs. For the Packs from those two months, DC switched up the UPC logo, only to resume using the DC Universe UPC for the subsequent Packs.

      As for rarity, none of the Zero Hour UPC Variants are inherently rare when compared to some of the other DC Universe UPC Variants since DC was promoting the hell out of their Zero Hour Crossover Event and released a ton of these Packs. However, The Legionnaires #0 Zero Hour UPC Variant seemingly was only available in the October 1994 Brick (though it is very possible that issue could have been found in some 2 Packs as well) so it definitely should be considered one of the rarer ones.

      As for market value, as is the case with all of the DC Multipack Variants, we know they’re not as common as Direct and/or Newsstand Editions, but it’s also a niche area of collecting that not everyone cares about. In my experience after the few completionists who are looking for these pay up to get their copies, what remains are unsold higher priced listings and several sold ones that went for lower prices. This seems to be the trend similar to what happened to the DC Universe UPC Variant of Legionnaires #16 which saw a few sales of $50.00+ only to now have a market flooded with higher priced unsold copies and a bunch of sales below $20.00.

      Hope that helps.

  • wtf is that list…? lmao.. $10 toilet paper. I would have given you somethimg more entertaining then some of those. I’m not seeing any nutz being dragged here..

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