Aristocrats of War #6 – Blue Vs Gray

War is a large genre or niche of the comic collecting community. Of course, with all niches there comes micro-niches. I will cover others in future articles, but the niche of a niche for today is Civil War Covers. No, not the Marvel Super Event, but the American Bloodbath. Not since the American Revolution has a conflict changed the course of humanity like the Civil War did, of course at a terrible cost. But, at the time, our country needed a correction of it's moral compass.

Finding comics with the Civil War theme is no easy task, however there are lots of Graphic Novels and Prestige Format books. If you are so inclined, Marvel produced a line of comics that had 4 issues titled Epic Battles of the Civil War. Originally, these were marketed at Civil War Historical Sites. 

Jonah Hex may be one of the more famous characters with ties to the Civil War but most of his covers don't carry that theme beyond the Confederate Flag, so I am going to skip over Jonah and just feature books that I like the art on.

 Durango Kid #17, (Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid #17), from Magazine Enterprises, Jun 1952. This issue features the Origin of Durango Kid. For you Frazetta fans, there is also a White Indian story in this one.

Also of note, there is only 1 graded copy listed in the CGC census, a 7.5.

 A little more mainstream is the September 1961 cover to Superboy #91. Who ever knew that the Civil War came to Smallville. Must be an alternate universe. The cover was from Curt Swan.

The Lone Ranger even stopped by for a quickie Civil War cover painted by Hank Hartman for Lone Ranger #76 from Dell. Not a big extravagant battle scene but a great cover. Is that John Wayne in the corner?

This great cover painted by N.J. Nodel was for World Around Us #26 from Gilberton in October 1960. I was on the fence about including it, as it is a whopping 68 pages. I decided to include it just because of the fantastic cover.

Of course we have to have the EC Civil War covers, Two-Fisted #'s 31 and 35, along with Frontline Combat #9. Harvey Kurtzman and the EC gang hit a home run with both runs. Classic in all regards to the War Genre.

My favorite though is a little more light-hearted and feature the Riverdale gang celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Civil War. I think all points in history and moments in life are portrayed with the classic Betty and Veronica Tug-O-War. Again, we have a really low census on this one with 1 8.5 Blue Label and no recorded sales of the lone slab.

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