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Hello everyone i hope you are all well and still have bank accounts as the con season comes to an end. I managed to escape spending my life savings at NYCC partially because NY gave me the greater gift of the flu (or maybe it was my trusty sick sidekick?) but I am alive, almost well and ready to bring a new First You May Have Missed with a bit if Wardrobe Please. With all the talk of Kree and Skrulls and the upcoming Captain Marvel as well as the return of the Young Avengers it seems like a great time to talk about Marvel boy aka Protector aka Nor-Varr.

Marvel Boy first appeared in his own self titled limited series By Grant Morrision back in 2000. Being part of the Marvel Knights line it was easy to overlook. Given the name Marvel Boy you would expect him to be related to one of the current marvels running around the marvel universe but he is actually an unrelated dimension hoping kree officer. He was stranded in the 616 when his ship was shot down and eventually captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Being kree infused with insect DNA marvel boy can climb walls has super strength as well as the ability to turn off his nerves so he does not feel pain. Also he has the ability to digest any substance along with the ability for his saliva to inflict victim's causing form of mind control. During civil war he was sent after the runaways and was able to beat both them and the young avengers with ease.

As a prisoner of shield he declared war on the earth until he escaped and was mistaken for the original Captain Marvel by the Skrull impostor of Captain Marvel(confused?)*. This interaction turned marvel boy from earths potential destroyer to earths protector as he joins the fight in secret invasion against the Skrulls.

*During secret invasion the original Captain Marvel was replaced by a skrull impostors who lost his memories and believed he was the actual Captain Marvel and tasked marvel boy with carrying in the legacy when he died. (Possible Captain Marvel movie plot????)

Wardrobe Please!

Marvel Boy had a brief stint with the Dark Avengers before deciding that he did not want to be on a team of villainous heroes and going off on his own. He is later granted new powers by the supreme Intelligence and has an identity and costume change into the hero Protector.

Marvel Boy was featured in a few major marvel stories going forward but the most significant and recent was his joining of the Young Avengers team in which he had an ongoing relationship with Kate Bishop.

Although Marvel Boy may not be a staple in the Marvel Universe he is deeply woven into most of the major crossover stories as well as the Captain Marvel legacy. Also with the Young Avengers coming back as a comic and whispers of a Dark Avengers or young MCU team in the works marvel boy fits into everything going on and unused in live action(Kree/Skrull war, secret invasion, young avengers, Dark Avengers, Illuminati Avengers vs X-men, Runaways).

Marvel Boy #1 (2000) first appearance of Marvel Boy just under 48k print run and a marvel knights title. This book is still pretty cheap, you can actually grab the whole set (1-6) for under $25 online and less if you want to dig in long boxes. The gem to own is the dynamic forces exclusive cover 4000 unsigned and 1500 signed which will be a lot harder to find. I would grab a 1-6 set and possibly the unsigned DF exclusive if priced at $20 or under.

Ms. Marvel #50 (2010) first appearance of Marvel Boy as Protector. Short 25k print run, this book is a keeper. Not only for the protector but being the last issue of carol Danvers Ms. Marvel run it is already pretty sought after. It has a great regular cover but also a semi hard to find variant which is worth grabbing.

Young Avengers Vol.2 #1 Marvel Boy joins the team. Very easy book to find with a huge 70k+ print run. There are a few variants that may be worth tracking down but the 2nd print has a print run under 5k so i would grab that if i ran across it.

That does it for this edition of First You May Have Missed with a bit of Wardrobe Please! Thanks for reading and remember  “its better to have first and flipped, then to never have first at all”—–Dale Valiant Horton

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