Venom, Narnia, Minecraft, God Country, The Secret Six and More!

Aw man, mention how Venom craps and where it was retconned sure can ruffle feathers! Other than that nonsense there has been a lot of news this week.  Personally I am skipping over  Nailbiter and some other things that have already been optioned.  Instead giving you talking lions, Ice Cream and yes…green slime!



A few months back I did and article on video games getting the movie treatment and that included Minecraft.  At the time there was no known comic appearance but at NYCC an Ashcan from Dark Horse was passed out.  But I recently learned that there was a comic first going all the way back to 2017!

The magazine was a UK release and it very hard to find.  There was a mini preview but it does NOT contain any comics.


Action Comics 601

First Copper Age Secret Six

At this point the CBS announcement on a Secret Six show is so fresh we have no details.  The first appearance is from 1968.  This one reintroduces the team for the first time since the 60's. This book also reveals Mockingbird’s identity, something the original series never did!  I can see CBS using the original material to develop a spy thriller over adapting Gail Simone’s incredible series. It is cheap right now and considering what Suicide Squad books did it might be worth a stash.

Other Notable books; Prelude to Infinite Crisis?, Teen Titans Vol. 3 issue 23 ( first mention of a villainous society which leads into the modern Secret Six.), Villains United 1,5,6

Tip Tip Monthly 70

Goooood luck tracking down this Aussie reprint.

Part of Secret Six 1 is reprinted here,

Apparently there is a Secret Six story in this benefit issue.

and finally a little known post New 52 appearance.  The more I look at this the more I like the cover!



The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe GN

Illustrated by Robin Lawrie, this Graphic Novel is the first appearance of Aslan and other major characters.  Netflix is adapting C.S. Lewis's epic fantasy yarn so interest is sure to spike



The Amazing Spider-Man 55/496

First appearance of the Spider-Man Popsicle Ice cream bar!

Well I expect a collective eye roll on this one but everything Into the Spider-verse is hot.   So when the latest trailer featured a brief appearance by the much maligned ice cream treat I got to thinking…where have I seen that before?  Well the ad below was featured in Jessica Jones on Netflix!  But it also made it's first comic appearance in this issue of ASM.

Thank for the assist on this.  You know who you are!


The Amazing Spider-Man 186

Looking for a little more Into the Spider-Verse speculation?  I have you covered.  The cover to this forgettable issue of ASM was featured in the new trailer.  Put a specific comic in a comic movie and there might be some interest.

Collecting Carnage for some reason?  Well if you are looking for a real hunt try tracking these foreign reprints!  They may not sell for as much as the over printed ASM 361 but finding one should be more rewarding anyways!

And thanks to CBSI writer David One for pointing out this unauthorized reprint produced by the Greek Mafia! Apparently they were ordered to be pulped but it appears that never happened!



Image + 7

First preview of God Country

Look I am just the messenger here.  God Country has been optioned and there is a killer preview in this magazine.  That does not mean I am saying you should go drop serious money on this.  But it does predate issue 1.




Thor Annual 10

First appearance of the Elder Gods

More Donny Cates is never a bad thing and in his Venom arc he continues to link his narrative to some obscure parts of the Marvel 616.  Knull was once again referred to as an Elder God.  Now I don't know if there is a connection to the them but like Knull they are powerful on a truly cosmic scale.

NOTE:  In Ve'Nam Knull is refereed to as an Elder Void God making that book the first time such a name is used.





Amazing Spider-Man 346

First appearance of Venom's long tongue and green slime?!

This week Donny Cates retconned Venom's frothing grin into a pretty vile substance.  Technically this is the first appearance and cover of venom's ummmmm….well go read the comic and you will see.


Since I have received a small amount of blow back on this on this one I welcome any naysayer to explain why speculating on Batman's penis is any better than looking for one of the better Venom covers of this time period?  The great thing about picking this comic, you should already own it!

NOTE:  Thanks to Alberto Allende from G+ for helping me to get this one right!

And thanks to Kona from the G+ group for mentioning issue 333 as the cover does have some drool that has a different tint but is not quite green.




New Avengers 49

It has been determined that online sources report this issue having been released one week after Dark Avengers 1. If that is true then Marvel seriously screwed up because the events of this book predate Dark Avengers 1.  Why would Marvel spoil it's big reveal in it's Avengers book a week early?  In Dark Avengers Norman Osborn is already dealing with the fallout from the huge media reveal.  In New Avengers 49 the comic builds to Norman's team reveal and his own as the Iron Patriot.  At this point there is shipping evidence that DA 1 was released first but the chronological first appearance is here.  This is also an exercise in why trusting CGC labels or using their info to determine firsts is often unwise.  Both comics have a date of March 2009 on CGC labels.

So if the story is the be all end all for first appearances then this book should see some love right?



Adventures with the DC Superheroes Giveaway

Here's a tough one to find, this magazine was given out based on quantity of purchased milk!  Not only is the Batman Beyond first appearance outside of his self titled series but it's a rare appearance by Harley Quinn!  It is quite difficult to find in high grade.


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  • Mike Morello

    Great job, as always, Topher. My brain hurts. Some fun stuff to hunt for.

  • Earlybird

    Always a great read, and always one I look forward too, the God Country magazine appearance, always for me is what it is, a magazine appearance just like any other, I don’t collect any form of magazine, and collect comic books, just like the Spotlight 6 is a first comic appearance for Star-Lord, God country is the first comic to me. so no bullets flying here.
    Just praise for another great article packed with info.
    Thanks Topher for your Time/Experience & knowledge

    • Topher

      I mention it only so people know, Image previews almost all their titles these days so I don’t really buy for my PC unless I really want the cover as I do collect mags. I have to add that this book is also part of the Neagan origin so there is another reason to buy it!

  • Avatar

    Gotta say with Marvel cinematic seeming going cosmic for phase 4 and beyond even if Knull is not directly related related to the Elder Gods of Thor Annual #10 who knows what cosmic beings will show up so it can never hurt to have some extra bases covered. The comic is super cheap right now, so why not grab one or two. Will probably be a good read and has a map of Asgard in it! Neat! Also, “if” Knull does turn out to have some sort of relation to these Gods, this book will get a pretty big price spike!

  • Avatar

    I noticed that the silver age Secret Six #1 is plentiful and pretty cheap in all grades especially lower to mid grade. Doubt this book or show will be the next big thing, but seems like some pretty good room to make a few bucks on this for the time being. Didn’t even know about the CBC show until I came on here this morning so I guess word hasn’t spread too far yet. At this point I would think it is worth a pick up for the pc at least…until supply dries up anyway.

  • Avatar

    Good stuff Topher as always. Secret Six #1 1968 will hold prominence no matter what team is used since all the teams are led by a hidden identity character code named Mockingbird and says Mockingbird right on the cover of #1 1968.

    • Topher

      True, what is great about the Action book is that the 60s series didn’t reveal who Mockingbird was! This book does!

    • Topher

      Hey thanks for taking time to comment, The Six book is plentiful but in high grade not so much. If I were buying 9.0 or better.

      • Avatar

        There were some un-graded high grades around this morning for pretty good prices considering, but admittedly I went cheap. If this was headed for the big screen I probably would have bought higher grades and spent more money. Since it is a TV show I went low risk and bought two that look to be in roughly 5.0 and one in 6.5 to 7.0. Combined with shipping included the cost was $60, almost to the penny for all of them. Also, bought some of the action 601. I know, I wussed out on this one, but I’m not convinced it will see super excitement from the masses. Some, of course and maybe a lot if it ties into the cinematic U and they have some heavy hitter characters in the cast and/or some big-ish names attached to it. Time will tel on all that. Didn’t expect to do any buying today and this weekend but your article brought to attention some very good and cheap as of this morning comics. A lot of potential. Was a fun and successful hunt today!

  • Ben C

    Awesome info as always Topher, thanks!!

  • Avatar

    I always liked that Thor Annual 10 Cover art.. So classic.. Reminds me of a Pollard but I’m not sure it’s him

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