As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer.


1. Demographic of the crowd: It almost felt like half the attendees were collectors and the other half were vendors/flippers. I had collectors at my booth coming far from Florida, the Mid-West and even San Diego looking to upgrade their collection and inventory. Staying true to form many New Yorkers also trekked over to hunt for keys and to fill their runs. Certainly there were a lot of anxious people looking for the right key at an undervalued price to take home as Friday was a slower pace day for most vendors. Other than that there were a few spots that were busy getting pillaged offering $2 dollar back issue books like Comics 4 Less and Reece Comics.

2. Fantastic Four keys were the hot item. FF1, FF4, FF5, FF48, FF49, FF50 and Surfer 1 had limited inventory. My goal was to buy 3 copies of FF48 but instead ended up with 3 copies of FF13. One vendor told me that he sold his raw FF48 VF/VF+ for $1500. Wow. I did see one FF1 CGC 4.0 selling for $16,000, considered a deal by most. FF4 didn’t see much and FF5 I didn’t see any on walls. I was surprised that a FF48 CGC 7.0 selling for $2100 and a FF49 CGC 5.5 for $550 survived the weekend. I heard of only 3 booths selling raw copies of FF48 through FF50 and they didn’t make it to Saturday.

3. Next hottest ticket was X-Men. XM1 and XM101, XM129 and other titles related to the Phoenix Saga were books that collectors wanted to buy. It’s no big secret that XM1 is following FF1 as inventory online is scarce. That said my newly acquired XM 1 CGC 1.5 survived the weekend as people are in waiting to see if they can get a better deal. Throughout this summer travelling the east coast buying and selling, I have seen slabbed copies of XM1 in 1 .5 condition going for $3000, even .5 copies slabbed going for $2000. The days of getting a slabbed XM1 $2000 may be over. The recent trailer for Dark Phoenix has encouraged more buyers to pay for keys in the John Byrne run of X-Men. I always have had a hard time selling my high grade copies at Overstreet prices at cons, but this show it wasn’t a problem. As discussed, XM129 was another copy that every wanted a mint raw copy of but I heard of no one being able to acquire one. I did hear that a raw XM101 VF, 1st Phoenix raw sold for $400.

4. Amazing Spider-Man 300 was in a holding pattern all weekend. Many copies were overpriced; I myself guilty too as I put a premium on a slabbed CGC 9.4 SS Stan Lee. I think everyone was in a wait and see mode to see if the movie was going to do well and a lot of collectors already have a copy or multiple copies. Safe to say I think the book hit its floor this past weekend. At the end of the show I saw many raw copies on walls still for $400 to $600.

5. Vendor talk: With how crazy the market has been, vendors and VIP buyers believe that the market may not slowdown. Comic buying and selling may no longer be seasonal but who knows. Time will tell if there’s more supply over demand come the winter time.

6. 10k was the new standard for AF15. All the vendors counted 5 copies in .5 and I sold the one consigned to me =)



7. Notable sales: AF15 CGC .5, FF48 CGC 4.5, FF13 FN/VF, TEC 880 CGC 9.6, Hulk 180 CGC, 7.5WW 160 VG+, Hawkman 4 VG, Brave and Bold 54 VG, VG/FN, Batman 232 VG/FN, JLA 75 FN, Ms. Marvel 17 NM, Avenging Spider-Man 9 CGC 9.4, Flash 139 VG-, VG, DD 168 CGC 6.5, DD 131, Hulk 182 FN/VF, Bat 155 VG+ and Bat 171 VG.

To sum it up Baltimore Comic Con was a blast. Saturday was really busy but Sunday was slower than last year. I think a lot of people were tired over the frenzy of sales going on over the weekend. So much is always pumped up about Baltimore Comic Con every year. It really is a perfect blend of top end dealers and local dealers. Even heard someone found a Batman 655 Adam Kubert Variant at the Reece booth for 2 bucks. That dude went straight to CGC to onsite it and was really happy. I felt also the variant game was a bit stronger as last year as people were hunting for possible 9.8s for specific covers. All in all a great show with tons of money and books exchanging hands, most vendors ending up doing really well.

Until next show,

Philip Lee

Vintage Comics And Toys


Friday, the calm before the storm…


Even Sunday we had comic fans pouring in at the show.



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    Great recap!

    Let me ask you something about pricing at a con like this. I looked at that TEC 880, but it was priced above the highest ever sale on GPA. Are you expecting people to haggle on price and come down a bit or are you hoping it will be an impulse buy for someone at the show?
    I think everyone that is buying slabs over $250 should have GPA. And, btw, your price was lower than the other one I saw in the room.

    In regards to a market slowdown, it will remain hot as long as the US economy does. When the US market dips, hobbies and spare cash follow.

  • VintageComicsAndToys

    Thanks Jonathan, to answer your question theres always room to haggle for the most part. At least for me as a vendor. There was actually a TEC 880 CGC 9.6 that just sold for $350 on the Bay so I put it up for the same price. That being said myself and other vendors do price some key books higher according where we feel a book may end up in value during the season. Some vendors are looking to make records, some are protecting themselves from being haggled below GPA too much.

    As far as prices being up from GPA at the show. I saw a ton of Hulk 181 CGC 4.5s with a $2400 which was I think at least a 20% markup. Yeah I think some keys will get soft during Winter, but market will remain hot I think. Hope you had a good show and got some good buys!

  • Ben C

    I really dig the alternative view here, or the dealer view opposed to the attendee, nice juxtaposition for those reading both.


  • flipdb25

    Thanks for the real time market update! It’s fun to see what’s been selling at the con!

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    I’ve been so many times to Baltimore and have never gone shopping for comics! Except in 2007 when I saw CGC taking books to have them signed for you. I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m there although I feel comics at a con are more expensive than looking for them online. Thanks for the recap.

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    Great write up!! I really enjoyed.

    What does GPA mean (I assume not grade point average…lol)?

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    How much did the FF 48 4.5 go for?

  • Keith S.

    great write up as always.

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