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New Avengers #35

Leinil Francis Yu killed it on this Wolverine/Venom cover back in 2004. In honor of Venom’s release, I thought I’d throw out one more symbiote themed book.

I grab this every time I see it in the dollar bin. I’ve found tons, but I just think it’s a gorgeous cover. I heard of a hard to find newsstand version of this on the G+ page last week. Even though the direct edition is plentiful, I think it’s worth grabbing and I’m certain you still can find it in the bins. So go snatch them up while you still can as they may be drying up.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – Only $57.00 on 8/19/18, but lowest available right now is listed at $150.00
Raw – $17.49 on 9/7/18


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Fantastic Four #15

This book will have its fair share of debate as the 1st appearance of Valeria Von Doom (Richards). A convoluted storyline with an even more convoluted resolution where Franklin retcons his sister to being born again like 35 issues later.

Be that as it may, this book introduces us to Valeria. And like many Marvel characters with confusing histories, this is at the very least one of a few books you need to pick up as a character key for Valeria. From what I could find, I do not believe CGC has noted anything on any of her potential true 1sts, so let the debate continue. In the meantime, just grab this for a buck just in case.


Recent High Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – None sold, but there are 11 in the Census
Raw – $19.95 on 7/29/18


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So until next time, keep on digging. Who knows what you’ll find…

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” – Henry Jones Jr.


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    That cover is first Venomized Wolverine

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    This article made my smirk because I too stock up on those Avengers #35 issues every time I see them in the wild for cheap.

    It is inded a really good cover.

    Another similar comic I snag every chance I get is Daredevil #323. It is a really good cover of Matt Murdoch being venomized and you see utter terror in his eye.

    Very similar cover, just as awesome in my book!

    Wasn’t aware of that fantastic four issue, so thanks for the info and adding another comic in my search list!


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    This is a great column. Keep it up!

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    As far as CGC not noting anything on that FF book, wouldn’t it be great if they had a place on their site that you can see what books have notes and what those notes are?

    • Avatar

      You can check the books on the cenus, and it will state what is noted on the slabs.

      I have also been advised by CGC to put a post it on your submission with the requested Notation and the grader will take it under review, however it is at their discretion if it will be noted.

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      There’s like 6 first appearances for Valeria Von Doom/Richards. In the womb, birth, child, as Doom as Richards.

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    No luck finding FF #15 in the wild, everyone must have known about it for years.

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