1 Batman: Damned #1

WRITER: Brian Azzarello
ARTIST: Lee Bermejo
I thought the oversize format would deter buyers, but clearly that is not the case.  People love the story and art and are paying $15-25+ out of the gate.


Check It Out Here

2 Mr. & Mrs. X #3 Phil Noto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST: Oscar Bazaldua
Not my favorite Noto cover, but, it was likely not over-ordered and has a 1st Appearance (Xandra).  In this market, those 2 facts generally equal a winner.  Selling in the $50 range right now.


Check It Out Here

3 Marvel Super-Heroes #13

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Gene Colan
Yes, this has always been a key, but Marvel is in the final,  heavy, Carol Danvers push right now.  When 9.0's were selling back in the spring for $1400-1800 and are now selling for $4000, it forced me to note this on the Hot 10…to be fair, their are record highs being set in virtually all grades right now.


Check It Out Here

4 Moon Knight (Vol. 5) #1 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:75 Variant

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Declan Shalvey
I have very few comic regrets, but when I saw this book on the shelf at an LCS about a year and a half ago and passed it up, I knew almost immediately I would regret it….and here we are.  9.8 sale for $900…


Check It Out Here

5 Rags #1

WRITER: Trent Luther
ARTIST: Luigi Teruel
Ride the wave folks.  No need to hate on a book just because you missed out–that's just sad.  Continuing it's rise from last week, the regular cover is now $40-50 and the virgin /200 is selling for $150+.


Check It Out Here

6 Justice League (Vol. 3) #8 Jim Lee 1:100 Sketch Variant

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST: Mikel Janin
Jim Lee pencils are just incredible.  Add that it is the Joker and a 1:100 variant and it was pretty clear that it would be sought after.  Yeah, $100-130 doesn't seem that incredible, but in this market, if a 1:100 is selling above ratio the week of, it IS hot.


Check It Out Here

7 Gamora #2 Francesco Mattina 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Nicole Perlman
ARTIST: Marco Checchetto
Sorry folks.  No more cheapies for this one…probably ever.  Following last weeks crazy high raw sale was a 9.8 sale this week for $600, almost doubling the previous high sale of $367.


Check It Out Here

8 Marvel Spotlight #5

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Mike Ploog
I haven't heard of any Ghost Rider news and was surprised by the sale prices when my friend Jon Z mentioned it to me. Multiple 9.0's sold for around $2000, $500 more than the previous high in grade.


Check It Out Here

9 Dark Horse Presents (Vol. 2) #4

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various, Fiona Staples (cover)
News of a Resident Alien TV show on SyFy starring Alan Tudyk has caused some additional interest in this 1st Appearance.  Add in the low print run and a nice Fiona Staples cover and you can then see why it is selling for $20 at the moment.  Am I the only one that only remembers him as ‘Steve the Pirate' in Dodgeball??


Check It Out Here

10 Junior High Horrors #1 Rob Potchak Variant

WRITER: Rob Potchak
ARTIST: Rob Retiano
Hmmm…$20-25?  I'm sure the print run is tiny, and it is an homage to Halloween, but…does anyone remember ‘Marry Me #1', also from Keenspot?


Check It Out Here

Jonah Hex (Vol. 2) #56 Phil Winslade 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Jusin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
ARTIST: Phil Winslade
Wow, this just sold for $85.  This one is definitely not easy to find…who ordered 10 copies of Jonah Hex?

Down With Crime #7

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Varioius
I LOVE this cover.  Apparently other people do as well.  Lists in OSPG for $36, yes $36 in 4.0 grade.  A CGC 4.0 sold at auction this week for $1000!

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  • Ben C

    I made a run @ a lower grade copy of that Down With Crime a few weeks ago 🙁

    Great list as usual!!

  • Avatar

    I think people love Batman Dammed more than just the story and art 😉 The Co-Creator of Ghost Rider and long-time writer recently passed away .. RIP Gary Friedrich

  • Avatar

    Don’t own a single one of these….. the large format deterred me …. didn’t even realize what is was ….. saw large books too large to fit in a long box and I automatically moved on lol. Oversized are just too annoying to store imo.

  • Avatar

    Im seeing 40-50$ listings for Damned now. Didnt check sales but solid watchers. Holy smokes. Market loves batdick.

  • Avatar

    What will be real interesting is the graded market

  • JamesGoodwin


    Your fantastic column, along with Adam Lebednik’s “Wednesday One” are two things I really look forward to during the week. Fantastic job as usual.

    Huge stacks of Batman Damned at my local Newbury are surely gone by now. Kicking myself for not remembering to tell the wife to check it out on her way to work.

    Regarding Steve the Pirate; Yarrrr, Peter! He was one of the coolest, yet oddest parts of that screwed up movie. Love it and always watch once I see it on.

  • Eman

    I pre-ordered three copies of Rags #1 and the day it came out I bought the Virgin copy off the Antarctic Press site for $15. The way it looks now is the time to sell…

  • Avatar

    I posted three Batman Damned A covers last night at 39.99 and sold all three within an hour. People really want these.

    • Avatar

      They sure do! Any idea on the ratio between the regular cover and the Jim Lee cover? As far as I could make out from ebay yesterday, the Jim Lee was selling for higher prices, but that seems to have reversed today. Then there are “presale guaranteed CGC 9.8s” appearing already for around two hundred bucks… oh man

  • Avatar

    I walked into a comic shop last night. About 7 or 8 copies of Batman Damned #1 on the shelf. I thought, I’ll have a look around and grab one on the way out, rather than walking around with it. Ten minutes later, all of them were gone ahaha. And they were selling only one per customer. Darn that bat-a-wang effect!

    Luckily got one somewhere else, as well as a couple of second hand classic Valerian and Laureline books for next to nothing. Not too bad in the end 🙂

  • Earlybird

    Sold a DHP #4 this morning, now I know why as you have it at 9 on the list, was there further news ? It’s been sitting on eBay for months after first news, makes the top 10 and bam! It’s gone. One left, I think I’ll hold onto it
    Great stuff Ben S ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Matt DeVoe

    Awesome Ben! I have one on the list, just Batman. Like everyone else, my LCS had stacks., I figured they were selling slow… so I had time. Nope. Gone. Luckily I found the regular cover at another store…. but yeah, who knew! Plenty of people actually. Lol.

  • Avatar

    The Batman Dammed also has an uncorrected proof advance version that I think was 1 per store. Latest confirmed sale was $250 per the bay. That is crazy sauce!

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