Faux Hawks, Blockbuster Video, CW Crossovers and More!

Pickins are slim this week everyone although I managed to find a couple things to think about and one book I suggested some time ago that has now disappeared online!  The Captain Marvel Trailer has captured the attention of nearly everyone and has sent speculator scrambling.


Captain Marvel 13 ( 2012 )

First cover appearance of Captain Marvel's Mohawk HELMET

Even though I recommended this one months ago for some reason I took a lot of heat on it this week.  What people fail to see is that I am not speculating on haircut rather a suit. The look here is iconic and the print run isn’t exactly high.

Also don't forget the first time Brie Larson/E-199999 Captian Marvel appeared in a comic!


and if you are looking for more I suggested a cheap buy a while back

Marriage, Morbius, Mohawks & More!



Mr. Freeze

First appearance of Nora Fries

I suggested this excellent prestige format one-shot back when Nora was cast for Gotham.  Now she has been recast for this years CW crossover.  That can only mean Mr.Freeze is gonna be the villain right?



Thor 134

First full appearance of the High Evolutionary

Here is one I’m stashing away along with the firsts for Annihilus and some others.  Eventually Marvel films will tap the back catalog for the best villainy they have to offer.  Finding someone as complex as Thanos isn't going to be easy.  You could do a lot worse than a character who is into genetic manipulation, a theme prevalent in the Eternals.


X-Men Blockbuster Video Special & Detective Comics 38 reprint

The Captain Marvel trailers brings us back to a time where late fees were a thing and vhs tapes still mattered.  Nothing screams 90’s like Blockbuster Video!  Bet ya didn’t know they made some comics!

I am not suggesting you go buy these and try to flip them either!  I m only interested in the connection to the upcoming film!


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