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     Welcome back to another dive into the rabbit hole of  War Comics. Up this week we are going to dig into Alex Schomburg's run on Speed Comics. Xela, or Schomburg did art for the classic cover on issue #28 and #29. Then again, on #31 thru #35. Issue #35 happens to be my favorite.

First off, a little primer on Speed Comics. The title was purchased by Harvey from Brookwood Publishing in 1939 after Speed Comics #11. The title ran for 44 issues. It ran as a mostly superhero anthology series. Notable characters were Shock Gibson, Pat Parker (War Nurse), Captain Freedom, the Girl Commandos and Black Cat. Bob Powell's art was also heavily involved in the series.

Speed Comics #28 by Alex Schomburg

Starting of Schomburg's run with Speed Comics #28, we have a classic Nazi War cover featuring Captain Freedom battling a Giant Ogre in Nazi Costume, plain classic World War II propaganda from Schomburg. Inside, the stories tend to be kind of corny, with Captain Freedom and The Young Defenders defeating a Nazi U-Boat crew. Black Cat duping a Nazi General for some maps of the Northern defenses and delivering the maps to Allied forces. Shock Gibson wraps it up with a battle against the Japanese from a hideout in Alaska.


Issue #28 currently has 14 total copies on the census, with 12 being Blue Labels. They range from .5 to 7.0.

Market Value

In February 2013, a 4.0 went for $1,540 followed by a 3.0 in April of 2018 for an astounding $5,049. I would love to see what the 7.0 would bring at market today.

Speed Comics #35 by Alex Schomburg

Next up, Xela finishes his run on Speed Comics with a fantastic bondage cover featuring Black Cat with Captain Freedom, Shock Gibson, and The Young Defenders rescuing her from her Japanese captors. Such a busy and detailed cover. This one has it all. Should garner interest from collectors of multiple genres, which lead to great desirability.


Speed Comics #35 has 16 total copies on the census, of which 14 are Blue Label, ranging from 2.5 to 9.4. Yeah, a 9.4 from 1944.

Market Value

An 8.0 copy, of which there are 3, sold in Feb 2016 for $2000. More recently, an 8.0 sold this April for $3,500. Not a bad return at all. 

     I will leave you with the rest of the Schomburg covers for the series. All are deep in detail and share the World War II propaganda feel. I feel all would be great additions to any collection while also being solid investments. 

     As always, drop me a comment and let me know if you have any issues you would like me to dig into.




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