Marry Poppins, Spider-Verse, Rune vs Venom and More!

Welcome back to True Firsts.  I'm diggin' deep today y'all.  I hope you enjoy hunting for these as much as I have!


Marry Poppins ( Photo Cover ) There are two covers for this book

First appearance of Mary Poppins

Around here books like this aren't exactly popular but people aren't only collecting and selling hero books!  There's a Poppins reboot coming and this is her first.  Personally I want my copy signed by Michael Rooker.

There is also a reprint from Gold Key

Thanks to Shines?  for pointing this out!


Venom 22 Marvel Italia Newsstand/direct

Even I am shocked how well Rune vs Venom is selling!  I guess the first time Venom has wings is a big deal.  Thanks again Mr. Cates!  The book is a common comic though.  I do not believe there is a newsstand as many Ultraverse books were not published that way.  Because it is so common collectors might want to look for this foreign rarity from Marvel Italia!



Jets Comics Berserk/Berserk The Prototype/Animal House Monthly August 24, 1989

First appearances of Berserk

So right now there are three candidates for the upcoming Gunn film announcement.  Nameless is the lead candidate but all the speculation is based on a symbol bearing striking resemblance to three properties including Berserk.

The first appearance of Berserk occured in Animal House Monthly in August 1989.  Pictures of that book are impossible to find never mind the publication!  Berserk's first was here,

and in a prototype version prior to 1990 which is also impossible to find.



My Boyfriend is A Bear

Legendary pictures has optioned this outstanding GN from Pamela Ribbon and Cat Ferris.  This is the first appearance.  Graphic novel firsts are tough to speculate on and this one isn't that rare but it's nice to see other genres get love from movie studios.



Adventure Comics 381

First solo Supergirl story

There's a new Supergirl movie coming.  I am not sure if that is a good idea but this one is often overlooked.


The Last Avengers Story 2

First appearance of Benjy Parker

So Benjy was featured in the Spider-Verse and he's Peter's first born male.  He also became a child Carnage long before Normie Osborn.  These days it behooves us all to dig deep into the Spider-Verse. With characters like the Anarchic Spider-Man and Sp//dr generating some serious sales I think this character is undervalued

Notable issues:  Spider-Girl 59, What if Spider-Man: House of M.




Amazing Spider-Man 546 ( Not For Resale Book Market )

First appearance of Alana Jobson, Jackpot 2

The spec on Jackpot sure died a quick death so now might be the time to buy.  Other writers touched upon 546 including the rare sketch variant but there was a book market edition that is probably the rarest of the bunch.  There were book markets for other Marvel books as well and it's wise to keep an eye out for them.  Look for ( not for resale ) on the covers.



Combo Man 1

First appearance of Combo Man

I'm getting ahead of Marvel's mash-up game and grabbing copies of the greatest mash-up character ever created!




Spider-verse 1

First appearance of Lady Spider and Penelope Parker

There are variants for this book so be aware. I like this book for two reasons, the appearance of two new characters.  Other Spider-verse characters are seeing some heat so why not a Steampunk lady spider and Penelope Parker?!


  • Avatar

    “First solo Supergirl story” ???

    Why don’t all of the back-ups in 1959 Action Comics count?

    Do you mean “First book-length Supergirl story?

    or “First time Supergirl headlines her own book?”

  • Juno Beach

    I have The Amazing Spider-Man: Free Comic Book Day (2007) Issue # 1 as the first appearance of Jackpot II

    • Avatar

      That book is just a one off appearance of Sara Ehret as the 1st Jackpot. She gave it up and then Alana Jobson became Jackpot in ASM 546. I wouldn’t invest too much an any of them to be honest. If you go it for free then kudos.

      • Topher

        I agree on Jackpot to a point. If Sony announces a film them the key books will explode. I have learned that these days print run rarely matters either. The FCBD issue was heavily printed but you have to remember that a large percentage of the books have what amounts to a date stamp.

        As for 546 the sketch variant is rare and demands a high price already, Spider-Man completists are rabid leaving less copies of the rare books at market at any given time and the one I mentioned might be even harder to find.

        • Avatar

          I just don’t think its a good idea to invest much into a minor character that has hardly appeared in any comics. If it takes a movie announcement for people to get interested then its more than likely a very risky investment. If you find them cheap then great.

  • Avatar

    Ha. All you need to do is look at Ebay. Happens all the time.

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