Starbase 1552 Comics : Bill Sienkiewicz New Mutants Dead Souls #6 CONTEST

Back with another CBSI/ contest!!

The folks over at Starbase 1552 Comics have generously gifted CBSI with some of their brand new variants :  Bill Sienkiewicz exclusive cover for New Mutants Dead Souls #6.

Want to win a copy?  Good, because we're giving some away!!  Simply respond in the comments with your answer to WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE Bill Sienkiewicz COVER AND WHY!?!?!?  


3 LUCKY WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd, so make sure to get your entry in before then!!



A big thanks to Mike Morello and of course Starbase 1552 Comics for setting us up with this awesome prize support!!





  • Right now it’s his variant cover for Deadpool Assassin #1. That he swiped his own Elektra Assassin #1 cover (one of his best) and made it Deadpool-y with a REDICULOUS gun actually made me bark out a laugh when I first saw it. Then I saw that Deadpool was standing on a copy of Elektra Assassin 1 and I laughed again. It’s just the latest in a decades long career of cool work.

  • Dazzler #30 just screams classic 80s movie poster. The large heads in the background, a beautiful girl in the foreground, and a nice sports car to cap it all off. Top quality work for that era.

  • I’ll probably be the only one to say it – but New Mutants #23. Love Bill’s work on NM, and love Cloak and Dagger besides – for me, the combination is top notch.

  • I like Moon Knight 25… he does a great job of using whites and blacks as well as negative space.. I like the sketchiness and unevenness of the lines… with Black Spectre creeping behind about to whack MK… classic hero never saw it coming but the audience does!

  • Man do I love me some Sienkiewicz! His run on New Mutants and Elektra: Assasin (not to mention the Daredevil stand alone Graphic Novel) are legendary!!! I have to say my favorite pairing of his style with a certain character has always been Moon Knight. There are a lot of great Sienkiewicz Moon Knight covers, but my favorite is from the Moon Knight: Special Edition #1 back in 1983. Most of Bill’s covers made great use of Black and White and negative space, but the red is this one makes it truly menacing–plus, as an added bonus it’s a wraparound!

  • Although I do appreciate Bill Sienkiewicz’s unique style that he developed later in his career, it was his early work, with what I saw as influences by Neal Adams, that caught my eye, and specifically MOON KNIGHT #1, as that was a classically composed cover to garner interest at a glance from the newsstands for a #1 issue in my opinion.

  • MikeBernardo1020

    The Transformers #1

  • Earlybird

    There are just so many with so many different changes in his style, and the one I’m going to choose is more recent, it’s the Old Man Logan #23 1:25 variant, I love how the trade dress is vague in the background. and just the all round simplicity of the art says so much.
    It doesn’t get much love at the moment but this will be a hard find in years to come

  • passenger27

    Moon Knight #29 is the one for me. It stood out above all else on the shelf. That all black cover, with those yellow eyes and the blood dripping from the Werewolf’s mouth onto Moon Knight’s crescent dart, was enough to have me howling at the moon.

  • New Mutants #26… Not because it is the first full Legion, but when I was a kid, around summer/fall 1985 there was a chain of discount stores , called Pic n Save (bought out by Big Lots I think) that sold pack 4 or 5 packs of marvel comic books for a time in sealed plastic “bargain” bags for something like $1.50 give or take. New Mutants #26 was one of them as was We b of Spider-man #1 an early Power Pack…I want to say #17 and Amazing Spiderman # 263….and maybe one other….turned out to be a pretty good bargain pack!!! Anyway, that was my first time experiencing Bill Sienkiewicz’s art work. Was kind of a trip! His work is like no others!

  • The obvious answer for me would be Elektra Assassin 1 as it it the first work of his that I saw and the first work of his that I owned. I was drawn it by the stylized characters and art which differed so much from the typical books of the time.

    The harder answer would be Wolverine: Inner Fury because I want to see that version of the character on screen. Creepy Wolverine anyone? 🙂

  • I’m really partial to his Bullseye 1 variant. I’ve loved Bullseye since Miller’s DD run and Bill captured him stylishly in all his glory.

  • For me it’s daredevil 6 it’s a epic picture with daredevil in the back and elektra in the front looking like she’s ready for battle . Also reminds me of there relationship they never seem to be on the same page but regardless what happens they have each other’s back .

  • CountZeroInterrupt

    Wow. Like choosing your favorite child. I’ll have to go with Elektra Assassin #8. This is quintessential Elektra even though it only shows her face. I saw an interview once where Bill described Elektra as being unreadable, as in no one should be able to know what’s going on in her head. With the eyes being the “window to the soul” it’s fitting that her hair obscures her eyes on this cover. To me, this is the perfect version of the character. With this issue capping a legendary collaboration with Miller and the cover being a gorgeous example of Bill’s style as well as a career highlight-worthy rendition of the character, it’s hard to go with anything else.

  • Epic Illustrated issue 26 – cover art is for The Last Galactus story. Such an epic vibe, stern expression from Galactus and lens-flare off of Nova’s Head – simply epic art to go with an epic story idea . Apparently my vocab is limited to using he word epic in his post. 🙂

  • X men Unlimited 43 featuring a painted New Mutants cover , love the Orange backround but particularly how Magma blends into the bottom left corner. This cover like so many of Bills has so much hidden detail.

  • MOON KNIGHT Special Edition #1 1983 It has a cover that would be the perfect illustration for a sketch cover commission today. It is the iconic representation of classic Moon Knight.

  • It has to be New Mutants #18. The New Mutants series was my favorite growing up and helped foster my love of comics. In turn, this gave me and my father something to talk about. Specifically with this cover and this run, it tied a character that I felt had a lot of potential to the spirit world and demons that many of us feel. Also, probably unknown at the time, it foreshadowed Dani’s connection to the world of the dead/spirit that would result in her becoming a Valkyrie later in the series.

  • ELEKTRA #1 (2014) VARIANT is easily one of his best covers to date. The combination of Elektra in the rain with a hint of light shining down on top of her head and sword just makes this beautiful and sexy cover a must own.

  • So many good ones. Love all the New Mutants and Moon Knight stuff, all a part of my childhood and discovery of Sienkiewicz. But that Moon Knight #1 1:75 variant is absolutely beautiful, the image, the colors, perfection.

  • Eman

    OK, my favorite by Bill cover has to be Batman #400 (Anniversary issue 1986)
    I love the over because it transports me to another place….like at a cemetery on Halloween night. You have The Joker, Robin, Batgirl, bats, skulls, the moon…and the cape, in kind of abstract style, that’s all Bill.
    And those shades of blue…so cool.

  • beta420

    This cover is my new favorite because I don’t own it yet! He keeps topping himself every month, especially with all the great Walking Dead covers!

  • Moon Knight #29 (1st series). All Black, simplistic yet effective, bad ass wolf, and the topper…a blood smeared moon knight symbol. Now this is one cover I’d love a 9.8 of.

  • I couldn’t pick just one, my 2 modern favorites of his are his new Dazzler #1 cover it is amazing and i had to have it. After buying it I had to go and find NM copies of his old Dazzler books so that i could have a set.

    Another, and probably my number 1 at the moment, is Uncanny Inhumans 6. There is so much movement in that artwork and I love his use of color in all his work but that one especially.

  • His Moon Knight covers. 2 reasons: 25 was my first book and the all black covers are my favorite. Pretty simple reasons for me.

  • Sorry. The question is incorrect. ALL SIENKIEWICZ COVERS are AWESOME.
    Ok, let’s see… OMG it’s impossible to chose only one… OK… hmmm… The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade (2016) variant cover.

  • Sooo many good ones! I’d probably have to go with New Mutants 18

  • The run of The Walking Dead Sienkiewicz has done has been epic!!! So many good ones too choose from, but the Alpha cover is by far my favorite! Creepy but eye catching and totally slick! As a newer collector Bill is at the top of my list in terms of artists!

  • Moon knight special edition #1 because it was the first comic I ever bought. It began a lifetime of being a moon knight fan and a Bill S groupie lol

  • misfit138

    Where do you start when it comes to the legendary Bill Seinkeiwicz? For 33 years I have admired or was scared by his work. When I was a kid the Elektra books freaked me out because of how far out they were and the crazy images. I am going back to my youth with this cover. Daredevil: Love and War graphic novel is my pick. How simple is his depiction of the Kingpin? Just a big round circle for his fat face. Circles and crosshair’s for this masterpiece!! Such a simple cover that you can just stare at for minutes. You can’t say that about many covers. And it’s written by my favorite creator of all time, Frank Miller. Two masters that were at the top of their games. Seinkeiwicz is still on top of his, Frank not so much.

  • Wolverine #10 is my favourite Sienkiewicz cover. Sabertooth Fights wolverine. The detail on their faces. Just amazing art. Love the book.

  • New Mutants 22, The Once upon a time cover. It was the first Sienkiewicz cover I ever had and made me a fan forever!

  • So so hard to choose one. I snagged that Moon Knight issue you had in your top ten a while back but I still love his Daredevil and Elektra work best. In 2016 he did a Daredevil 7 cover that is very underrated. DD carries her and it’s quite something. Light and dark and heroic and personal all at once.

  • bhavhandi

    Web of Spider-Man (1985) #33 is one of my favourite.

    It’s quite different to his usual covers and shows how talented he is with the use of the colours black and white, plus it’s pretty scary (seems like a poster to the next Exorcist movie)…

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