1 Fantastic Four #48

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
Is this the new IH#181 where it continues to increase in value every day?  Records are being broken in all grades.  For example, a 6.0 sold for a record $1150, then $1350 and now $1950…all within the past 2 weeks.  Even the True Believers reprint can get you $10 right now. 

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2 Nameless #1

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Chris Burnham
People are guessing that the secret horror movie that has already been filmed is based on this book, because of a symbol that James Gunn tweeted a month ago.  Prices rose from cover price to upwards of $50 and have settled back in the $20-25 range as a result. 


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3 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #10 Gabriele Dell'Otto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Olivier Coipel
In Topher's ‘True Firsts' article this week, he mentions this 1st Appearance of Anarchic Spider-Man and with all the Spidey versions seeing heat, why not this one?  I guess people agree as this one is now bringing $40+.


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4 Bloodborne #1

WRITER: Ales Kot
ARTIST: Piotr Kowalski
Mel V mentioned this one on the Unpressable Defects podcast this week.  It has been a solid mover now for a few weeks and it's bringing in $25-30 at the moment.


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5 The Rejected #NN

WRITER: Stan Konopka
ARTIST: Corey Anderson
It's interesting to see all the NM- or lower copies that are for sale at the moment.  The increase in available copies hasn't deterred this one at this point as it is now hitting up to $50.


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6 Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4 Rod Reis 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gary Whitta
ARTIST: Michael Walsh
It is rare that a book makes the Hot 10 3 times in a short amount of time.  This one has done it slow and steady and is now up to $120.


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7 Sentry #1

WRITER: Paul Jenkins
This has been a good book for a while but had settled into the $20-25 range.  Recent sales are now $50 or more.


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8 Rune vs Venom #1

WRITER: Chris Ulm
ARTIST: Bruce McCorkindale
1st appearance of Bat-Venom?  Is it safe to say at this point that all 90's Venom and Carnage books should probably be picked up at this point?  NM copies will run you $25-30 or more right now.


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9 Justice League #30

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Ivan Reis
This, along with Green Lantern #20 and JL #31, 1st Appearance of Jessica Cruz is finally seeing a nice uptick.  This one is pushing $20 at the moment.


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10 Batman: Kings of Fear Bill Sienkiewicz Variant

WRITER: Scott Peterson
ARTIST: Kelley Jones
Kelley Jones is back and personally, I love Scarecrow/Batman stories as well.  This one is selling $10+ right now because it has a great sin-KEV-itch cover.


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Gen 13 #1

ARTIST: J. Scott Campbell
Hmmmm….I haven't really heard any recent news about this 90's classic, but sales have been creeping back into the $10-15 range.


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Space Thrillers #NN

WRITER: Walter Gibson
ARTIST: Norman Nodel & Gene Fawcette
A graded 6.0 copy sold a year ago for around $350.  A raw 5.0 just sold at auction for $1500+.


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  • Kicking myself for holding out on a ff48

    • I hate missing the boat on comics… Was on the fence a while back with a Marvel Super Heroes #13 in about a 7.0 for around $90….passed on it…. Oops on that one!…. To be honest, if Marvel brings Silver Surfer and Galactus to the big screen, and we all know they will, the nutso prices right now will seem cheap after they make an official announcement. I would say if you have some extra dough that you are able to spend on non necessities like comics, go for a lower grade….just to have in the pc. $550 to $700 for a 3.0 now will look real nice when that same 3.0 hits $1400…..which it most likely will much sooner than later. Paypal on Ebay will at times run no interest promotions on large purchases if paid in full in two years. That always helps.

  • So glad I got a nice FF48 before the price rush. Silver Surfer is one of the all-time great characters.

  • Man I’m so glad I held on to my copies of FF 48-50. It’s good to see Sentry 1 is starting to get more noticed.

  • A. J. Diesel

    I guess I just don’t think Sienkiewicz art any good. I hate to be a “hater”, but I just think his art is trash. Nothing about it to me is appealing.

    Nevertheless, such an awesome
    Column, and sooooo much work out in to it.

  • Bought an FF48 A few months ago when it started to over-heat but before the engine running it blow up sending the book flying through the stratosphere! I was kicking my self for not getting a fine when they were $400 not too long ago (about a year or two ago). I paid $799 for a 6.0 but it is a PGX…there were just no other certified books in my price and grade range and I knew if I didn’t strike good chance by the next weekend I would be spending the same money on a 5.0. Just get a bit weary with PGX because of all the trouble in its past…Regardless, looking at the book, there is no color touch up for sure and it doesn’t look like it has been trimmed. However there are definitely some pressible defects on the book, so I am thinking about sending it in to CGC for a pressing and re-grading. Think I have a legit shot at a 6.5.

  • Just imagine where the prices of Hulk 181 will go “if” they ever confirm a Hulk/Wolverine battle on the big screan.

  • Was there some sort of error/recall with Batman Kings of Fear?

  • Thanks for the heads up on Nameless! I was able to offload my set and make some cash in the process.

  • I own several copies of FF48, most bought late last year or early this year. It’s crazy how much this comic has taken off, but still has plenty of room to run up. It was underappreciated and I think most are speculating we get both Silver Surfer and Galactus on the big screen within the next few years. If it happens and I think it will, the prices will be astronomical.

    • I may be overreaching a bit, but I think FF 48 is the single most underappreciated silver age key. Even after the recent heat up. Two first appearances of insanely important characters! I think this key will be taken even more seriously as time goes on, especially if they make it to the cinematic U. I do think FF #48 when compared to other Marvel Mega Keys will surpass Strange Tales #110 in value and maybe even approach Avengers #1 in time. That one may take a little time though.

  • Looking forward to watching FF48 finally getting its’ due.

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