Fan Expo Canada Contest: Fantastic Four #1 Convention Exclusive

Another awesome Fan Expo contest has arrived!!

The fine folk at FAN EXPO CANADA have graciously gifted us with some Fantastic Four #1 Convention Exclusive variants featuring an awesome FF5 Cover Homage by Simone Bianchi.



Want to win one?  Of course you do!!  Just leave your answer to this question in the comments section below.


While there is already lots of speculation and theorizing on whats going to be hot for the upcoming “Phase 4” of the Marvel MCU,  WHAT ONE COMIC DO YOU LIKE AS A SPECULATION BUY FOR THE PHASE 4 MARVEL MOVIES?



Contest will run until Wednesday August 29th, winners announced August 30th.


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    I’m all in on the cosmic side for Phase 4. With Thanos taking out the entire Nova Corps it leaves the door wide open for Richard Rider to make an appearance. Nova #1 by Abnett and Lanning has a good buy in and is a highlight of Marvel’s modern cosmic stories.

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    That’s a pretty sweet cover homage.

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    Yellow Claw #1 and Strange tales 161 first appearance of yellow claw and hopefully there will be Agents of Atlas on the big screen

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    My hope would be a Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) as a movie. It would allow Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to tie in. Ms. Marvel could lead to a Champions movie. Loads of potential there that I see.

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    I would pick Invincible Iron Man #7, the first appearance of Riri Williams, because of the talks about scripts being written for an Ironheart movie. Also, Robert Downy Jr has spoken about supporting a movie to start featuring Riri as an Iron Man replacement. The recent debut of an Ironheart solo series leads me to believe they’re setting her up to be a more prominent hero. All of these signs remind me a lot of how Marvel/Disney prompted Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. Avenging Spider-Man was a $40 book for a long time while the Captain Marvel movie rumors were floating around, and even when production started. Now that the images are hitting the internet, it’s a $200 book with room to climb. I think IIM #7 will go through that same patter. It’s at $40 waiting for more news right now, and once the images started hitting the internet, it’ll also be a $200 book. (For the record, I no longer have any copies of this book. I sold them prematurely, but will be looking for replacements at upcoming cons)

  • MikeBernardo1020

    I would say the Marvel Rising Series because all the young superheros will probably be a big addition to Phase 4.

  • redfroman

    Time to get a cool horror movie going! I’m all for brother voodoo! That New Orleans dark creepy stuff. It could be one that totally has a chance to be interesting and off the radar🤩🤩

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    I think Avengers vol.1 issue 10,the first Immortus, is a good silver age spec buy. Mainly,because as crazy as it sounds, Marvel has a full stock of villains to use on their Avengers movies. This one of the cheaper undervalued books for it’s age when you compare it to FF #2 or FF#48. You can get it lower than a lot current print ratio variants as well.Prices range from $30-150 on EBay.One movie villain announcement and this could blow up like the 1st Ultron.

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    Thunderbolts #110 or Thor #411. Trying to find a new blockbuster “obscure team” movie Marvel will try Thunderbolts, but the Norman Osborn Group as a way to top DC’s Suicide Squad. Or Marvel may try a New Warriors group to attract the new generation of young consumers and compete with the Teen Titans.

  • Avatar

    Fantastic Four #5- 1st Doctor Doom. Doom is going to be the next big onscreen villain, big enough to take on one or all of the MCU heroes. I would like to see a trilogy maybe, Doom vs. FF, Doom vs. Xmen, then the wrapup in Doom vs. The Avengers.

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    High Evolutionary (Thor 133/134) Always thought he was an under-rated character, and undervalued first appearance

  • Punisher78

    I’m going with Marvel Boy/Quasar. 1st App Captain America #217. Or The whole Secret Invasion series. These two are going to be awesome..

  • Foxom

    Iron man 54. 1st Moondragon. Marvel said they’re going to keep most if not all of Gunn’s script. Gunn has mentioned Drax’s daughter Kamaria, which means “like the moon” in Swahili, in the films. Maybe she lived/had her mind transferred. It would give MCU their 1st chance at a lesbian character (Quasar was also hinted by Gunn, maybe its the Phyla-Vell version who’s romantically linked to Moondragon) . And Gunn has said gotg 3 will be ending one version of the team and beginning another while expanding the cosmic cast.

  • Avatar

    If all the rumors about the Eternals joining the Marvel Cinematic U are true, and if Sersi is set to be the main protagonist as rumored I would have to say Eternals #3 is a very good bet! Prices have spiked a bit on the once cheap book because of those rumors but without any concrete confirmation given the price has not gone through the roof…..yet. High grades, especially un-graded can still be found at affordable prices. Don’t have one? Now is the time to get it!

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    I strongly believe the skrulls will be the baddies in phase 4 of the MCU. Secret Invasion anyone?

    And which skrull is the most bad ass of them all? The Super-Skrull of course!!

    In my opinion Fantastic Four #18 featuring the 1st app of the Super-Skrull is the book that will explode.

    MCU had the rights to use Skrulls in their movies but not the Super-Skrull. That was a fox property.

    Now that the FF are back in the fold look for the Super-Skrull to make his cinematic debut soon enough.

    I really think phase 4 will be the Secret Invasion storyline and when the secret is out and the heroes start to turn the tide, Boom!! Enter the Super-Skrull!

    I could see an end credits scene at the nd of Avenges 4 where the president of the USA abolishes the Sakovia accords and clears the heroes names on national TV after they defeat Thanos and then we see the president alone in the oval office on the phone telling the receiving caller “The war is over… let the secret invasion begin!”

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    I would love to see the Super-Adaptoid in a Phase 4 movie. first appearance Adaptoid Tales of Suspense #82, Super-Adaptoid Tales of Suspense #84 , Both issues are pretty cheap right now. They could bring back A.I.M introduced in IM #3 and eventually introduce MODOK into the MCU. I love seeing the more obscure characters getting a chance to shine on the big screen.

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    I would say Eternals #1…. a Kirby book that has long been undervalued… it’s hard to find raw copies in the high 9’s with that black cover…. It’s a number one issue with a spanking cover… It recently got heat so I could see that getting out of reach for some ppl… 1st App of Eternals and I could see them not only get their own movie be but an over-arching force in multiple MCU movies. … with cosmic powers like Galactus.. there needs to be bigs to put a Dr. Doom/Norman Osburn/Loki siege/dark reign team in check

    also S/O Mysterio and Mr Fear… I want to see those two knuckleheads in live action!!

  • passenger27

    Since Kevin Feige said Captain Marvel is going to be the “face of Marvel Phase 4”, my money’s still on Avenging Spider-Man #9. Brie Larson definitely has the face, she’s a great actress, and I’m hoping for some cosmic goodness from her. Plus I snagged a copy of Avenging SM # 9 last week, so may the gods of speculation smile upon me.

  • Avatar

    I am going to say Ms Marvel #1 (1977) or Avenging Spider-Man #9. I have a feeling Carol Danvers is going to play a huge role in the MCU going forward. Especially if some of the original cast call it quits, they could focus on a female lead taking over the Avengers or Alpha Flight

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    For PHASE 4 of the Marvel Movies as an investment speculation buy, I always try to factor in a few elements to narrow down the list of prospects. I almost never bet on villains, since they’re typically “one and done” and rarely would be seen in sequels, such as Whiplash, The Lizard, Abomination, etc. This excludes arch nemesis level villains like Magneto, Dr Doom, Thanos, Green Goblin, and Loki whose 1st appearance comics were and are already expensive prior to movie casting announcements. I’d also look more towards silver age, maybe into bronze, but not really into copper or modern because I’d also go for higher grade books as investment pieces. It’s not to say former $1 bin book that could have been had for a buck within the last 10 years like 1st Nebula, 1st Lobo, 1st Angela, etc that are worth over $100 isn’t an awesome return on investment, but I’m evaluating sustainable increases that even if a movie fails, the book itself should receive a bump and not falter. With that… I’m picking… TALES OF SUSPENSE #52 (April 1964) The 1st Appearance of The Black Widow, as that isn’t an outrageously expensive book in CGC 7.0 or better ($1,200 or so for a 7.0) – and even far less for lower grades that might offer a solid ROI, and I feel as a solo character, could have “James Bond” potential for a series of spy adventures. They might need to recast the Natasha Romanoff character and get rid of the Scarlett Johansson criticism (possibly even opting for the Blonde Black Widow, Yelena Belova)

  • Father_fanboy

    I think with the success of Wonder Woman and the (presumed) success of Captain Marvel the MCU head honchos will attempt to bring more strong female characters into the mix. Spider-woman seems like a great bet with her shield/espionage/skrull backgrounds all in play. Marvel Spotlight 32 is still super cheap for a key book too.

  • Avatar

    I would suggest XMen 120. The reason for this is of course to first app of Alpha Flight. While its currently a solid investment due to the Bryne/Claremont dynamic duo creative team (and any 1st app always has some ‘heat’) I think the potential connection with Carol Danvers/Carol-Corp recently as well as the spin off opportunity for the team could be quite high. With Fox being bought by Marvel you could have Aurora and Northstar on the team ( mutants) as well as having mystical connections with Shaman and Talisman with Dr Strange and Sasquatch with Banner ( his origin is the TV Hulk origin) so intermixing my favourite team with pre existing strands of the Marvel U could be easy …and who wouldnt want to see Puck kick ass!

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    Savage She-Hulk #1. She-Hulk has been an Avenger and a member of the Fantastic Four so she could fit in with both teams. Also, if the Captain Marvel movie does well, that could open up the opportunity for more female hero driven movies, and she is one of the more well-known, longstanding Marvel heroes.

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    I’m betting on two comics. Number one pick is Fantastic Four #4 (First Silver Age Appearance of Namor) based solely on the fact that Namor will be an integral part of the upcoming Avengers lineup, and with the X-Men joining too there is a strong possibility for the Illuminati. My second pick is Avengers #8 as I STRONGLY believe that Kang will be the next big baddie the MCU will feature post-Infinity storylines with Thanos. Thanks for the consideration 🙂

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    I would for sure say Black Panther #2, first appearance of Shuri. Of course Fantastic Four 48 and Hulk 181 are even more sure bets, but the prices can get astronomical for those. In terms of something available, affordable, and with a great chance for going up and up, Shuri is a safe bet. If the rumors of her taking over as Iron Man are true, then it could be the new NYX 3. I tend to believe that more than the idea that they’ll introduce Bendis’ pet character Riri to randomly take over for Stark; Shuri is already established in the MCU as a tech genius, so it makes the most sense than some random new addition. Cheadle is too old to take over so if they want a new Iron WoMan, I’d bank on Shuri. The character is increasingly popular and it was a nothing book before, so in terms of best return on investment, it’s a book to have.

  • Avatar

    The obvious issue 48, 49 and 50!

  • bhavhandi

    The Man Called Nova#1 (1976). First appearance of Nova.

    From what Marvel Studios are strongly suggesting phase 4 of the MCU is mainly headed to the cosmic realm (i.e. GOTG Vol 3., rumors of The Eternals movie). Among the many Marvel Comics characters yet to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nova is chief among them.

    Nova has a strong potential for a standalone movie PLUS let’s not forget that Nova was originally meant to be in the GOTG Vol 1.

    If done correctly, Nova can do what Iron Man did for the Avengers and play a major role in creating/ leading the next big hero group in the form of Nova Corp.

  • Avatar

    I know Nebula already made her appearance in the MCU but I strongly believe she will play a big part in the upcoming Avengers film. I have a strong feeling she will be the one to defeat Thanos. So Avengers 257, in my opinion, will take a spike in value.

  • Avatar

    While there is already lots of speculation and theorizing on whats going to be hot for the upcoming “Phase 4” of the Marvel MCU, WHAT ONE COMIC DO YOU LIKE AS A SPECULATION BUY FOR THE PHASE 4 MARVEL MOVIES?

    I am gonna go with the first appearance of HIM (FF67), aka Adam Warlock (Thor 165). He’s probably going to make his entrance in the MCU in GOTG3 as Adam, but will play an integral part with battling Thanos and for the (soul) gems along side all the MCU hero’s.

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    I will say the Eternals but not the Kirby version. I think it will be the Gaiman version. Marvel likes to go new school as opposed to old school in the MCU.

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    Honey Badge aka Gabby Kinney!! Younger sister of Laura Kinney (X-23), with the hugh popularity of Gabby in the All New Wolverine #2 issue and now having a roll in the latest X-23 run I think this girl has everything going for her.

  • Avatar

    She-Hulk! I can totally see a romantic comedy movie. We see Jennifer Walters juggling the legal world while looking for love. Why would it work? Female based superhero. Targets both female and male audiences. Humourous tone. Sprinkle in a little Disney magic, and it sounds like a winning movie!

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