Fan Expo Boston 2018!


So I'm not a big convention guy.  I don't really like crowds.  I despise books that are marked waaaaayyyyy up just because the con is big. And cosplay kind of irks me unless it's stuff like this!

Thankfully Fan Expo Boston exceeded all expectation for a large con.  Everyone was super friendly, even the police!  The show had a diverse group of creators who were all eager to meet fans and sign stuff.  I was impressed at how affordable the signings were.  Many conventions that I have attended often include creators that overcharge but at Fan Expo the prices were really cheap and many charged nothing at all. People forget that show promoters don't set prices for signings or photo ops with celebs.  So if you were looking for a show that offered great pricing, short lines and a well crafted set up this show was for you!

Recently I have made more of an effort to attend local shows for a variety of reasons.  In this case it was to see John Byrne,  a comic hero of mine.  John was one of the few creators with a long line, so long in fact that I ran out of things to do while waiting for it to die down.  I vaped with a random Spider-Gwen and as a result, followed this droid around for way to long.


Sadly the line never shrunk!  Thankfully everyone else at the show was easily accessible. I dug through every dollar bin ( and there were a lot! )  looking for gold.  I set out to find a Batman 386 which was easily the most sought after book at the show.   I spoke with dealers, cosplayers, workers and a cop ( my insulin pump set off the alarms! )  I was lucky to speak to Donny Cates.  He's about as cool as it gets and boy did he have some interesting things to say about

 I passed on meeting most celebs,  though some were really cool to see in person.   Overall I would say it was a wildly successful show, at least for me!  If you live on the east coast I recommend checking it out if cons are your thing.  The Gnarly Quinns were kept to a minimum,  fans were engaged, bathrooms were clean and everyone was friendly.  That's about all you can ask for!




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    Did you go to the same show I did? The one men’s room was filthy all weekend. You also contradict yourself by saying that the cops were friendly, but then that you were harassed over your insulin pump.

    • Topher

      Listen ya troll, I took 2 breaks, one for number 2 and one for number 1. Both bathrooms were pristene. And no I didn’t contradict myself! The cops were friendly, even the one who wanded my pump. Go reread my comments on the cops, I await your apology.

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        I was at the convention all four days, the one men’s room was filthy every time I went in there, which was at least twice a day the three days once the show properly started. Either we have different standards, or you miraculously got to use it right after it was cleaned (which it certainly wasn’t before the show opened each day).

        You’re clearly more tolerant than I would be over the situation with the insulin pump. Just because the security guard (they weren’t actually cops) did with a smile doesn’t mean he was right. You should look into filing a complaint.

        • Topher

          Jesus, you are desperate to be right. Guess what smart guy, the security guard called a cop over to look at my “ device “. Please man go chew on a goat leg instead of posting nonsense.

        • Topher

          And no I wont be filing a complaint, these days security checking unknown devices actually makes me happy. Like I said, they were all friendly.

          And the washrooms were so clean I would have bagged and boarded comics right on the floor.

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    Sounds I like a good time. Thanks for the share

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    You probably want to disclose if you went as a paid attendee or as press.

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    What’s up with all of the negative or accusatory comments? I appreciate you taking your unpaid time to tell us all of “YOUR” experience at this convention, Topher. As always, your feedback, information and general love of the hobby is greatly appreciated!

    I do miss the standard questions of “Most overpriced book” and “best book you bought”, etc. but all in all, I wasn’t able to attend and love to hear about the cons I cannot make it to. Keep up the fantastic job, Topher as you are a legend in our hobby!!

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    Nice write up.

    Were you able to meet John Byrne? If so, how was he? I’d love to meet him, be I’ve read he can be quite grumpy with fans. He’s coming to FanExpo here in Toronto, but I am a little scared to meet him because I don’t want the experience to tarnish my image of him.


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    I went to Boston Sunday then Terrificon the next Friday

    Terrificon was so much more fun to me
    Facilities better
    Space was wider/less crowds (the casino can afford that!)
    Slightly better selection of comic dealers and creators

    Boston killed Terrificon in media stars but thats not really my thing!

    Sadly Byrne had to jet early on Sunday and I missed him. Was able to meet, chat, and get stuff signed by donny cates who is just killing it

  • Ben C

    “And the washrooms were so clean I would have bagged and boarded comics right on the floor.”


    Its funny how folks come out swinging when an article is posted about an event from someone’s perspective they do not agree with.

    I will say this is the 8th time I have done the Boston show as a fan. The entry was quick, the dealers were solid, my favorite part… VALET PARKING!!

    We all go to Conventions for different reasons. Just because we disagree doesnt mean we have to come out attacking others.

    And for what its worth, I did not go as press, I went to buy sell and trade comics with some of the circuit dealers…

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