1 Amazing Spider-Man #212

WRITER: Denny O'Neil
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
With all the available Spidey villains, rumor has it that Hydro-Man is going to be in the next movie?  Really?  Anyway, this was a $10-20 book last week and now it's $60-100+.


Check It Out Here

2 Carnage: Mind Bomb #1

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Kyle Hotz
So as I was writing this on Thursday, prices had risen from $10-20 up to $30-50.  When I woke up this morning, they were exceeding $100?!?!  Is this really worth more than ASM #361??


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3 The Rejected #NN

WRITER: Stan Konopka
ARTIST: Corey Anderson
High cover price, super obscure publisher.  The story premise sounds interesting but $20-30 seems a bit steep for my taste.


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4 Amazing Spider-Man FCBD 2007

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Phil Jimenez
So Matt DeVoe talked about this one on our Flipside podcast.  I'm not still very bullish on a Free comic, but apparently this is Spider-Man week and this one is hitting $20ish at the moment.


Check It Out Here

5 The Kitchen #1 Ming Doyle 1:13 Variant

WRITER: Ollie Masters
ARTIST: Ming Doyle
No specific news on this upcoming movie, but it was mentioned in a prominent comic website's article about female comic movies.  That mention pushed this from a $10 book to the $30 range.  McCarthy and Haddish are big stars, but we will see if a successful movie will keep this one on the wanted list.


Check It Out Here

6 Aquaman (Vol. 6) #39 Josh Middleton Variant

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Definitely not as hot as some were hoping for, but still selling in the $10-15 range.  For my Middleton/Mera money, I actually prefer #10…but, this one makes the list based on the volume of sales alone.


Check It Out Here

7 Infinity Wars #2 Unmasked Variant

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
There are a bunch of these out there.  People still want it based on the volume of sales in the $15-20 range.  These ‘secret' variants do generate sales so I would expect to see more of them in the future.


Check It Out Here

8 Vampirella: Roses For the Dead #1 Mike Mayhew ‘Virgin' Variant /500

WRITER: Kristina Deak-Linsner
ARTIST: Joseph Michael Linsner
Hughes/Catwoman, JSC/Black Cat, Lee/Batman…Mayhew/Vampirella?  Some people are just made to do a character.  This gorgeous cover can be had around the $50 mark right now.


Check It Out Here

9 Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4 Rod Reis 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gary Whitta
ARTIST: Michael Walsh
Returning to the list, these have virtually vanished from eBay.  Now selling for $60-70.  The price progression reminds me of the Quesada Force Awakens variant.


Check It Out Here

10 Riptide #1

WRITER: Scott Chitwood
ARTIST: Danny Luckert
Hate all you want on some of these indies, but someone is buying them.  I feel sorry for the people that trash books that they didn't ‘predict' would be hot.  For the record, I missed buying in on every book on this weeks list except for 1 (and this one isn't it)–so please, come at me with your ridiculous accusations of price manipulation.  Prices are up from last week and are now hitting $20-30.


Check It Out Here

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 6) #1 Lucio Parrillo ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Ryan Ottley
I think this is a great homage to Web #1 and I guess others do to.  These were preselling for around $50 but are now hitting $75+.


Check It Out Here

Blue Bolt #114

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Jay Disbrow, LB Cole (Cover)
Another awesome pre-code cover.  A 4.5 sold last year for $375.  This summer a 6.5 sold for $3k and a 5.0 just sold for $1750.


Check It Out Here

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  • Great list as always…I would like to add keep an eye on Savage She-hulk #1. I paid $150 for a CGC 9.8 in February the last 2 graded at 9.8 have sold for around $250!!

  • Awesome list. I only have one on your list. For those that didn’t listen to podcast like me. #4 Amazing Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day 2007 is hot because of potential movie starring Jackpot. My source:

  • As discussed in the Comments for The Wednesday One 08/15/18, The Rejected release got pushed back to 8/29 and only a few stores received their copies this week hence the “rarity” of this book. Perhaps it will continue to climb or at least maintain its price but tons of copies will flood the market next week and you’ll be able to pick it up for Cover Price at your LCS. I passed on the book because the interior art is dreadful and really made this book unreadable for me.

    It should be noted that there is a limited Motor City Comic Con Variant that was released back in May and sold out, and also a even more rare Garden State Comic Fest Variant limited to 100 copies that was released last month.

  • A. J. Diesel

    I called that Hydro-Man issue back in my “I’ll always have Spider-man” article last year!!! Saweeet list

  • You can get Riptide #1 on Red 5’s own website for $3.95 a pop if anyone actually gives a s#it.

  • 6, 7 and 10 for me this week. I have number 3 on order. Thanks for sharing!.

  • @comictom101 and @millgeekcomics are most entertaining and up to date place to get comic news🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Man I just f’n love me some LB Cole horror/sci-fi/suspense GA cover art! They are getting super tough to get these days. Hydro-Man… God I hope not. I think Mysterio would be good enough IMHO.

  • I don’t got any this week but if I could have any one of them it would hands down be that Mike Mayhew Vampirella Virgin… my god that is breath taking. Mayhew is one of those artists that’s at times can be just ok but other times he can really bring the heat like he does here. Hell this might be the nicest Vampirella cover I’ve seen yet which is saying quite a lot because there are some lovely ones that’s for sure.

  • Tue L

    Great top 10! Saw Carnage Mind Bomb made the list and went to list it. 3 hours later, BAM $150 sold! Love CBSI and the Top 10!

  • Ben C

    That LB is savage. I have some nice Cole covers, sadly not that one.

    Great list as usual Stein, much appreciated.

  • There was a whole thread on a Facebook comic book group last week about CBSI causing false demand of Riptide #1. I see that must not have been the only place that said that. Kinda ridiculous, really.

  • $100+ for the Carnage book? That’s insane! Having read it, totally not worth the price. That said, I know what I’m listing on eBay later today. Thanks for the heads up!

  • What’s the deal with the Carnage book? It was $10 a week ago, what happened?

  • Not too many on the list for me this week. Was able to track down 2 higher grade copies of ASM #212 for guide price. Still some out there in the wild at last weeks price!

  • Love this weekly!

    Hydroman is a great villain, but I’m betting he won’t be in it. This “water” that Tom Holland mentioned that the internet it freaking out over will be one of Mysterio’s illusions.

  • Man, I wish I had some Carnage Mind Bomb #1’s to flip. That’s crazy!!!

  • The moment I read this list on Friday and learned about Carnage Mindbomb #1 I decided to see for myself.

    Went on eBay and saw active auctions with days left at 135 and 147$.

    I put mine up for 159.99$ and boom! Sold within 1 hour.

    On Saturday I was going through my stuff prepping for a local show and to my surprise, I found a 2nd NM copy.

    Relisted my original listing and Boom! Sold for 129.99$. Bear in mind, the flooding had started by Saturday evening!

    I’m happy. Total investment 22$, total profit, 268$… gotta love it!

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