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Writers of Lego Batman and the Lego Movie are now working on a DC Super Pets movie for Warner.  Despite a lukewarm reaction from comic speculators it is the type of thing likely to get a large amount of kids into theaters which means parents will be shelling out money for tickets, merchandise and all the other things that come with it.  Now is the time to speculate as prices are still reasonable.  Myself, Steve Horn and Ben C have assembled this Super Friends list.  As of right now no one knows who will be included in the film so the best thing to do is list as many as possible even though there are some that are pretty safe bets.

The Super Pets have a much longer history that you might think but over the decades they appeared infreqently and had long stretches where they didn't appear at all.



Action Comics 277 Battle of the Super pets!

First appearance of the Super Pets as a team


Most of the members made their first appearances in others books which I will address in this article but this book is the the team's first!




Adventure Comics 293

First Legion of Super Pets and Origin

First Comet the Super Horse



Action Comics 387

As appearances of the pets were sporadic, there are many issues worth looking for that don't have first appearances but are still important.  The Pets make a special appearance in this one.



Super Friends Volume 2, issue 14

Looking for notable moderns it is certainly possible that this is the team that will end up in the film.




Adventure Comics 322 & 364


Adventure Comics 380

Last Legion of Superheroes in Adventure Comics.  Super Pets also appear.




Adventure Comics 210

First appearance of Krypto the Superdog


Krypto is a lock for the film.  He is easily the most iconic of all pet related heroes.

and probably the best Krypto cover ever




Superboy 76

First Appearance of Beppo the Super-monkey


Beppo is also a pretty sake bet to make the team.



Batman 92

First appearance of Ace the Bathound


I'm not sure if Ace makes the cut but at least one bat hound is sure to be included.




Superboy 80 Page Giant 147

Origin of the Superpets



Batman and Robin 2

First appearance of Titus

 My money is still on Ace but Titus is a better dog!



Batman 666

First appearance of Alfred the Cat


Alfred is a long shot but one of the best comic cats every created.



Tiny Titans 17

First appearance of Batcow

Currently he is probably the most popular pet among collectors.  There is no way Batcow gets left out.



Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 72

First appearance of Proty 2



Adventure Comics 308

First appearance of Proty



Action Comics 261

First appearance of Streaky.


Streaky is another pet who will likely make the team.

I am going to list a lot of firsts and key books from here on out.  Just remember that most will probably only make cameo appearances in the film or won't appear at all.


Action Comics 287

First appearance of Whizzy

Whizzy is a descendant of Streaky


Superman Family Adventures 3




Nembo Kid 55



Green Lantern Rebirth 3

First appearance of B'dg



Sensation Comics 6

First appearance of Jumpa


I doubt we are going to see Jumpa as a main character but this cover is awesome!



Funny Stuff 2

First appearance of Whatzit



Green Lantern 148

First appearance of Ch'p



Adventure Comics 229

First appearance of Topo, Aquaman's pet octopus


Tiny Titans 28

First Modern Appearance of the Super Pets?




Wednesday Comics 9,10,11

The pets make appearances is this newspaper style series.




Krypto the Supper-Dog 5

First appearance of Zod's Three Naughty Doggies ( Vlea, Dom & Tronk )



Super Sons Annual 1

First appearance of Flexi




Batman Adventures: Mad Love

First appearance of Bud and Lou



Scooby Doo Team Up 42

Bud and Lou appear


Batman 66′ meets the Legion of Super Heroes


Tiny Titans 8

First appearance of Jerry the Jellyfish & Jimmy the Mussel


Tiny Titans 13

First appearance of Inky & Spot



Funny Animals 1

First appearance of Hoppy, Sammy Skunk, Snip, Zero, Fuzzy Bear, Chipmonk, Billy the Kid, Chuck the Duck, Hermann, Muss, Willie the Worm




Super Friends 7

First appearance of Gleek




Batman 225

First appearance of Wonderdog



Superboy 131

First appearance of  the Space Canine Patrol Agents including Paw Pooch, Hot Dog, Tail Terrier, Tusky the Husky & Chameleon Collie

In this issue Krypto Joins the Legionaries.




Adventure Comics 108

First appearance of Tusky the Walrus




Krypto the Superdog 2

First appearance of Mammoth Mutt and Ignatius the Iguana ( Villain ),

Mechanikat ( Villain )




Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

First appearance of Dawg




Silver age Justice League of America 1

First appearance of Bzzd




Aquaman 2

First appearance of Salty the Aquadog




Superboy 65

First appearance of Krypto Mouse




Tiny Titans 2

First appearance of Fluffy


Other pets worth noting: Ark, Robin Robin, Chuck, Storm, Bull Dog, Big Red, Stripezoid, Zallion, Ribitz, Gratch, Buzzoo, Fossfur, Zhoomp, Eeny, Charlie, Stinky, Silky, Quiver, Quill, F.E.L.I.X., M.A.X., Thud, Ace-Mite, King, Geoffrey, Vapors, Gunshoe, Misty, SHadow, Blue, Haley, Dusty, Pierce, The Doom Pet Patrol






IF you are going to have a movie like this then the super pets are going to need someone to battle!  Here's some of the likely candidates and a bunch that probably will not make the cut!





Final Crisis Rage of the Red Lanterns 1,1b,1c,1d

First appearance of Dex-Starr

If I were a betting man I would put Dex as the prime candidate for lead villain to oppose the pets.




Green Lantern 55 1:25 ( Origin of Dex-Starr)




Superboy 82

First appearance of Bizarro  Krypto




Superboy 92

First appearance of Destructo ( Lex Luthor's dog )




Joker Fish

I have to be honest I have no idea which comic this awesome rendition of the infamous Joker Fish appeared but I want the plush.

In 2016 DC released a series of plush toys, some of which are now quite rare.




Vengeance of Bane

First appearance of Osito

Who wouldn't want to see Bane's teddy bear come to life in an animated film?!




Krypto the Superdog 6

First appearance of Artie the Puffin


Other villains; Crackers & Giggles, Rozz, Chauncey, The Fursome Five, Lefty, The Mad Catter, Dribodod, Dogwood, X-43, Bit Bit, Banjo, Computo, Rebound, Razor, Admiral Peary, Griff, Waddles, Sobek, General Manx, Sneezers, Fer-El, Titano, Whosh, Pronto, Snort, Tootz, Eezix, Fimble, Waxxee, Rolf, Donald, Webixx,



Looking for more info try this!  Based on Art Baltazar's renditions this go to resource will give you all the info you need!



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