ISSUE #19: Low Print Ladies

Hello there, ladies and gents. In ye olde comic universe, we’ve had a few very light spec weeks after a storm of two or three heavy weeks before that. Such is the roller coaster of this hobby. That’s part of what makes it fun. At least there’s been some time to catch up on my reading.

Anyone reading anything particularly good, these days?

I’m in the middle of about 12 titles (some great, some not so great), currently, including going back and reading the original Sandman run from Gaiman. For those struggling to find a good read, be sure to check out “The Reading Pile” each week written up astoundingly well by our very own Dan Piercy.  

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s Fantastic Four issue and the Jock issue the week prior to that. This week, I am back to a general group of unrelated covers that don’t necessarily share a common thread other than that they are beautiful girl covers that sport fairly low print runs. I’m really excited about this week’s covers and I actually think the first 4 out of the 5 of them have some true future spec value which is usually not a focus of this column. This week, it’s just incidental.

Some weeks, I really have to go down the rabbit hole to find cool covers. It is quite often a very eye-opening experience and I learn a ton and try to pass that on to whomever will listen. Other weeks, I use some of my all-time favorite covers that I’ve held back so that I can share a little of my personal comic brain with my CBSI family. Still other weeks, like this week, a group of covers just falls into my lap. These are the weeks I love because the covers scream out to be featured. I hope you agree that this week’s covers are fire. Here they are… drumroll, please…


Sensation Comics: Featuring Wonder Woman #17 (2014 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – February, 2016

ARTIST – Anna Dittmann


Eat your heart out, Jenny Frison. One would think this was a cover by Jenny, but it’s not. It’s by… WHO THE HELL IS ANNA DITTMANN? Yep, I said that, too. You know why you’ve never heard of her? It’s because she’s done five total covers and this one was the only one that was remotely relevant. Why-oh-why did you stop producing covers, Anna? I want more, please.

With only 9,138 copies of this, it was a really low-printed final issue to the series. Somehow, though, I do see this one from time-to-time, probably because it’s so recent. Give it a few years and I bet we don’t see many of these floating around in good NM condition.

It is a simply gorgeous composition that could prove pretty tough to find, eventually. The integration of the image and the background is lovely and it displays a calm strength rendered with fantastic lighting. Subtle and soft with a superb depth and foreshortened perspective, this cover tricks the eye. It almost feels three-dimensional. The gentle flow of the line work is crazy-good, but the crux of this cover is all in the eyes for me. I’m seduced. How about you?  


Psylocke #1 (2010 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – January, 2010

ARTIST: David Finch

Um, okay, so why is this book not soaring into high value marks? Why not the entire 4 issue run, really? It’s finch, it’s ridiculously sexy and it’s Psylocke who has a huge cult following all her own. This was just an “A” cover that has seen a little heat, here and there, over the past year or two. However, it hasn’t really hit its real stride.

WARNING: This is one you don’t want to hunt for on ebay. Sellers know this is a hot cover and will try to get $20 out of it or even higher if you look only at Buy-it-Now’s. That said, bidding on one might get it for $12 or less as a few have gone that low, recently. HOWEVER, I find this one in bins pretty often at $5 or less. As a matter of fact, the #2 may even be sexier, but it’s a little busy in comparison. That one can also be snagged for $5 or less. 26,132 copies makes this a bit of a rarer book. There was also an uber-rare 2nd print wraparound cover variant of this #1 which does go for big bucks.  

Anyhow, this one has been poised for awhile, now, to be hot and expensive. Being a very similar cover to his Wonder Woman #38 variant, it shouldn’t be too long before it is out of reach for most of us.


Ame-Comi Girls Featuring Power Girl #4 (2012 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – March, 2013

ARTIST: Emanuela Lupacchino


Yeah, yeah, we all want that Wonder Woman 1:25 variant for #1, but don’t sleep on two other gems from the run. Specifically, this Power Girl issue, here. I would have also chosen the Supergirl, but that damned Arrow ad banner up at the top ruins the layout for me. DC ruined so many otherwise-beautiful books with that damned ugly banner.

I really don’t get why these covers don’t get more love. As a matter of fact, the regular Wonder Woman non-variant #1 is pretty amazing, as well. If I hadn’t already chosen a different WW cover for the week, I might have gone with that one. These are slightly in the anime/manga style and I realize that’s not for everyone, but these are fun, sexy covers and not too overwrought. There’s something to be said for simplicity and a cute “comic-booky” feel.  

This is an cover price or less snag, but there were only 12,488 of these. If these get hotter, they are going to be a tough find.


Final Crisis: Revelations #3 (2008 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – December, 2008

ARTIST: Philip Tan





This cover is so freaking good, I can’t even explain it. It has started to get some rumblings in “underworld” discussions in-and-around the hobby and has quickly become a cult classic in some circles. I expect, now, with Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman and other Batwoman covers heating up, this one is sure to catch real fire, soon. In my opinion, this cover is close to perfection.

The only thing that really holds this one back is the text placement and barcode size/placement. Man, would I LOVE to see a virgin of this cover. It uses darks confidently and has such depth and beauty, it hurts; a study in sex, attitude and contrast. I swear that fire looks like a photograph. When juxtaposed against the completely black left-hand side, it pops even more.

With the lesbian angle of this show causing a social media shakeup (where, reportedly, Rose has quit Twitter), we might see some real buzz around the Batwoman character and the show. Beautiful covers like these are going to begin to pop up on people’s radars and the best ones will shake out and get pricey. Thus, snag this one now while it’s still a $3-$5 book. With that in mind, these Revelation offshoot issues were printed in pretty small numbers when compared to the main Final Crisis title.

This issue had only 52,858 split in half over two covers. This was technically the “B” cover, but was cover price on release day. With numbers like that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit the $15-$20 mark, soon. Perhaps, even higher, eventually.


Shiver in the Dark #1 (2002 Series)

PUBLISHED: Singing Ink Press – July, 2002

ARTIST: Stuart Sayger


The dark horse pick of the week (no, not the publisher). This is a sweet deal with two amazing covers (cover “B” is actually a second printing from six months later). The #2 and #3 are pretty freakin’ great, too. All are from Stuart Sayger who also wrote the book and did the interiors. A buddy of mine found this in a .25 cent bin, a few weeks ago and the cover just blew me away. Will anyone ever care about Shiver in the Dark from a spec perspective? Probably not, but stranger things have happened. There were only 1,291 copies of this puppy, so if you like it, you’ll have a touch of trouble finding it in a bin.

A very atmospheric comic which is illustrated with a variety of line art, photos and paintings. This cover has an ease and grace to it and feels very much like a Stephanie Hans piece. Considering how popular she has become, it sure would be nice to see Sayger do something relevant. The ethereal feel to this cover and the flow of the line work are mesmerizing to me. It is an elegant composition born out of simplicity of color and brilliant perspective.

Sayger has done a few other awesome covers if you’ve not heard of him. He has a great variant for ROM #1 from the recent 2016 series as well as an amazing Snake Eyes cover for G.I. Joe vs. The Six Million Dollar Man #2 (2018). He has also done interiors for a variety of titles.



Well, here we are at the end, again. I really hope you enjoyed this week’s as much as I did writing it. Please, sound off in the comments section about what you thought or anything I may have missed. Until next week, be good to yourselves and each other, thanks for reading and happy hunting.







  • A. J. Diesel

    Very cool article! So fun! I really want to love that final crisis cover, but the head and face kill it for me. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Avatar

    Great job! I love reading these week after week. I’m here in Indiana and there’s a small quarterly show in Indy at a hotel and Stuart Sayger sells back issue books and keys, etc. there as a dealer. He also sells his variants and prints, etc.
    I’ve not had good experience or feedback from reputable dealers that sell at the same show concerning him. His prices are a little high and his business practices aren’t morally ethical. I do like his art style ALOT as it reminds me of really good Jae Lee art. Just my two cents and everyone should come to Indy if they want a piece of Stuart! I can send further details on the show and keep up the awesome article, Mike!!

    • Mike Morello

      Thanks, balljlauren, that is fantastic info all around on Sayger. He was an unknown to me. I recognized his ROM cover, but never thought to look up who had done it. Thanks for the kind words, as well. I really appreciate it!

  • Beezle

    I have mixed feelings about that Wonder Woman cover. While I love the style, composition and coloring, WW’s body seems a bit out of whack to me. I can see that the artist was playing around with perspective here, but I think she went a little bit overboard. (See Adam Hughes’ Captain Marvel or Batgirl 1 covers for a more pleasing use of perspective). The size of WW’s upper arms shouldn’t be that much different, regardless if one is slightly in the foreground and the other is moving to the back. Also, her lower body looks too small in comparison to her chest. I’m not sure why her left arm disappears into her hair or how her left hand can be in the position that it is if it’s properly connected to a normal length arm. Love the face, though.

    • Mike Morello

      Oddly, while I tend to agree with you, it all somehow works for me and the good aspects far outweigh the bad, in my opinion. Many covers (including some famous ones) have out of whack proportions (this is comic books, after all).

      Look at pretty much any Leifeld or Campbell cover or, for that matter, that ridiculous left leg on Superman on Neal Adams’ cover for the VERY famous Superman #233.

      I do hear what you’re saying though. It’s the overall composition that works for me, here, and no one specific piece of it (other than the eyes, of course, which are astounding).

      Thanks for the comment and getting discussion going on that piece. Much appreciated. What does everyone else think?

      • Avatar

        The face is amazing on Wonder Woman but the body is to weird for me. I agree 100% on the Batwoman cover though. I found one about 6 months ago and was blown away by it.

    • Avatar

      I agree, the foreshortening is way off.

  • Avatar

    Nope! That Wondy cover is not real good.

    Her face is fantastic and well done but everything else is too disproportionate especially when you consider depth.

    Her chest is too big and her legs, arms and hands are down right creepy.

    A head shot of that cover would have been amazing!

  • Avatar

    For the Sensation #17…The face is beautiful, but gotta say I am not a fan of the perspective…The big boobs? I’m a fan of those.

  • Avatar

    It’s the Ash Comic Show in Indianapolis where Stewart Sayger sets up at. If you live in the 4 surrounding states from Indiana come check him out and also the show. I always find some good back issues there !

    • Avatar

      That’s right! I’m at every one too. We should meet and represent CBSI! I’ll be wearing my new unpressable defects T-Shirt in October. I come up from Terre Haute.

  • Avatar

    I agree about the Revelations cover. It’s gorgeous but the text is SO distracting. Ugh. I think Ruby Rose is cast really well for the show. I hope the writing is good because I could see it becoming a real hit.

  • Dan Piercy

    OMG, thanks for the shout out. 🙂 That Psylocke was a great mini series in addition to having great covers. I also always love to see great Wonder Woman covers. 👍👍👍👍

    • Mike Morello

      Dan, you may want to check out the regular Ame-Comi girls #1 wonder woman I mention. It ain’t the variant, but still a solid cover in that same style.

      And, my pleasure on the shout-out. You absolutely deserve it. Everyone should be reading your column.

  • Ben Steiniger

    I agree 100% on the Ame-Comi power girl and supergirl.

  • Dell18

    Yeah, that Final Crisis cover kills. I’ve seen a few things by Lupacchino lately I dig, that’s now another one to add to the collection. If you draw a line just below WW’s chin, the top half of that cover is gorgeous but the proportions throw me off too. Not enough to keep me from buying one when I ran across it looking for the AH! cover though. As far as reading right now? I highly recommend Gideon Falls, Walk Through Hell, Paper Girls, Maestros, Monstress, Hillbilly, Moonshine, Catwoman, Port of Earth, Bendis’ Supes stuff are all books I read right away and how did Jeff Spokes Aphrodite V completely fly under the radar?

  • Avatar

    There’s a great Frison cover in that Wonder Woman series as well. I’m pretty sure it’s her first Wonder Woman.

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