Week 38

This week I thought we'd do a mash-up of covers. So Star Wars and Cosplay is what I decided, because there's a ton of it out there to sift through. Which is helpful. Beyond that I pretty much just typed “star wars cosplay” into a search and started scrolling.

Something I learned from looking at all this cosplay. People shouldn't cosplay characters we've already seen in live action, IF they look nothing like them. It's confusing. There's a whole extended universe out there you know. So if you're doing the slave Leia thing, helps for you to either dye your hair or get a wig to match the color and hair style from the film. Blonde Slave Leia is not a thing, just because you couldn't be bothered to get a wig. I get Slave Leia Frozen Elsa, that's a completely different thing. But I'm too lazy to do my hair slave Leia most defiantly is not.

First up is this Darth Talon cosplay photographed by Jose Manchado of Morgana Cosplay. Admittedly I know nothing about this EU character, but there was a lot of cosplay of Darth Talon, so I guess she's popular. This image really stood out. If i was looking on a rack and saw this image, I'd pick it up to see what happens. She's dragging her saber like a child walking home from a crushing defeat at a baseball game. OR She's going after someone here, and it's probably going to end badly for them

And speaking of ending badly, let's keep that up. Here's an image by Queen-Azshara and photographed by Peter Parker. Yeah, I'm betting Peter Parker isn't the photographers real name, but that's the information attributed to the image so that's what we're going with.

Mara Jade, another EU character. Again, EU isn't my thing, I know canon. But this EU stuff seems to be popular with the kids I guess. Regardless, if I saw this on a cover, I'd have to pick it up and check it out. Not enough cosplay photgraphers seem to understand the importance of depth, so this image is refreshing. Granted, Mara kinda looks like a Han, Leia and Luke mash-up… I'm sure she's related to one of them. I'm betting someone will set it straight in the comments section below.

Last up is this Boba Fett cosplay photographed by Andrey Spiridonov. Unfortunately at time of writing this, I don't have the name of the cosplayer, just the photographer… which is unfortunate since this is a killer Boba Fett outfit. Regardless, it's still a nice Fett image and would make a great cover. Let's face it, who doesn't love Boba Fett… I mean, I can't imagine a Boba Fett solo film could possibly fair worst than Solo's solo film.

Bet you though you were getting a slave Leia cover out of this after that opening rant, sorry no dice, maybe next time.


That's it for this week, see you next Monday!

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