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Another awesome contest on is upon us.  This time we are happy to offer our members a chance to win the latest and greatest variant from Little Giant Comics & Shattered Comics


Want to win a copy?  Of course you do!!  Simply answer WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE VENOM COMIC COVER AND WHY?? 

Top 3 answers win this amazing variant!!  Contest will run until Tuesday August 21st with winners being announced on Wednesday the 22nd.




A big thanks to Jason and the rest of the Little Giant Comics team for the awesome prize support!!  Below is a pic of what this bad boy looks like in person!!



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    Venom #1 (166) donny cares run. Because I got the chance to meet him. He is the first comic book writer I had ever meet and got the book sing form Him. That book is special since is the first one of many more to come

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    Venom Lethal Protector #1
    When I was a kid I wanted this issue so bad, but my cousin wouldn’t sell it to me. I recently found one in the $1 bid in amazing shape, and sent it off to be graded. 25 years late, but that cover will always hold a special place in my heart.

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    I love the del Mundo variant from the 2018 series. It’s scary, it’s gross, it’s venom

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    Venom vs Carnage 2. I just wrote about this for my article but that books is beautiful! Plus it’s actually a very well done portrayal of Spider-Man. They way they symbiotes swirl around and have that almost mercurial quality to them is hypnotizing

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    Spirits of vengeance #6… Spirits of Venom!!

    I remember seeing this in the stand and being instantly drawn to the cover.

    Kubert and Steacy did a fantastic job of genuinely making Venom look scary, creepy and awesome at the same time!

    I am positive the Venom as we know him today, drawn by the likes of Crain, Dell’otto and the likes were inspired by this rendition of Venom!

    A copy that will always have its place in my PC.

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    I like Venom 1 Vol 3 Dell’Otto Variant.. Venom hadn’t really been showcased on a cover till that cover came out that showed how he is laden with brolic arms and a monstrosity of a figure.. plus the saliva spewing down his tongue is juicy… where else .. of all places a sewer… nasty and disgusting but so beautiful if you appreciate it.. love the painted orange brick tunnel in the background. love it when I see the brush stokes on canvas on a cover

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    Venom #1 2018 Rivera 1:25 Variant.
    Classic looking proportionate Venom.
    The green saliva dripping Is amazing gear colours. Just a great piece of art. Simple 2d image nothing realistic not painted just the look from the 90’s I grew up with.

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      This is a really cool cover. At a time in which I’ve stopped buying variants, when I saw this cover I just had to pull the trigger. Rivera is an underrated master.

  • Foxom

    Amazing Spider-Man #347. Beautiful horrific cover. I remember getting this as a kid at the nearest comic shop and riding all the way home thinking spidey was dead.

  • orbetony

    Mine is Marvel Comics Presents #117. Sam Keith and Venom are a match made in heaven. The downed Wolverine and the fractured title graphic make it even better!

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    My favorite is: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN & VENOM: VENOM, INC. (2017 ONE-SHOT) ALPHA (REGULAR COVER – RYAN STEGMAN) – I think it almost looks like it could be a horror film movie poster by design and really does a good job at showing Venom as a true evil monster like menace.

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    Web of Spider-Man #18, because reading the interview where Michelinie corrected Wizard on Venom’s history was a formative experience that taught me how weird the market can be about actual first appearances (see also, Deadpool vs. Hawkeye #0), since it didn’t explode in price. Still, I had to get a copy as a kid! Since then I loved finding copies in dollar boxes and flipping them for $10-15. The image of the empty black suit is also pretty striking.

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    ASM 316. IMHO nobody does Venom as good as McFarlane. Totally shows who Venom is as a character in one picture 🤘

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    Venom License to Kill #1 he looks so badass holding a rocket launcher and saying he is the law, great early Venom stuff.

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    VENOMIZED #1 Gabriele Dell’Otto, Because Who Don’t Like That Booty?!?

  • passenger27

    Amazing Spider-Man #346! I’ve always loved covers that showed close-ups of characters faces, and what a close-up this is. The horrific teeth, the snake-like tongue, the green, toxic looking drool, and the reflection of a seemingly terrified Spider-Man in Venom’s eyes makes for a dynamic cover that practically jumped off the shelf. Great Eric Larsen art!

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    Have to say Spirits of Vengeance 6. I was twelve years old and this was THE cover that got me to start collecting comics.

  • Earlybird

    Venom Finale #3 the colours on this cover just pop, the red with the purple and black make venom stand out, and the art has venom looking terrifying, rounded of with, “ it ain’t over till it’s over”

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    Hands down Amazing Spider-Man 347 is my favorite Venom Cover! I see Larsen as the best artist to have drawn Venom because McFarlane’s take on him doesn’t do it for me.

  • bhavhandi

    Venom vs Carnage Issue 1 (2004)

    – It stands out on the comic book shelves with its white background and intricate details on the red (on carnage) and the black (on venom)

    – Plus it’s a homage back to AMS issue 378

    – One of the early work done by the talented Clayton Crain in 2004

    – It’s Venom Vs Carnage!! C’mon!! Who doesn’t like that!!

    – I got a friend into comic books with this one single comic!!!

  • helpmefindmykeys

    My favorite Venom cover is The Enemy Within #1. This issue not only has an awesome all black cover with glow in the dark eyes, teeth and spider symbol, but it also happens to be the issue that got my collection started. Seeing this cover fueled wonder and excitement into a hobby that I’ve enjoyed for many years (granted I have started and stopped collecting a few times over these past few decades).

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    My favorite Venom cover is the first issue of his ’03 solo series (“Shiver” #1) drawn by Sam Keith. Not only is Keith’s representation of Venom beautiful to look at, the fact that its a stark black cover with Venom’s red tongue looking like a ribbon, wrapping around the majority of the cover draws attention to the character, and makes Venom look as if he’s straight out of a horror movie.

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    Amazing Spiderman 569 Granov Variant. Wow! it reminds me of Alien from the movies but its venom. One of the best covers I have ever seen period!

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    For me it would be Amazing Spider-Man #316. The first Venom cover! Still remember which comic shop I bought it at when it first came out all those years ago. Not only that, it is also a classic McFarlane cover that has become a huge collectible that continues to increase in value. A win on all fronts!

  • Jason S

    Venom #9 with the John Tyler Christopher cover. Hands down. The stuff of nightmares. Its from the 2012 series.

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    ASM 316. The McFarlane cover is a classic. His first cover and does such a good job of showing his power over Spider-Man.

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    Venom Inc. #1 Del Otto Cover. That guy does the best Spiderverse covers. I like the use of light in the cover, unique and makes Venom truly scary.

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    My favorite venom comic is Venom #14 from the 2004 series. I love the color scheme on this cover not to mention the fact that the whole Venom jumping out of the sewer water to attack poor Spidey is badass. Plus Clayton Crain just kills it with the symbiote artwork.

  • Demon Jim

    This one is easy for me. Venom/Deadpool: What If? #1 One of my favorite artists is Skottie Young. I just love his art style and nobody has a style that comes even close to his. This cover has a sketch feel that still comes across as sharp. This art portrays Deadpool and Venom in a way that neither one steals the spotlight and instead work in unison. Put all of that together and you get just one badass ass cover.

    • Father_fanboy

      Ha–had this all typed out and figured I better check to see if anyone else said this one: I would normally say one of the Sam Keith covers, but oddly enough I think my favorite is the cover by Skottie Young to “What if Venom Possessed Deadpool?” It’s such a great and crazy mash-up of two iconic characters, and his art (which frankly looks like an homage to Keith) is just fantastic on this cover.

      Needless to say I agree with you haha–

      Ah well, guess I better look over my collection a little more!

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    For me it is Venom #155 Legacy Cover A by Mark Bagley. I know it is just a regular non iconic cover but, for me, it serves as a passing of the baton to the next generation of comic readers and collectors. Every week my six year old son goes with me to the LCS. Like most youngsters he is more concerned with all the action figures and if they have any new “exclusive” Funko Pops! (thank dad for that one). My son has always been a Spiderman fan with toys and movies. I was walking the aisles looking at new releases and he stopped dead in his tracks in complete awe at this mean looking black Spiderman. He really wanted the comic and to read about Venom with me. Now Venom is on my pull list and we have a reader and one for his pc he can appreciate one day. Nothing beats talking to my son about a God symbiote. It started with this issue.

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    When I was in younger and in grade school, I loved Venom. I just couldn’t get enough of him. I’ll never forget buying the Venom: Carnage Unleashed issues as they came out. My favorite cover is Venom: Carnage Unleashed #3, where Carnage is tearing the symbiote off Eddie Brock.

  • Punisher78

    I would suggest anything Mcfarlane but everyone is gonna pick them. So that being said I’m going with Ultimate Spider-Man #33 1st Ultimate Venom
    Teeth & Tongue that’s pretty scary. Gives me goosebumps.

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    Thunderbolts 110 Yu variant. The detail is incredible, and probably has the most frightening looking mouth I have ever seen on any cover ever.

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    It’s gotta be Venomverse #1, the Duarte variant showing not just a great Venom, but also amazing Marvel superheroes as Venomites!

  • Avatar

    I think the Dell’Otto 1:25 Venom #150 Variant is the best venom cover in years. With the all black cover, it perfectly catches the pure evil aspect of Venom that people can sometimes forget while looking as “realistic” as possible.

  • Avatar

    Favorite cover is definitely Venom, Vol 2 #4. Gorgeous Mike McKone cover showcasing the idea of Agent Venom. A fallen soldier who has been given a second chance, fighting for the love of his country. The backdrop of the flag makes it an iconic cover which I feel doesn’t get enough love.

  • Avatar

    Going to have to go with Amazing Spider-Man #316. Just a completely awesome cover, and boy does he look menacing. This cover just hits on all cylinders for me, and I hope to one day own this comic because of how much I like it.

  • Eman

    Venom: Lethal Protector #1…
    It’s my favorite because anytime i hear or read the name Venom that cover, that Venom #1 is the first thing that pops up in my mind.
    Also, The cover shows how big, strong, and scary Venom is.

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    This isn’t my favorite, but looking at covers with venom or symbiote themed covers I came across Astonishing Spider-man 45(Panini, 3-31-99) . It has She Venom on the cover, and I cant find any copies on Ebay. The issue before it has classic Venom on the cover, it is a “collectors edition”, and it has a free sticker. My favorite is Venom Funeral Pyre #1 because it was the first comic I bought as a kid with Venom on the cover.

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    Venom #5 of the shiver run by Sam Kieth is my favorite because of the way venom takes up the whole cover with this gigantic smile similar to the Joker on his face looking like he’s gonna reach through the front cover and grab you by your face and eat your brain, plus there is a bad ass action figure by a company called loose collector that I saw that uses that image and i want one of those figures so damn bad in my collection cuz it looks like venom and the hulk had a baby.

  • fourwayflashers

    Venom – Agent Venom #1 (2011) – Tony Moore Cover.

    He looks super menacing and I love how the symbiote spills over onto the Trade Dress. Nice white clean cover with a whole whack of venom jizz.

  • Avatar

    Venom 3 infinity gauntlet homage by Kirkham. I love homage covers, especially infinity gauntlet ones. And it’s got all the main symbiote characters on the cover.

  • Slanthook

    I love Spirits of vengeance 6 with Venom creeping on the sewer ceiling with the flamming skull hanging from a chain like a makeshift, MacGyver-style lantern.

    However, I have nostalgia for Spirits of vengeance 5 because it’s the one I plucked off the spinner because I knew venom was about to whoop Ghost Rider.

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    Venom: Enemy Within #1. Glows in the dark! Nuff said!

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    Venom DellOtto covers are by far my favorites. Stuff nightmares are made.

  • Avatar

    Ultimate comics: spiderman #20. I love this cover with Miles on venoms back and getting all tangled up.

  • Avatar

    Venom Inc Alpha #1 Adi Granov Variant. Besides being the first Venom comic book I purchased, this is also the best in my collection. I have to say that Adi Granov is one hell of an artist. Been following his work ever since. Plus it’s for cover price!!

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    Venomverse #1 because it was the comic book that got me back into collecting after close to 25 years! The connecting covers and the aesthetic of the entire set of those covers was so stimulating for me as a fan. I have been picking up every Venom comic since that one, and have been loving every minute of it!

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    Venom #150 Dell’Otto Variant because it truly brings the creepy monster side of Venom coming out of the black. Very few covers have the horror feel to Venom like this one.

  • Avatar

    So many great covers have been mentioned but I’ve been loving Donny Cates current run and the cover on issue 4 with its play on like a Hamlet holding the skull is gorgeous. It’s also wonderfully simple with so much black and elements hidden in shadows. I had to grab two when I first saw it.

  • Father_fanboy

    Since my first choice that resembles a Keith cover was taken (Skottie Young) then I’m going to actually go with a Keith cover—Venom Shiver part 4—all that great use of negative space to somehow make Venom look bigger (and grosser with the drool) than Keith usually does…another iconic cover by the master.

  • indecisiveturtle

    VENOM #3 infinity gauntlet cover, I think its just the contrast of the cover it pays homage to along with the symbiotes making another cover its own.

  • Ben C

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this round. Winners have been announced and a post has been made.

    Keep an eye on the site for another awesome contest from CBSI/

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