Wardrobe Please!: Hulk (Joe Fixit)

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of wardrobe please!! Today we will explore a very unique variation of a beloved character. He's mean, sometimes green, you guessed it The Hulk.

Most people know the hulk as the huge green monster but, in all actuality that version is the variation and not the original. The original grey hulk which was not explained until many years later at some point made his return to comics but that's not all. Presumed to be dead by way of a bomb in the previous issue Grey Hulk ends up in Las Vegas(as many presumed to be dead stars do) as a mobster like henchmen know as Joe Fixit aka Mr. Fixit. Mr. Fixit marked an interesting time for Hulk as he was able to suppress banner and remain in his grey form for months even taking on a girlfriend and a job as an enforcer for a local boss.

Mr. Fixit, although still technically Bruce Banner and the hulk had his own personality and set of strengths and weakness. Mr. Fixit represented all the feelings Banner was afraid to admit. He was ruthless, deceitful, and vengeful. He even once tracked down a women who was said to have hurt his girlfriend and allowed a madman to kill her in-front of him and spider man with no remorse. (It did turn out that she was a robot). Mr. Fixit's less than heroic ways are made worst with his ability to think critically, still incredibly strong Mr. Fixit was is also very cunning and smart which made him a dangerous foe for any hero or villain although he did take a beating to a powered up version of the thing.

While Mr. Fixit seems like he has the best if both Banner and Hulk he is never seen to be as smart as Banner at his best or as strong as Hulk at his best and although he has most of hulks strengths he has one huge weakness which is the sun. The sun not only hurts and weakens Mr. Fixit but it can also revert him back into Banner making him not very effective in daytime combat.

Mr. Fixit has been featured in many mediums from video games to cartoons to action figures. While his first stint in comics was short-lived between the incredible hulk, spider man, and fantastic four books, he has made brief appearances in comics throughout the years taking in notable characters such as Carol Danvers and Moon knight. As ridiculous as a cross between the Kingpin and Hulk sounds Mr. Fixit is a fun deviation from the normal Banner/Savage Hulk dynamic and i would not be surprised if we see him show up in live action or a new Mini series one day. Either way if you love hulk and you like to see your favorite heroes totally succumb to their split personalities Mr. Fixit is for you.


Incredible hulk #347. 1st appearance of hulk as Joe Fixit. This book is not at all hard to find but i think it is a great book to own. One of the most outrageous and beloved in continuity hulk versions to date with so much potential. With only 19 9.8's in the cgc census this book in my personal opinion is very undervalued and overlooked. In the days of weapon H fetching high prices and Carol Danvers 1st appearance in her Captain Marvel outfit reaching new highs maybe an avengers 4 trailer previewing Mr. Fixit can send this book up the price ladder. If not you still have a cool 1st appearance of a mobster Hulk! Also be on the look out for the elusive mark the jeweler insert variant which can fetch a pretty penny.

Thank you for checking out my article hopefully you learned something new or at least found something else to grab while hunting.—– Valiant Horton.


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