Black Cat in a “Film World” with out Spider-man

As everyone is probably aware by now, the Silver and Black movie is officially dead. Sony, in their infinite wisdom has chosen to split these two character into two separate movies. Not the worst idea really. While a Silver Sable movie could work very well. Being a Nazi hunter in an age where white supremacy has crawled out of  the shadows to marches openly in our nations capital.

Black Cat however, not so much. As Graeme McMillan of the Hollywood Reporter point out in an article recently. Black Cat is mostly intertwined with Spider-Man, with the exception of her 2 mini series, neither of which would make very good movies in my opinion.

That doesn’t mean there’s not a Black Cat story to be told. While a writer for either film has yet to be tapped at time of writing this, there is a Black Cat film that could be made without Spider-man. Sadly it would be yet another in a long line of origin stories.

Personally I’m not a fan of origin stories, for several reasons. Most importantly, being that I believe there’s something to be said for proving a character is interesting enough to bother slogging though their origin in the first place. 

However, with Black Cat that’s pretty much the corner Sony has boxed themselves into right out of the gate. Without Spider-Man there’s little they can do with the sorce material beyond just coming up with something that is totally generic. But I have a better solution, one that could work rather well in the current climate of female empowerment.

Up until recently, in the comics, Black Cat was a crime boss in the Earth 616 continuity. This is where I would start mining if I was calling the shots at Sony. Mainly because the majority of that arc for Felicia doesn’t involve Spider-Man. Her hatred of Spider-Man, which started with the betrayal she suffered in Superior Spider-Man #20 is what put her on that trajectory.  While much of it was in the pages of Spider-Man titles, it did spill into other books, like the Hawkeye/Deadpool mini series, Defenders, Venom and Silk. Two of which are properties Sony is using.

A Black Cat film starting with her already in the Queen Pin spot of a major city, told in a non linear formate, could work in a world without a Spider-Man. This would in turn set the stage for a Spider-Man appearance in the SUMC where possibly Peter is what helps her change her ways and go from being a crime boss to a hero. Later, rather than sooner.

So what does this have to do with comic speculation?

A lot really. First of all, the failure of a Silver and Black movie alone is a cautionary tale of why speculation is a risky business. As my copies of Beavis and Butthead #10 are probably going to be worthless. Granted, it's not a huge lose by any stretch of the imagination, but is illustrates the point that not every movie that gets announced will ever come to fruition. 

Assuming Sony comes to the same conclusion I have, and realize that the “Queen Pin” angle is probably the best route to take with a Black Cat movie. Here's some of the issues where that takes place… I'm sure I forgot a few. It might be a good idea for Marvel Comics to collect that a some point in a trade paper back, because it stretches across a lot of books… here's the ones off the top of my head.

ASM Vol 3 #3-6

Hawkeye VS Deadpool #0-4

ASM Vol 3 #16-18 (3 part back up story) and #18.1 and 20.1

Silk vol 1 #1, #3-6

ASM Vol 4 #1 (back up story)

Silk vol 2 #1-6 and #8-10.

Venom Vol 3 #2-4

Defenders Vol 5. #1, #3-6, #8-10

Also the Venom Inc. story line running through the legacy numbered Venom vol 3 and ASM vol 4 issues.

There’s also the chance for a connection involving another spider-verse character, Silk. Which, lets be honest, Silk is literally asian female Peter Parker without the genius level IQ… at least on the surface. Now that may sound like a slam, but it could really be a blessing. Oddly enough, Silk and Black Cat already have some history together, which unfolded in both of Silk’s solo series.

It’s not hard to imagine IF Sony wanted too, they could craft a story and substitute Silk for Spider-man. Hell they could even go all in and have Black Cat and Silk entangled romantically… which isn’t really a stretch when you consider some of the tragedies Felicia has suffered at the hands of men. By substituting Silk for Spider-man, that could open a flood gate of possibilities for all the Spider-man related characters solo movies. Sony could build their entire SUMC around Silk as the hero and Black Cat as the big bad in the shadow.

Personally, I don’t think Sony will go route, but it’s fun to speculate on the possibility of what the future could hold. 

If nothing else, it shows the necessity Sony has created for people who are actually knowledgable about about the characters they have at their disposal. You know, rather than just letting some director or writers who thinks they know them having free rain. Because clearly that doesn’t seem to be working for anyone not involved with Marvel Studios, Wonder Woman or Deadpool.

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