1 Batman #386

WRITER: Doug Moench
ARTIST: Tom Mandrake
Is it just me or does Black Mask look like McGruff the Crime Dog?  The floating heads just adds to the ugliness of this cover.  A key is a key, though, and Black Mask is supposed to be the villain in the Birds of Prey movie.  9.6's are now pushing $300 and nice raw copies are hitting $100.

Check It Out Here

2 Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 2) #7

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
Ironheart movie?  Rumor is it is being written, we will see if it ever develops.  Speculators are buying copies of RiRi's 1st though to the tune of $50 up to $100 for high grade.

Check It Out Here

3 Spawn #249

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Szymon Kudranski
Oh Spawn, you are like an old friend that just keeps showing up to tout your greatness from time to time.  25 years in and people are still buying, and paying good money for regular issues.  This one is now a $50-60 book.


Check It Out Here

4 Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #2

WRITER: Mike Mignola
ARTIST: Duncan Fegredo
Wow.  The 1st Appearance of the Blood Queen (to be played by Milla Jovovich) saw quite the price bump from nothing, to $60 and then to $100+.  I'll be interested to see where the price falls once more copies hit the market.


Check It Out Here

5 Ultimate Fallout #4 Marko Djurdjevic 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
Remember the days when people were pulling these out of 5 Below packs?  Yeah, that was a lifetime ago.  A 9.8 hit $1850, which might be a bargain if Miles becomes fully mainstream.


Check It Out Here

6 Star Trek Discovery: Succession #4 Declan Shalvey 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Mike Johnson
ARTIST: Angel Hernandez
Probably less than 5000 copies of the regular cover were ordered, making the number of copies of this variant equal…..well, not many.  Cool cover for Star Trek fans and they are paying $50 for this at the moment.


Check It Out Here

7 Riptide #1

WRITER: Scott Chitwood
ARTIST: Danny Luckert
Yes!  Rob Liefeld's amazing 90's creation is back for her own….wait…not the same Riptide.  This one sounds like it has a lot better of a premise.  Alien world hidden under the ocean?  I'd like to give it a read but it's just not available, except eBay where you will need to pay $10-15 for it.


Check It Out Here

8 Doctor Strange (Vol. 3) #44

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Geof Isherwood
This book isn't available digitally so I haven't been able to read it, but, as mentioned on Unpressable Defects last week, Donny Cates may be trolling the speculators.  He mentioned that this book ties into Cosmic Ghost Rider and bam, it's a $25-30 book.


Check It Out Here

9 God Country #1

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
4 months ago, you could have bought a 9.8 for $40-50.  Raws are now $50-60+ and 9.8's will run you $150+.  Donny Cates-mania continues.


Check It Out Here

10 Marvel Team-Up #141

WRITER: Jim Owsley
ARTIST: Greg LaRocque
This book has long been undervalued, in my opinion.  Ties with ASM #252 for the 1st Black Costume, and, while not as iconic a cover as #252, is a great Art Adams purple cover.  9.8's have been on the rise and one sold this week for $700+.


Check It Out Here

Doom Patrol #26

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Richard Case
The Doom Patrol show on DC Universe is using Mr. Nobody as its antagonist.  This book , his 1st appearance, has seen a nice price bump into the $10-15 range as a result.


Check It Out Here

Frankenstein Comics #20

WRITER: Dick Briefer
ARTIST: Dick Briefer
Writer/artist name aside, this is a classic.  The closest sale that I could find was a pedigree 8.5 from 4 years ago for $550.  An 8.0 sold at auction this week for $3100.


Check It Out Here

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  • Great list! What do you think about Invincible Iron Man #9. First full appearance and much much nicer cover. I think surely that must be the one buyers will want in the longer term.

  • @boyo: I would think so too however the market has spoken and issue #7 is the one commanding bigger money.

    I believe the reason why #9 hasn’t risen too much is due to the fact it was more heavily ordered. I mean the buzz to issue #7 was almost instant and so retailers still had time to order #9 to meet demand. If issue #8 had her 1st full there would be no debate.

    • @mahleezer. thanks for the reply. makes sense. Do you know of any examples where there have been market corrections on something like this once one book has taken off?

      Interestingly, comichron figures for #7 are 51,748, while for #9 its a bit lower at 49,334. From what I understand, comichron numbers are not entirely accurate, but it does not seem to represent a big jump in print run

      Plus, that #7 cover is just so awful ahaha. I personally would not want to own it.

      • Hey Boyo, yeah those could be correct but is the total print run 49k or just cover A of IIM #9?

        If there is another 15k of the variant tht can explain part of the situation.

        All I know is that I went heavier on the IIM #9. And if I was a buyer looking for a copy of Riri’s first and I had a choise between issue #7 or issue #9 I would go with #9.

        I have 5 regular #9 and 3 variant #9 and Only have 2 of issue #7… no variant of #7 sadly 🙁

  • Ben, there is also a hard to find canadian newsstand price variant to Batman #386.

    Wonder is sellers know about this. Gotta go hunting!

  • I was pretty blown away by that sale of the edge of spiderman 2 variant for $2750. I think that book is so much more valuable than the UF 4 variant precisely because it was never part of any variant and 5 below pack dumps.

    • Edge of spider*verse 2 variant

      • The Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Greg Land variant cover continues to be elusive, and sellers at a stalemate keeping firm on price tags, fearing it’ll continue going up, so aren’t in any rush to sell ’em any cheaper than what they have them marked at. There’s a “Mexican” variant that was released subsequent to the US release with a larger print run (of course!) using the same cover, but that one is sought after because it was condition sensitive and sellers in Mexico generally did a shoddy job with their packaging, so if you can find it in high grade it’s pretty rare.

  • Tue L

    There’s a lot of money being spent on modern variants, and that’s coming from an asian!

  • I think next week the 1st Appearance of Jackpot, from the Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man issue will hit the Top 10 Charts, as it went from a dollar bin or $3 avg book and increased to $30 on avg now and climbing. To get ’em without the retailer stamp and in true mint condition (white cover!) makes it elusive and desirable.

  • Always great to have a high grade of #1 on the list. That Hellboy book came out of nowhere. Seems like Mr. Cates is creating a market firestorm. Those Frankenstein comics from issue 18-on are getting more popular where the title changed to horror format. I’ve failed multiple times in trying to win several on the bay. I’ve seen that Marvel Team-Up 141 was out two weeks after ASM 252. So wouldn’t that officially make it the 2nd Black Costume?

  • How are you gonna talk about how ugly the Batman 386 is and then post Iron Man 7 without comment!!?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    That might be thee all time ugliest key cover ever created!

  • i have been a member of the group for over 4 years now…. i wouldn`t even have know who Miles Morales was let alone the existence of the Djurdjevic variant ……so thank you cbsi family
    I am sure there are people who felt bad about buying AF15 when it was 1800 …so dont sit on this one
    none of us should call our selves collectors if we dont own a Miles first App in at least some form

  • Blew through my stock of IIM #7 regular covers at Fanexpo Boston this past weekend. People looked at them last year and rejected them last year because they were lower grade copies. This year? Didn’t matter. I even repriced the worst two between days one and two, and still sold them. Curiously, my much better conditioned variant cover didn’t move, probably because it was $60, not $20.

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