Variant Heat Check for 8/7/18



Invincible Iron Man #7 Women of Power Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

A few months ago this book was dead in the water. You could barely give away raws, as some sold as low as $10-20, and there were a couple of opportunities to buy 9.8s for under $100. Now that there is a rumor of a script involving Riri, prices have shot back up and raws are getting well above $100. I still think Shuri will don the armor in phase four.


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Amazing Spider-man #252 Canadian Price Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Spider-man symbiote related books are selling really well right now, and may peak with the release of the Venom movie. Spider-man #252 Canadian price variants are doing well, outpacing its american counterpart by almost double. Raws are over $100, with 9.6s hitting $600 and a lone 9.8 selling for $1,150.


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Monstress #1 2nd Print Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

I love the fact that this book is selling again on the merits of the book (5 Eisner awards!!!), and not some media deal or future option. Such a good read, the art is fantastic, and Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda are two of the nicest people in the business.


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  • Big Kahuna

    Good to see these books on the rise! Love this article, always excited to see what’s heating up.

  • It’s seemingly to me that Rhodey will wear the Iron Man suit .. he’s a natural fit.. then Bucky becomes Cap also a natural fit for the mantle.. I don’t expect anything too radical like gender reversal

  • I wonder if it’s time to dump my Invincible Iron Man 7 & 9 sets.. they’re selling for $50 plus !

  • I think Iron Man 169 – 170 are hidden gems in that Rodney as War Machine is good, but Rodney as Iron Man in that situation was GREAT. Luke McDonnell and Steve Mitchell’s artwork felt like it was the next Byrne/Austin, Romita Jr/ Layton, Miller/Janson consistent quality tandem on their series run on the title.

  • I think you are right with Shuri…. but if they do go with Riri she also is on the cover of Invincible Iron Man #7 third print (just her face, but still). Not sure of the print run on that or if the market will even care…sometimes they do such as Captain Marvel #17 second print…but sometimes the market turns the other way….So fickle.

  • Interesting picks for the week. That Monstress book is sweet as pie. And I wonder what happens to some of these Canadian books when people realize they aren’t actually that rare at all.

    • Keith S.

      I honestly dont know the market on these canadian variants, but it would be interesting to see what the print runs were like.

      • There are some good articles out there about them online. What I’ve read as that on avg. there 20x rarer than than reg. US editions. Some are even tougher than that depending on the title/issue. There starting to become more popular in the market. Living in Texas I’ve never seen a Canadian edition at any comic shop I’ve been to. I only collect them for issues that I really like and don’t have yet.

      • This Amazing Spider-Man issue was one of the very last Canadian price variants Marvel did. We don’t know exactly how many were made but this and the Secret Wars should have the smallest print run out of any of them.

    • How does one define rare? Far fewer exist than US versions (direct/newsstand). A cursory glance of any census or even quick look on eBay will tell you that.

      You could maybe make the argument that there are more out there that haven’t been brought out in the market but if that’s the case where are they?

      • “Rare” is a subjective term. For me, if I can find multiple copies of a book for purchase whenever I want (as I can these Canadian books), then they aren’t “rare”. Canada has always had a very healthy ASM distribution, that much is a fact. So no, they aren’t rare. Less common than the US distribution? That much would be true.

  • Got to always get them 2nd print u never know

  • Foxom

    I can definately see the arguement for Shuri taking the Iron Man mantle as she’s a tech wizard and great actress, but I feel she’s going to stay in Wakanda and grow into a stronger position there. Riri gives Marvel a chance to showcase a strong American black girl that more of the American audience can identify with. Nothing against Shuri, she wails! But why not expand your exposure to a different demographic?

  • Ben C

    A recent market report from someone who most consider to be the authority on Canadian price variants(as well as other test market price variants) stated that its theorized there is about a tenth of the Canadian versions as there are of the US versions. The real trick here is almost all of them were distributed to newsstand style shops, ie grocery store, drug store etc.

    So the real money in these should be the truly high grade copies, say above a 9.0 or so.

    Great article as always Keith, love reading them and love reading the discussion that follows!!

  • Foxom

    Can anyone explain why Canadian price variants fetch a much higher price tag but the old pence price variants are always lower than the standard American version?

    • Though I believe they should be at least equal or slightly more, there seems to be many more UK price variants out there than Canadian or Aussie. None of them seem to be especially difficult to find except for the earliest silver age. There may be certain filler copies that are scarce but no one has done the research. There are no major keys that are scarce. The books we should be paying more attention to is the UK editions that were not price variants, such as ASM 129 and Hulk 181.

  • I think it has to with the Canadian Newsstand cover prices being in Dollars whereas the Pence versions are in an obvious foreign currency. Yeah sure, the prices are in Canadian dollars, but there’s no differentiation to show that so they just look like regional U.S. Price Variants similar to the Marvel $0.30/$0.35ers. It’s also probably a North American thing and though it’s not common, from time to time you can find some Canadians that have slipped into US shops’ back issue bins.

    What drew me in was the having something more to collect and seeing cover prices of $0.95 and $1.35 just looked funky. Strangely enough, for my collection, I don’t care about U.S. Newsstands vs Direct Editions unless there is altered cover art which occurs with a few of the DC issues. And also if there are different printings.

  • True! And since the Pence were printed first, they’re said to have the best and brightest inks.

  • I would say Pence variants stumble for many reasons. First is nostalgia and geographical marketplaces. Second is the fact that Pence Variants did not exist in the Golden age. In fact they didn’t start up until 1960 and I think even later for Pence only DC variants. The pence variants market is mainly a Marvel construction which made it not as universal among general collectors. Canadian variants were around earlier and also persisted longer.


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