After Action Report August 5, 2018

 August 5, 2018

Again, this week was a heavy Cates week. I'm not going to touch his stuff here.

Check out True Firsts by Topher. 

That's the link if you need more Cates in your life.

Skot Whitman's article is always a great one. Pay attention publishers, you might learn a thing or two from this weekly article can check it out here.

Our buddy Brian W hit 2,500 YouTube subscribers. This video is a perfect example why he is killing it. Always top-notch content.

Pay attention eBay sellers.

Here is Simpleman's Shipping Standards.

Need a checklist of potential Spider-Verse books to buy or at least research? 

Check out Covering the Spread 

or The Usual Suspects from Peter Renna

Mike Morello gave us a great look into Jock' cover portfolio. All great covers. This might be my fav Jock cover.

Check out​ MIKE's piece

And of course, CBSI required reading.

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