First You May Have Missed: Mara Al Ghul and the Demon’s Fist

Hello again everyone and welcome back. While everyone is snatching up everything related to Lobo's new daughter Crush, lets take some time out to talk about another daughter who 1st appeared in this Teen Titans run. Mara Al Ghul and her team the Demon's Fist in todays first you may have missed “Family First”.

To kick off the current rebirth Teen Titans run we seen Damian Wayne face off against his past when he assembles the Titans to face off against the League of Assassins trained Demon's Hand. On the last page of issue #1 we got a splash of the 5 members making up the team but, it was not until issue #2 that we got a full appearance and look into the deadly assassin's. In order to graduate into full-fledged league members each finger of the fist had to eliminate a target of their choosing and who did they choose? You guessed it, heroes who would eventually become this iteration of the Teen Titans. So here is the break down of the Demon's Fist members.

Blank: A albino shape shifter who for obvious reasons chooses Beast Boy as her target. The extent of her shape shifting abilities are never explained but she is seen turning into both animals and other people.

Plague: The sister to Blank, has the ability to decay anything she touches. Her target is raven.

Stone: He is made of…..stone and has super strength. His target is Starfire.

Nightstorm: Has the ability to control wind and his target is Kid Flash

Mara Al Ghul: Last but not least, the thumb of the Demon's Fist Mara Al Ghul daughter of Ra's Al Ghul's son Dusan. She is determined to take her place on the throne and get revenge on Damian for slashing out her eye. She is an extremely skilled fighter and tactician even getting the bast of Damian in their last fight.

A Damian's cousin I think she is a great character added to his mythos and it would be a shame if the was not explored further at some point. This story arc ran from issues #1-5 concluding with the Demon's Fist members (with the exception of Mara) turning against Ra's because Damian revealed the secret that they were not actually given to the league by their parents but were in fact kidnapped and believed to be dead by their families (pretty dark stuff).

Although during the final battle it seemed as if Damian may have gotten through to Mara and turned her from Ra's grip he grabs her as he disappears leaving her decision and fate left open. I think this will be a storyline explored deeply in the future and has a lot of potential. So here is how the book stacks up.


Teen Titans #1 (rebirth) – 65k print run split between 2 covers. Not to be confused with the Teen Titans #1 Rebirth 1 shot. 1st cameo of Mara and the Demon's Fist.


Teen Titans #2 52k Print run is a bit on the high side but with 2 covers and available for cover price in back issue bins if you see a cover B (which always seems to be the lesser printed cover) it's a good pick up. This is the issue that contains the first full appearance of both Mara Al Ghul and the Demon's Fist.


Teen Titans #3 44k print. Once again split between 2 covers, I added this as a bonus spec because it has the first cover appearance of Mara Al Ghul on both covers. Cover A in full costume and mask, Cover B unmasked. This issue also features the back story of Mara and Damian's rivalry.

That does it for another edition of First You May Have Missed. Signing off from Cbsi land remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


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