WANTED COMIX : Greg Horn FF #1 Variant Giveaway

Back with another awesome CBSI contest!  This time we have some incredible Fantastic Four #1 Greg Horn Variants from Wanted Comix to give away!!  Want to win one?  Of course you do!!


Top five answers provided in the comments section BEFORE MONDAY AUGUST 6th will win this cool variant!  Winners will be decided by the CBSI staff and announced on our G+ COMMUNITY PAGE as well as the site. 


While there are probably going to be a lot of the same issues picked, this is all the more reason to explain WHY its a good investment!!


For those who can not wait, check out the Wanted Comix FANTASTIC FOUR GREG HORN VARIANT as well the REGULAR AND VIRGIN VARIANT SET on Ebay right now!

As always, a huge thanks goes out to Drew Lujan of Wanted Comix for always supporting CBSI and ComicBookInvest.com!!


  • ManFromTheStars

    Fantastic Four #5. Every hero needs a villain, and who better than Dr. Doom? Why it’ll be a good investment? The Disney acquisition of Fox has been finalized. The inevitable return of the FF to the MCU could very well feature the nefarious Victor Von Doom! Total disclaimer, Dr. Doom is my favorite villain!

  • Fantastic Four #2

    Skrulls have yet to appear in the MCU. This will be key because every hero had some encounter with these aliens, especially Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel. The 1st appearance of FF in the MCU probably will be in a Captain Marvel movie with the main villains being the Skrulls.

  • Fantastic Four #48. First appearance of Silver Surfer and Galactus. Galactus is the most likely suspect for the next “Big Bad” of the next 10 years in the MCU and with Marvel heading more in the Cosmic direction I’d say one of the best ways to keep the movies “grounded” is through the FF with the Silver Surfer acting as a bridge into the absolutely NUTS world of the Marvel cosmic universe.

  • FF 112. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Nuff said!

  • Wow, Tough question!…. I would have to say silver age FF #12! First Hulk/Thing fight! Iconic cover, very early Hulk appearance, first Hulk crossover and outside of Hulk 181 most likely the most coveted and wanted Hulk fight!

  • Fantastic Four Annual 6 1st Annihilus …. a great big time villain who could be a major player in an FF or Avengers arc movie… I could see him teaming up with other villains like Norman Osborn or Mysterio… time to go BIG

  • passenger27

    FF #1 is going to get a lot of love. Although a lot of people are familiar with The Fantastic Four from the 20th Century Fox movies, once Marvel Studios fits them with their Mickey Mouse ears they’re going to go through the roof.

  • I would pick up FF #52, as it has Black Panther in it. Then I would reverse the roles and introduce the new FF4 in the 2nd Black Panther movie.

  • MikeBernardo1020

    My pick would be Fantastic Four #209 the 1st appearance of H.E.R.B.I.E. You know down the line Disney Pixar will make this movie and it will be GOLD.

    Wal-E Vs H.E.R.B.I.E.

  • I feel Fantastic Four #1 will be the biggest winner, if you are lucky enough to own one! It is the book that brought in Marvel as we know it! Fantastic Four ushered Marvel into the Silver age. The price of FF#1 has been dropping for the last few years with some pretty horrible movies compared to the MCU, and lets face it, the movie spec is where it is at as far as collecting comics is concerned! This will be the book to own for the foreseeable future

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    Fantastic For #375…
    But seriously, I think FF #12- First crossover will be a nice key to have. As the universe expands, it’s becoming one big crossover, so I would not be surprised to see The Thing fight the Hulk at some point in the future.

  • At today’s prices, I think Fantastic Four 45 is still a good investment. Regardless of the flop from the inhumans TV show, this book is still a key issue in Marvel history. But because the question for this contest asks specifically about a price bump due to the media merger,I think that Marvel could do well in bringing the inhumans to the big screen. Inhumans already play a major role in the MCU in Agents of Shield. Now with Fantastic Four and X-Men rights, they could do the Inhumans Saga, which issue 45 kicks off or other popular stories (house of M, decimation, x-men vs inhumans, inhumanity, etc).

  • dollarbinbandit

    I would say Fantastic Four Annual #6 just because its the 1st appearance of Franklin Richards (also Annihilus great character). If the Movie studios want to do a fresh Look for Fantastic Four then they need to bring in something NEW like the son of Reed & Sue Richards. As for Comic readers we know who he is, but to NEW movie watchers they may not have ever heard of the character. Plus this brings a wider audience for families and children to see what a younger super hero like Franklin is capable of. They have had 3 reboots of the movie but I bet now Disney will make it Fantastic since it being the Four-th try. Get it Fantastic Four. lol Anyways it could lead to a spin off movie of Power Pack!!

  • FF #1 is the obvious choice, even though i doubt i will ever own one. The are the 1st family of Marvel and now that Disney own the rights hopefully we will see some great things for FF.

  • FF #4 A submariner film vehicle cannot be far behind. Good copies of an early Yellow colored cover are scarce. Also first appearance of Monstero, a whale with FEET!!!

  • FF #5, because the strength of almost every super hero is always tied to the strength of the villain, or cast of villains. And Doom is without question the biggest and baddest there is to oppose the Fantastic Four.

    If anyone thinks that Batman is so insanely popular for any other reason than the strength of his opposition, but especially the main/primary foe (yeah you Joker), I truly believe they are fooling themselves.

  • I think the ff 1# gold record is a solid investment. It is totally affordable at a 250-350 price point and is as close to having the 1961 edition as you can get. Reinvigorated collectors can find great looking copies in the raw at pennies on the dollar. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price double in the next 12 months

  • Fantastic Four Vol 1 #112 “Battle of the Behemoths!”

    While a fight between the Hulk and Thing likely won’t take place soon, it will happen eventually, and when it does they should do it justice. This book (at least right now) isn’t out of reach money-wise, but can be hard to find in high grade due to all the black. This issue has a stunning cover as well as a fight that lasts pretty much the entire issue (a lot of other Hulk vs. Thing fights don’t seem to last too long).

    I could eventually see a warped sense of camaraderie forming between the two characters, much like we see between Hulk and Thor now. The difference with the Thing is that he is sneaky and crafty whereas the Hulk uses raw power all the time (unless you’re talking about the grey version…).

    While the two main options (1st Fantastic Four and 1st Doom) will certainly go up, they will cost you a lot of money. Not only is this one half-way affordable, but it features two heroes that people love. — ‘Nuff Said!

  • 4 #1. First Steve McNiven work for Marvel, at least 1st I know of, and 1st real Fantastic Four series I collected and read. I like the flow of the art, and how Johnny lights up Thing in the background! Been a McNiven fab ever since. I thought just the Logo for the cover was kind of cool too.

  • FF #25! Who doesn’t want to see Hulk vs The Thing on screen?? Really!

  • With the James Franco Multiple Man movie in the works, I think Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 is the best FF investment opportunity. FF has a lot of great keys, but the problem is that most have high price tags that limit how deep you can go with an investment and how big your profit margin can be. However, Giant Size FF #4 can still be found online and in the wild for a good price (especially compared to other FF keys). Multiple Man may seem like a B-rate character that, and that would normally be a bad investment; however, James Franco is a A-rate actor that will bring in a much bigger mainstream audience, leading to an increased demand for Giant Size FF #4.

  • A. J. Diesel

    Fantastic Four #48 is the issue! Silver Surfer is a character with untapped potential and will unlock endless possibilities in the cosmic universe that Marvel is planning on taking their films.

  • The Best Investment, meaning based on current prices and future growth for the best return on investment % as well as raw net profits, I’d say would be FANTASTIC FOUR #36 in high grade because it’s the 1st Appearance of The Frightful Four, including Medusa from The Inhumans and is an under-appreciated key book with a dynamic group of villains and one who ends up becoming a hero later on. It’s an early Stan Lee / Jack Kirby FF issue, basically in the 3rd year of publication.

  • Fantastic Four vol 3 15 (1999)- 1st appearance of Valeria Von Doom. Sure you can say the first Annihilus/ Franklin Richards but considering you can get the aforementioned book in the dollar bins, I’d say it’s a little risk for possibly big profits. I like her hero/villain family dynamic and think there’s a lot of potential with her. Who knows, maybe she’ll turn out to be Karma.

  • Well now that Disney have the FF rights back I believe this paves the way to the Skrulls throughout the MCU.

    I still strongly believe the skrulls will be the baddies in phase 4 of the MCU. Secret Invasion anyone?

    So FF #2 is worth looking into investing.

    HOWEVER the book to look for in my opinion is Fantastic Four #18 featuring the 1st app of the Super-Skrull.

    MCU had the rights to use Skrulls in their movies but not the Super-Skrull. That was a fox property.

    Now that the FF are back in the fold look for the Super-Skrull to make his cinematic debut soon enough. Most probably as a byproduct of said invasion. Sort of a last ditch attempt by the skrulls to win the war/invasion.

    That would be alphanumeric!

  • Fantastic four annual 6. First appearance of Annihilus, who could play a huge part in the MCU (could we possibly get an Annihilation type event movie later on)? Also it has the first appearance of Franklin Richards. So it’s essentially a two for one on first appearances

  • Foxom

    Fantastic four #19. 1st app of Kang… Sort of. Well it’s the 1st app of Rama-Tut but years later we find out that Rama was really Kang, who’s actually Nathaniel Richards. Confused yet? Me too and so will be many collectors when they tap Kang as a villian for either a F4 movie or as the next alpha level big bad. While I like Avengers 8 as the true 1st app of Kang, you can bet F4 #19 will still see some big gains also due to differing opinions on his 1st appearance.

  • Fanstic Four #18: with constant rumours of Skrulls getting involved in the MCU it only makes sense to go after Super Skrull’s first appearance. Already a hot book that’s sure to get hotter!

  • Earlybird

    For the winner of this competition, it’ll be this one, as it’s free, no lay out is always a good investment
    But if I had the money I would want an FF #1, it’s a first that’s enough for me

  • fourwayflashers

    I’m going to have to go with Fantastic Four #49. It’s the first Galactus cover, and his first full appearance and usually gets overlooked for the sexier FF#48. It is super scarce in the higher grades as there are only 182 total books in the CGC census in a 9.0 or higher as opposed to 641 for FF#48. There is only one 9.8!

    It might be the black cover, it might be the red headed step child to FF#48. But it is an undervalued gem in the Fantastic Four run and you need to get one now.

  • Fantastic Four #48, with the first appearance of Galactus and the Silver Surfer! The MCU’s increasing expansion into space heralds their impending inclusion in Phase 4 (pun intended).

  • Fantastic Four #5- 1st appearance of Doctor Doom. Why? Because Doom has the potential to show up in any MCU film, and the power to take on any Marvel hero or team.
    Doom can easily go between magic powers and science based. He can fight Spidey or Dr. Strange. He’s not only fought both the FF and the Avengers, he’s battled the Hulk and he’s both fought and been Iron Man!
    With Loki gone, the MCU will be looking for a new Master Villain… Doom will fill that position perfectly.

  • I think FF 256 may be the best investment when you consider that you can get a NM raw easily under $10. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Negative Zone theme appeared in a movie in the next few years. 256 is the issue where their uniforms were inverted to the dark blue with white trim. If this happens, an investment of less than $10 could result in a good ROI.

  • What a really tough question. Where do we even start with the FF? I would say FF #48 with the first appearance of Galactus. Not only is the original book a key due to the aforementioned first appearance but with Disney now having the film rights it’s highly likely Galactus will be a big bad in the post Avengers 4 MCU. Additionally with the recent True Believers reprints from a few weeks ago there’s additional income to be made by flipping those, albeit far far less than the original of course, but money is money after all

  • I strongly believe that FF#48 will be the best investment comic. The most obvious of reasons being the two main characters introduced, Galactus and Silver Surfer, but more importantly, the barrier to entry is not as great as some of the other key books. FF#48 at a low-to-mid grade has seen significant increases over the last 6 months, particularly now that the Disney purchase has been confirmed, and can still be found for a few hundred dollars up to $1000. The other key books like FF#1, or #5, are significantly more expensive even at low grades, and essentially price out a lot of people from being able to purchase the book. #48 still has plenty of room to grow before it gets to that point, and in my opinion makes it the strongest investment opportunity at this time.

  • RealShoppingCart

    Fantastic Four #11
    First appearance and origin of Immpossible Man. One of my favorite FF villians and books. It’s an underpriced issue with an under represented character. He’s been brought back before and has seen intrest before. He’s the perfect quirky villian to be in a MCU movie. He can also be used to bring MCU and DCU together through him and Mr. Mxyzptlk, as they did in the comics.

  • Mine is Ultimate Fantastic Four #23. Great cover and I love the lead in with the Marvel Zombies. It’s my favorite Fantastic Four storyline ever. Just genius how the alternate dimension Reed Richards tricked his other self into letting them over and causing chaos.

  • I know it has been listed a couple of times but I think Fantastic Four # 2 is great investment. It can tie-in with so many MCU characters. I think with Captain Marvel it will tie into the Kree/Skrull War and lead into the Avengers next big saga,Secret Invasion.The MCU will be able to have running storyline like Thanos and the Infinity Guantlet.I think they could also be used to reintroduce characters with different actors.

  • Fantastic Four Annual #6 already going up in price and hard to find in high grade with the square bound thick book format
    1st Appearances of Annihilus
    Birth of Franklin Richards (1st App)

  • Ff#48 (1st galactus, silver surfer), I think that the mcu will utilize more of their space characters(galactic,silver surfer) even before they do any fantastic four stuff

  • I would have to go with number 1. Mole an would be great with the creatures coming up from underground would be something to see. And with the special effects ….it would be mind blowing……if they do it right!

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