Classic Cover of the Week 7/29/2018


New Week, New Covers!!



How have I never seen this comic before??  I mean, sweet merciful mercy…  This is almost too busy, almost…  Warren Kremer is credited with the cover art, I will be sure to look for more of his works.

A lone universal 9.2 at the top of the census with an incomplete .5 at the bottom of the chart, average grade on the 16 slabbed examples is a bold 6.20

SHELF DATE of December 1946



Detective Comics #1

A myriad of 1st appearance litter this historic first issue.  Many are one shots, or short lived exploits of characters no one knows or cares about.  However it does feature the first appearance of Chin Lung who not only appears on the cover of this debut issue, but also the ever classic Detective Comics #8, arguably the most iconic pre Batman cover.

14 Universal copies on the CGC census, 4.46 average with 3 6.5s at the top and a single 2.5 at the bottom.  It should be noted that there are also 17 restored copies on the census.

SHELF DATE of March 1937

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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    Still not a fan of slabbing, but one great thing about what CGC does is keeping a public census. Some books that were once thought to be truly rare (less than 10 copies) are now known to be much more common. Who would’ve thought 30 years ago that a minimum of 31 copies of Detective #1 are out there, with certainly others unslabbed?

    • Ben C

      Very true my friend. The question becomes how many(probably not here?) are reslabs? How many Silver Age books get pressed and reslabbed, how many restored books get cracked, have the resto undone and then re subbed.

      Interesting to me. I completely agree though, seeing what was once thought to have 10 or less known copies coming in at over 30 makes you think!

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    That Super Mystery cover is fantastically insane. Hardly ever see one for sale.

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