Back with another incredible Scott's Collectables CBSI Contest.  Want to win this amazing Spawn #289 Francesco Mattina Variant?  OF COURSE YOU DO!!  Lucky for you, we have a couple to give away.




Simply answer in the comments section below BEFORE Saturday August 4th for your chance to win!


FIRST PLACE WINS THE VIRGIN VARIANT Scott's Collectables Spawn #289 Mattina Variant

SECOND PLACE WINS THE TRADE DRESS Scott's Collectables Spawn #289 Mattina Variant


SUPER EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONLY 666 Virgin and Trade Dress Copies!!


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    I would have to say my favorite Spawn cover, would also be one of the rarest. It is the Kudranski variant for number 222. I just love everything about it. The yellow/orange background makes it pop. The pose of Spawn looking over his shoulder at the Devil coming at him. It’s all make such a sweet cover.

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    I’ll keep it simple… Spawn 100 Alex Ross cover… not only does it bring back memories… it was one of the first Spawn comics I owned aside from #1 and also the first back issue I bought in the series. Great painted art that covers the whole canvas… love the big ol exaggerated red cape and Spawn holding his daughter for dear life >.<

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    So I went into my lcs, I was in my early 20’s, and had just started collecting comics again after a hiatus since I was 15, and I was looking at the racks and… BAM…Spawn #1 is sitting there. I was like WTF is that???? Store guy says it’s by the new comic company started by artists, owned by the artists, and this was the book by Todd McFarlane. I was so excited to see something different, and ever since, no matter how many amazing Spawn covers there have been, none can stand up to the iconic cover that started it all, Spawn #1, just for what it represented, and how it affected me as a young collector.

  • Big Kahuna

    Spawn #4! The Drooling, sadistic looking Violator cover. It’s not the best spawn cover by any means but it was the first comic book that I ever bought and I’ll never forget it. Thank you, Todd, you helped me find my passion.

  • Foxom

    Spawn 250 cover B. Sometimes you’ve just got to sit down.

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    Spawn #216. Amazing McFarlane cover
    Love the cover. The details he puts in there. The hidden spawn logo under the freak. Just a great piece of art.

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    Spawn #9- First Angela
    You have sexy and 1990’s mixed into one memorable cover!

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    I really like the later Capullo covers when he started to develop more of his own gnarly style that was a little different than the McFarlane style he was doing when he took over for him. I think the gunslinger cover he did for SPAWN #175 is a perfect example of this. Its a really detailed and iconic cover for a badass character, and it feels like he is channeling a really metal Simon Bisley or Glenn Fabry influence in with his McFarlane influence.

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    I love the Spawn 280 Mattina variants. I was lucky enough to get the virgin one. Mattina is doing an awesome job bringing people back to one of the best books of all time with his beautiful covers!

  • fourwayflashers

    Spawn #1. Nothing quite like it at the time, and it basically was the inspiration/template for every cover after that!

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    Spawn #77. The wings are over the top – this cover just jumped out at me when I first saw it at my LCS back in 1998.

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    Spawn #9… Angela … c’mon.

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    Spawn #1. I hadn’t bought a comic in years, and never had even been to a comic shop.I went to lunch with co-worker, and he stopped by an LCS. I checked out the current comics at the time, and this was the one that got me hooked! The Curse of Spawn is real, and it has cost me a ton of my money! But, i have definitely enjoyed the ride.

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    I have been hoarding Spawn #3 for spec reasons. With each mailday I love that cover more and more. Mcfarlane at his finest.

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    spawn 200 liefeld variant, this is the cover that got me back into comics. Two of my favorite artists making one stunning image of spawn

  • Earlybird

    As I don’t read Spawn, or haven’t really took notice of the covers, my favourite cover would have to be this one up for grabs, if I win and own it that is 👻

  • passenger27

    The first thing that struck me when Todd McFarlane took over the Year Two arc in Detective Comics was how well he channeled Marshall Rogers with that oversized, almost organic cape Batman somehow miraculously never got tangled up in or tripped over. Spawn’s cape has always seemed to be a natural progression of that, albeit hopped up on some serious Amphetamines. Spawn #3 was my introduction to Mr. Simmons, and the cover showed just how well McFarlane actually could draw a cape. Oh, and he even threw in some bats for good measure. Leftovers from Batman #423 maybe? There’s been tons of great Spawn covers, but this one’s the first and best to me.

  • Duc

    Spawn #1 because it is the OG 😌

  • Avatar

    Spawn #1 because it is so iconic of that whole time which was around when I started collecting.

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    Spawn #1. Simply cause it was the launch of such a great character and concept, one which is still going strong to this day

  • hargon99

    21, reminds me of Darth Vader and his imposing presence

  • A. J. Diesel

    I’ve gotta say Spawn #30. The simplistic yet dark nature of the cover, albeit light background is just great. The subject matter is controversial, and it makes for a great cover

  • NickeGz

    Spawn 226 , great Clown Violator cover and Incredible Swipe

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    There are so many great covers. My personal fave in my PC is #1 because I got it signed from Todd at the last Image Expo. Art-wise and design I really enjoy Spawn 32 . I love the detail in the shredded cape and the tones between dark and light. Great attention to detail, shading, and inking. But that can be said about most of the covers so definitely a great/hard question.

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    Without a doubt Spawn 230 Homage to McFarlanes Batman 423 Cover. I have both hanging side by side.

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    Spawn #249

    Simple side shot of Spawns face in a wicked looking toothy grin!

    Accentuated even more by the all white background.

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    Spawn #280 Mattina variant. I hate that i was broke when it was coming out. keep wishing i could find one cheap

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    Spawn 37. The Freak makes for an awesomely creepy cover. I love the reflection of spawn in the knife. Mattina has killing Spawn covers lately. Putting out a lot of the best ever. 280 is a close second.

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    My favorite Spawn cover has a lot to do with a memory. I’ll never forget how excited my dad was to buy Spawn #1. We were at a trading card and collectibles store buying some magic the gathering cards, and my dad came across the comic. He was hooked immediately. And he even began collecting the toys that came out. I’ll always have a special place in my comic book heart for Spawn #1.

  • Seeking NM Comics

    My favorite Spawn cover has to be the first issue. Reasoning is simple! First issue and Todd McFarlane cover story and art. It is not the rare or low printed book but it is the first issue and first appearance of the character we are all facilitated with. Enough said

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    Spawn 10. I had no idea who Cerbus was and it lunched me into an indie frenzy. Great issue that gives a whole new audiance access to the wonders of cerbus, but books like scud, bone, SIP, etc. The cover is simple and beautiful

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    Spawn 143. I really like McFarlane and love the black cover with Spawn centered and circled. The green flowing from his hand outside of the circular border draws your attention and pulls you right into the center of the cover. Almost like a path leading the way.

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    I love spawn 135. I like how spawn is walking over skulls and has demons walking beside him as he appears to fear nothing.

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    If you look in my collection you would think #9 with Angela but, I will go with #285c The Mattina split face virgin variant.

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    Spawn #9, that one is just one of my all-time favorite covers. I was, and still am, a huge McFarlane fan.

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    Im going to say all of the circle covers from spawn 12,24,84,137,227…… waiting on the next one. Theres something about the simplicity of a blank circle with great art inside it that Mcfarlane has mastered. Great stuff.

  • ECooper

    #27… The contrast of the black and green is awesome.

  • Avatar

    Put them thar hands in the air …..Spawn 175!

  • tsouthammavong

    Spawn #25. This was the issue where the different Image owner/creator switched up and did other peoples covers. I like how Marc Silvestri’s take on Spawn.

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    Has to be #1. Can’t beat it 🤷‍♂️

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    Definitely Spawn 280 with that first gorgeous Mattina cover and ultra rare limited to 666 which I was able to get from Scott’s Collectibles.

  • mrnivek

    Spawn 1, classic!

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    It would have to be Spawn #70. Love the all black cover and that Crazy A$$ gritty Grin he gave Spawn. I mean its soooO simple just two features eyes and teeth. But the Green from the eyes and the outline Purple Color on the Spawn Title just POPS!!! Greg Capullo is awesome

  • Ben C

    *CONGRATULATIONS TO the winners :

    1st Place : DarkHorse37*
    2nd Place : Vhoorlian

    Please email

    Thanks to all the other entries, and make sure to keep an eye on the site for more awesome contests!!

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