1 Thor: God of Thunder #6

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Butch Guice
Well, that escalated quickly.  Our own Sad Junk tried to explain this ret-con to me…to be honest, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.  All I know is this was a nothing book and now it's $75+.


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2 Infinity Wars: Prime #1 Greg Hildebrandt 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
1st appearance of Requiem, but tread lightly at this point.  If that character turns out to be a character that we already know, will anyone care about this one?  Right now people do, to the tune of $65-80.


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3 Thor: God of Thunder #2

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Esad Ribic
While some people will tell you that #1 above is THE book to get in this whole mess, I will not.  Make up your own mind whether #2 or #6 is the book to get–but they both appear to be important.  The variant has jumped to $150+ and this regular cover is getting $20ish.


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4 Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #20 Jorge Jimenez 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Adam Glass
ARTIST: Bernard Chang
Cue the 90's…It's just, a little Crush…  Anyway, I have no idea if this character has any staying power, but being part of the Teen Titans is a good start.  Me personally, I'm glad that DC brought back some incentive variants.  $30-40.


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5 Edge of Spider-Verse #5 Greg Land 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gerard Way
ARTIST: Jake Wyatt
Alternate Spidey mania!!  The 1st appearance of Peni Parker (SP//dr) has picked up steam.  The regular cover is getting around $10-15, but this variant is getting $75-100 and a 9.8 sold for almost $500.


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6 The Rift #1

WRITER: Richard Rayner
ARTIST: Leno Carvalho
I remember when this came out last year because it was tied to Jeremy Renner.  That's about all I remember lol. Anyway, option rumors (I couldn't find any confirmation) have caused this low printed #1 to go from cover price to $30-40.


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7 Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Lee Moder
DC announced that Stargirl would be in their new DC streaming TV lineup.  This has caused a nice spike (up to $25-30) in her 1st full appearance here.  This being Geoff Johns' first work helps as well.


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8 Locke & Key #1

WRITER: Joe Hill
ARTIST: Gabriel Rodriguez
I bid on (and lost) a 9.8 2 days before it was officially announced that this is a Netflix series.  That auction went for $220, after the announcement, it went for $400.  Be careful as the 2nd print is identical (even the bar code) to the 1st print.  You have to look at the indicia to know.


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9 Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 J. Scott Campbell SDCC Variant /1000

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Dylan Burnett
Still rolling along and this is now up to $100.  I know some people do not like JSC but man, his books just continue to sell well.


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10 Teen Titans #45

WRITER: Bob Rozakis
ARTIST: Irv Novick
Thanks to Mr. Walker for giving me the heads up on this book,  the 1st appearance of Bumblebee.  I haven't heard any new rumblings, but she is part of the DC Super Hero Girls so that may be causing some additional interest.  Decent copies will run you $20-25 right now.


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Moon Knight #25

WRITER: Doug Moench
ARTIST: Bill ‘sin-KEV-itch' Sienkiewicz
Just an awesome cover by a legend artist.  Add in the all-black and a 1st appearance of Black Spectre, and you have a hit.  Sales have been spiking recently to $50+.


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Wings Comics #89

WRITER: Variouis
ARTIST: Bob Lubbers (cover art)
Classic bondage cover.  I really want to know if there is a ceiling for some of this GA…anyway, the book sold at auction as a CGC 8.5 for $2600+ and only lists for $900.


Check It Out Here


  • What’s I miss with Thor GoT?

  • Like the Moon Knight 25 book. Still trying to snag a copy. I also think Moon Knight 23 is a nice one too. The ceiling on GA is “who the hell knows”. LOL Definitely keeps rising. I tried winning a few this week and had no luck. Both my Hot 10 books from last week went buy buy. Dang.

  • It’s a sword. The sword is the symbiote. The symbiote is Knull.

  • #1 book is a newbie faze. VARIANT game introduced noobs who are clueless and with bank roll. #2 book is stay in and goin up in time. even if it a identity we already knew. means nuthing, the character is new. means everything. crush is just plain wacked, like her daddy. worthless 1st app, or change.. wat makes her any different? newbies with bank roll. save ur pennies. and spider verse? smh. flip the shitz out of them, it’s another 100$ today, back to cover price tommarrow. CLASS IS OVER KIDS. tru out!

  • Movement on Flash (2001) #170 as well—first appearance of Cicada/David Hersch)

  • I understand the significance of Teen Titans #45, but wouldn’t #48 be a better grab, since that’s the actual first appearance of BumbleBee the character?

  • I’m digging it that there is pretty much a new hot list each week!

  • So… hold up? We get a full body shot of the Taskmaster in Avengers 195 complete with him stating his name, and that’s “only a cameo.” Meanwhile we get a black symbiote sword and we’re now considering that the first appearance of Knull?! I mean do speculators even follow a set of rules? Because someone needs to really pull some together. Obviously Thor would be a cameo at best, and Venom #3 would be his first appearance. I mean it’s not even an actual being in Thor?! The speculation craze just gets a little out of hand at times…

  • JamesGoodwin

    Nice job, as always. I love your column! My Fridays are long, often 15-16 hours and I love cracking a beer and reading your newest when I get home. The Moon Knight covers from that run are great; I especially seek out #25 as well as the Werewolf by Night ones (29 &30)

  • Knull is a god that predates Celestials and can create symbiotes. The first symbiote, All Black the Necrosword, has a 1st appearance in Thor GOT #2 with a 65,000 print run. Knull makes a 1st appearance in Thor GOT #6 as a corpse laying on the ground in black armor, this is a weak cameo with a print run of around 50,000. Knull and the sword are two separate things. Marvel database has also updated this noting Thor GOT#6 as the 1st app and Venom #3 as the 1st full app.

  • I can’t with this retconning or whatever of Thor GOT, this reeks of speculators speculating up their own speculators. I’ma gobble up Venom #3 and 4 instead. My LCS had 4 copies of Venom #4 and not one of them was even a 9.4

    • Good point, Thor GOT #6 is out of control currently, prices will fall back down eventually. I think Venom #3 could be the smart play, especially with everyone freaking out.

  • Pretty weak week……hehe……nothing on this top 10 really does it for me in regards to any real lasting value.

  • Beezle

    I’ve heard spec about Gamora or Nebula being Requiem. Since Gamora appears on the cover of Inifinty Wars Prime #1 pictured with the other heroes, does that rule her out? Or is Marvel just trying to pull a fast one?

    Nebula is apparently the main antagonist of the upcoming Asgardians of the Galaxy series. Wouldn’t the Requiem storyline have been resolved with her defeat by the end of the Infinity Wars series, thus making it unlikely that Nebula is in fact Requiem (maybe she comes into possession of Requiem’s weaponry and decides to use it take over the galaxy).

    That still leaves a couple of other existing characters as suspects, or the possibility that she is an all-new character. I’m hoping for the latter.

  • fastballspecial

    Seems like a lot of people defending their Venom 3 purchases to me.

    The market dictates which book is hot. Doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.

    • Are you defending your Thor GOT #6 purchase? Or are you defending your Thor GOT #2 purchase? Wait, are you the market? Am I speaking to the market right now? I’m sorry I didn’t know. I am aware you are a harsh mistress but you know best and your wisdom is vast. Please if you have the time, would you gift the common folk a parcel of knowledge on what to throw our money at? I hear gold is a safe bet.

  • For completests, a book that might be flying(ha!) under the radar would be the 2017 FCBD Edition of Keyser Soze: Scorched Earth / The Rift which predates The Rift #1. Probably a larger print run than the 2400 copies of The Rift #1 but it still predates that first issue.

  • accustomfigures

    Where is the connection made from Thor to Venom?

  • Hey, not that anyone asked but…the best part of the Thor/Venom debate is if you read that Thor series from 1 through 10 it’s pretty damn good (my opinion of course)! It looks like it definitely struck a chord with Cates and he is continuing (excuse me) adding to the story (and weaving a nice little thread into the Marvel mythos). The fact that these are just now getting the publicity they deserve is cake for the collectors that love a good read…(and to speculate), but mostly love a good read. Excellent article and thanks to all at CBSI for all that you do. From podcasts to top ten list, I appreciate it all!

    • accustomfigures

      I couldn’t agree more. However, Marvel’s been a dud for me the past couple years, so I’ve gone indie for a while. I loved all of Aaron’s run (and JMS before that), but reading Gorr the thought of Venom never crossed my mind. He was his own, new and dynamic character for me. So I’m guessing Cates went back and said Gorr, or some leftover part of him, was the first symbiot?

      • Yes, Gorr stole the spawn of Knull, the fist symbiote, and went on a god killing rampage turning into the character you meet in Thor God of Thunder#2.

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