The Wednesday One 07/25/18


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 07/25/18

This week has some action. Tons of rumored 1st apps and a lot of reads. When this week began I figured it would be slow. It is interesting how the week can change. Let see what we have going on.


Infinity Wars Prime #1 Cover D Incentive Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover 1:25

I was going to grab this anyway because I like Hildebrandt, but this isn't one of his better covers. I still like it though. Presales climbing to $35 which is solid. This is probably based on the rumored 1st app of Requiem that they have teased for a while. I think it stays over ratio.

Teen Titans Vol 6 #20 Cover C Incentive Jorge Jimenez Crush Variant Cover 1:25

This is rumored to be the 1st full Crush. $40 presales which is sold. I don't care for this cover, but I hope to grab one. If you do get one are you going to sell it right away or hang on to it. I think it stays $30-40.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #2 Cover B Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover 1:25

I like some JSC, but this doesn't do much for me, but it is growing on me. I know JSC fans will be grabbing it though. Presales are strong and all over. $25-45. I think it is a $25 book for the week which isn't bad.

Mr & Mrs X #1 Cover D Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover

I don't like this cover at all and I don't think even JSC fans do. $20 or less is what many are listed for right now. I think this cover floods and is a $15 book this week.

Venom Vol 4 #4

This book is hot and might grab a few $ over cover. Not great, but Cates is hot. I like it as a reader and it is sold out online. Some are saying 1st app, I'm also hearing it points to a different book as the 1st, but I'm not sure.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #33

Rumored 1st app of Devin Dinosaur. I'll grab a few in case it takes off. MG has a small print run anyway. It might get a few $ over cover eventually this week.


X-23 Vol 3 #2 Cover B Incentive Rahzzah Variant Cover

Rahzzah is hot and I really like this cover. Usually #2 and on have a much lower print run than #1 and sometimes we get 1st apps like we got Gabby in ANW #2. Presales were $40, but the day before it seems to be $20 which seems about right. I think it sits around $15-20 unless something happens. I hope to get one for my PC.

Justice League Dark Vol 2 #1 Cover C Incentive Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion Inks Cover 1:50 

Some sites are reporting this as the 1st app of a new villain “Upside Down Man.” This might heat up, but I think the print run will be high so it might be an accessible lcs grab. Presales are $20-25 which isn't great and I think it sits there for a while.

Cool Covers

Pestilence Story Of Satan #3

This cover is metal and I like the story.

Barbarella #8 Cover D Variant Natalie Sanders Cover

This cover is divisive. Many like it and many hate it. It isn't her best cover, but I think I like it enough to grab one. The background seems lazy though.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #51 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

Black covers matter and this one is no exception. It will be a tough nm+ and I like this Frison.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #51 Cover A Regular Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover

WW covers are killing it and Artgerm rocked this one. I definitely grabbing one or more for PC and hold.

Flash Vol 5 #51 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Another cool Mattina Flash. He does them well enough, but doing so many they lose a little charm. I'm collecting them and hope to grab a clean one. Plus Flash is a solid read.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #985 Cover B Variant Mark Brooks Cover

Cover of the week? Brooks is really having an outstanding year and this cover is a testament to that. Tec is a good read to so easy grab for me. I hope I can find a clean one.

Aquaman Vol 6 #38 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Middleton is killing it with the Batgirl covers, but he does Aquaman really well also. I don't care about AM, but he makes AM cool.

Crossed Plus 100 Mimic #4 Cover C History X Wraparound Cover

I like this cover. It is just cool.

Read it

Hillbilly #12

This is a fun read. I wish it was more consistent.

Action Comics Vol 2 #1001 Cover C Variant David Mack Cover

Mack has the best cover of 1001.

Doomsday Clock #6 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover

I wish this didn't take so long between issues. I keep having to go back and remember what I read.

Silencer #7

Happy to hear this character will get a TV appearance.

Justice League Dark Vol 2 #1 Cover B Variant Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion Cover

If you can't grab the variant then grab this one for a read.

New World #1 Cover A Regular Tradd Moore & Heather Moore Cover

I'm not sure about this one. I think I might pass, but I'll flip thru it and see if it catches my eye.

Royal City #13

#12 just came out last week. IIRC Lemire is ending this one soon. I like it, but I don't think it sells well.

Redneck #13

I haven't read this title for a while, but I hear good things. I might try to catch up.

Realm #8 Cover A Regular Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi Cover

Solid read so far.

Deadpool Assassin #4 Cover A Regular Mark Bagley Cover

Some fun DP for some light reading.

Moon Knight Vol 8 #197

I like this current run and keep up with it.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #44

OML is a pull and consistent.


Star Wars Doctor Aphra #22 Cover A Regular Ashley Witter Cover

Witter and Aphra are a great match. I really hope we get a live-action Aphra. Maybe we will on the new Disney streaming service.

Sentry Vol 3 #2

The 1st one grabbed my attention enough to grab #2.

Multiple Man #2

Like Sentry I liked this #1 also so I'm in for #2.

X-Men Grand Design Second Genesis #1 Cover A Regular Ed Piskor Cover

The previous run was good and sold well.

Walk Through Hell #3

This book is hot and a good read.

Bone Parish #1 Cover A Regular Lee Garbett Cover

This book has some heat, but I just hope it is a good read.




Punisher Vol 10 #228

I had a few folks talk this run up so I read a few, but I'm still behind. I like it so far.


  • True Believers Fantastic Four Birth Of Valeria #1 – $1 reprint
  • True Believers Fantastic Four What If #1 – $1 reprint
  • True Believers New Fantastic Four #1- $1 reprint
  • Britannia Lost Eagles Of Rome #1 Cover D Incentive Cary Nord Sketch Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • Harbinger Wars 2 #3 Cover E Incentive Felipe Massafera Harbinger Wars 2 Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • X-O Manowar Vol 4 #17 Cover E Incentive Barry Kitson X-O Manowar Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Cable Vol 3 #159 Cover B Incentive Jay Anacleto Variant Cover 1:25 – This book is going to be hard to find. 2 sales today at $30 and an auction already at $36.Recently as high as $70 after highs of $100. This book did really well. 

Weatherman #2 Cover C Incentive Nathan Fox Variant Cover 1:25 – I wasn’t big on the 1st issue, but I’ll try the 2nd. The variant is def hot and hard to get. 2 sold today $30. Half ratio sounds like a safe flip as I think it holds around $25-30. Should be pretty scarce.$35 now isn't shabby. 

Life Of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #1 Cover H Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Cover 1:200 – no sales this month. 6 for sale ~$200. This isn’t my fav Artgerm cover. I like parts of it, but not as a whole. I’m sure I’m in the minority of opinions. These never hold up well value wise. Most are happy to grab the trade dress for cover. Id grab it for $75 or less, but even then I’d make sure I could flip it first or if you are an Artgerm fan then maybe pay a little more for a nm+ PC copy. This is doing really well right under $200 a few days ago, I was way low on this one. 

Life Of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #1 Cover G Incentive Joe Quesada Virgin Cover 1:100 – This is probably the best of the LoCM covers, but it is a little too bare without trade dress. no recent sales and the cheapest bin is $55. I think $30 or less to be safe, but I think it will be a $40 book so nothing great. $45 recently which is good. 

Thor Vol 5 #3 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Carol Danvers 50th Anniversary Cover – This might be the best Carol cover and it isn’t even on her title. I’m happy to see JTC doing covers other than action figure covers. Seems to be sold out online. I don’t expect much but I think this is a $7 book forever. Maybe grab one or two clean ones and keep them for long-term pics. Nada on this one. Cover +ship 

Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #34 – Rumored new name and costume. Nice homage cover also. I’ll grab one for a long hold. This is going ~$10 which is good. 

Wrap Up

This week is bigger than I thought, but no “One” as nothing seems like a home run to me. This week seems wishy-washy to me if that is even a thing. I like some action, but it isn't exciting me. I'm sure I'll be in higher spirits when I'm waiting for my LCS to open. Afterall every Wednesday is like a holiday. What are Y'all looking at grabbing this week? Did I miss anything? Let me know and thanks for reading.

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  • Avatar

    Venom #4 is going bananas on the Bay right now.

  • SkillzWeldon

    Awesome Article…I believe I have my hands on at least five of the hot books tomorrow. I concur that Tech #985 Brooks variant will be tough. And I have 3 of the X-23 #2 Rahzzah. Like it that much. Thanks Adam L.

  • Avatar

    That whole Knull debate is mind boggling.

  • Avatar

    I don’t know why, but I cannot stand Ales Kot’s writing. Maybe it’s too high-concept for me or maybe there’s something else about it that I’m just not getting. I’m a hard pass on The New World.

  • Avatar

    I’m completely smitten by that X-23 #2 Razzah. If anybody has a NM copy I’m looking to buy. The few copies online don’t look like 9.8 contenders and I want one for PC. Semi-dark cover could be a b*itch.

  • Beezle

    The Sanders’ Barbarella cover is similar to her one for Vampirella as the two characters are posed in matching fashion (standing/walking with legs crossed, right arm bent at the elbow). I prefer the Vampirella, but the Barbarella is quite nice too. They will make a nice set. I wonder if there will be a virgin of the Barbarella cover at some point in the future.

  • Avatar

    Saga is always a priority on my read list too. Love BKV’s writing and Staples’ art is always on point.

    Adam, have you considered doing a small section on store exclusives? I know they don’t usually come out on Wednesdays, but I’d be interested in your take what to chase vs avoid.

    • Lebednik

      Store exclusives imo are best for PC. They are far too volatile to flip for me. Also, I have trouble keeping up with the regular weekly book as it is.

      • Avatar

        I’d agree that they’re best as PC plays. And I’m the same way – it’s tough keeping up with the weekly + store exclusives + new back issues blowing up out of nowhere every week or so lol

    • Avatar

      Sad news, SAGA is going on hiatus for at least a year according to BleedingCool

  • Avatar

    Seriously they should be able to keep the name Devil. Is there really any religion left in America??? I honestly think we need to move away from this way of thinking as a society. And come to think of it a huge corporation like Disney is probably the work of Satan to begin with so I don’t see why they’d be afraid of the word Devil.

    • Avatar

      America is one of the few nations in the world where religion is thriving.

      • Avatar

        Certain social and geographic groups going to church on the regular, yea we may have a lot of that. But it’s still a minority albeit an outspoken one.
        However true real deal spiritually is something I see very little of here. Most that are church goers are simply going with the status quo like 90%+ of all Americans unfortunately. To clarify I am not say 90% attend church just that 90% go with the status quo what that may be to them.
        However that doesn’t mean Americans in general are stupid or anything or not ready for the truth on any matter. In fact I think the opposite is true, by in large the average American is much more intelligent and well informed than our own federal government believes or gives us credit for. It’s laughable to me every time I see some pompous scientist on TV saying something to the effect of …. ‘if people knew the truth about Aliens or our origins or the corruption of government etc (you can sub in almost any topic)… than society would implode upon itself ‘. It’s so far from the truth,….. I can’t speak for the rest of the developed world but we Americans are ready for the real truth on everything and are 100% aware we have fed and are continuing to be fed grade A BUllSh!? From big corporations and especially our own government and quite frankly we are all sick of it.

        • Avatar

          So what comics are you looking forward to this week?

          • Avatar

            Lol I got a little passionate there I guess lol. Happens when i decide to write too early before I’ve eaten my wheaties….

            As for books I was really looking for a the X-23 Razzah Variant which I found and the Grand design second genesis had another corner box variant. I wanted a crush variant but could only find the regular cover and the b but couldn’t find a nice b so I grabbed the reg.

            Didn’t realize Justice League Dark was coming out so that was a nice surprise. Grabbed the b cover.
            Plus I got the moon girl book with the possible rename not because of the print run is getting low enough that I think all moon girl titles are good grabs.

            Forgot completely about infinity war prime and left a stack of Venom 4s behind… like a 20 comic stack all available for cover but I’m just so burnt on Venom someone else can have em lol. I doubt that book will be rare tho.

  • Avatar

    Take it to easy, chief. Let’s dial it down a bit.

  • sdalton32

    Look forward to this every week – love the Brooks Detective – also digging the Patrick Brown variant cover to Deadpool Assassin #4, a cool cover no one seems to be talking about.

  • Avatar

    Honestly it’s just that if we never bring these feelings to light and talk about these things whenthe chance than nothing will ever change and we’ll still be letting our destinies be driven by government and large corporations. I guess some people are still content with the status quo however…..
    But as far as books go I still got a copy… the only copy that was at my LCS. Not because I think it may be a rename but because I suspect it will be relatively rare.

    But what I’m really stoked on is the fact that I got a copy of x-23 2 Razzah Variant…. it’s not a 9.8 …like my ANW 2 1:25 was but stills solid 9.2-9.4 they had two the other was about in the 9.0-9.2 range id estimate but they were pretty close and my buddy ended up grabbing the other one. Also they were 25$ each ….a couple years back when I got my ANW 2 they were cheaper I believe I had 7$ for that one …. can’t hardly believe what it goes for now.

  • accustomfigures

    What show is Fantomextra showing up on?

  • Avatar

    Cover artists don’t do backgrounds anymore??

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