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*WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SPIDER-MAN VILLAIN?*  And Why.  (One entry per person please)


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  • Avatar

    Kraven the Hunter. I’ve always loved how he wanted to assert his superiority by capturing and defeating Spiderman. In my opinion, Kraven’s Last Hunt arc is by far the best read. Hands down. ASM 293 was the first book I ever had signed. Mike Zeck signed the inside cover for me at a show in Toronto a long time ago!

  • Avatar

    Carnage was always my favorite. Goes back to the 1994 Spider-Man Animated Series. Since then been waiting for him on the big screen.

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    My user name kind of gives it away, but Kraven The Hunter!
    Kraven isn’t about world domination or running a criminal scheme, but about pushing his capacities to the limits and finding a worthy foe.
    As someone else already mentioned, the Kraven’s last Hunt story arch is amazing, and probably my favorite in all of comics.
    It took a speed bump villain for spidey, and turned him into an absolute fiend.
    I wish Marvel would do more with Kraven (now that he’s unfortunately back from the dead) and have him hunt super villains or other hero’s, as he’s already beat Spider-man in style.

  • Avatar

    My favorite spider-man villain is the hobgoblin. As a kid who grew up on the Spider-Man animated series I loved all the episodes with him in them and he’s always had the coolest weapons and gadgets. He also has some of the greatest covers of all time. Asm 238 is easily one of the best in the whole run but I’ve always loved Asm 289 and all the twists and turns behind his secret identity.

  • Avatar

    The Lizard. More for sentimental reasons. My brother bought me the Todd Mcfarlane asm covers and I’ve just always liked him since

  • Foxom

    Sandman is my favorite. Partly because I run a soil testing lab, but mainly because of his redemtion arc. Everyone makes mistakes but has the ability to change right?

  • passenger27

    He may not be fixture in Spider-Man’s rogues’s gallery, but I’d have to say the Juggernaut, because he’s the villain in one of my favorite Spidey stories ever. Spider-Man faced impossible odds taking Marko down in Amazing Spider-Man #230, but somehow he came out on top. Peter Parker’s never seemed so courageous to me. I actually fist pumped when Marko sank into the wet concrete Spidey unwittingly led him to as he took a vicious beating. What a great story by Roger Stern that exemplified the true epitome of a hero.

  • Avatar

    Doctor Octopus!

    The thing I like about the classic Spidey villains is that a lot of them of very smart. Doc Oc is a great example!

    Plus I don’t think there are many villains who have been through such transformations. Died, came back, brain transferred, was Spider-Man! And was the Living Brain/Peter Parker’s robot assistant.

  • Avatar

    Doc Ock locked his place as my #1 with his turn as the Superior Spider-Man. Was truly unique to see him taking full advantage of Peter’s body and powers giving us a taste of what an unrestrained Spider-Man might be.

  • Avatar

    Hobgoblin. Just a great visual and wonderful mystery when the character was created that still gets circled back to in the present.

  • MikeBernardo1020

    My low key favorite is The Spot, its always a fun read when hes around.

  • Eman

    My favorite Spidey villain has to be The Vulture (Adrian Toomes).. The first original Vulture. He is so underrated.
    When I was about 8 or 9 (I’m 44 now) my uncle was babysitting me and we read an ASM issue together. I don’t remember the issue number but I do remember The Vulture was the villain. He’s my favorite because he had this tough ugly looking face and he looked like a real bad guy. A bad guy that could fly and challenge Spiderman in the air as well as on the ground. That’s why he’s my favorite.

  • Avatar

    Venom…I started collecting Spider-man because McFarlane was brought on to do the art. Was a big fan of him already during his work on the Hulk. ..Loved the look he gave Venom from the get go! Been hooked since!

  • Clashoftitans71

    Venom. The look alone is awesome and the relationship between host and symbiote has always intrigued me. That’s why I am loving this new venom series.

  • A. J. Diesel

    It’s gotta be Kraven. One of the few characters that legitimately put fear into Spideys eyes. It doesn’t get more gruesome then a villain burying the hero alive.

  • Avatar

    I tend to lean towards the older villains, so I am going to have to go with Sandman. I love all the ways he is able to shift and change his form. Sand is pretty much indestructible and combined with how small/fine it is and the shape shifting, you have a super villain who can go just about anywhere and become almost anything. He really captured my imagination when I was younger. He’s a bit under-rated in my opinion.

  • Avatar

    Elektro always stood out for me because for the 60’s he’s design is very attractive. When Finch drew him in New Avengers it sort of proved that the custom design withstands time.

  • Avatar

    Even though later on Molten Man and Spider-Man became “somewhat” friends, I always thought Molten Man was a very interesting and intelligent foe for Spider-Man in the early years. Especially since we find out that his friend, Liz Allan, is actually Molten Man’s stepsister. I always thought that made for a excellent and exciting story.

  • Avatar

    The Vulture as long as he is portrayed as looking like an aging Michael Keaton – bad ass.

  • Avatar

    Kraven, hands down. He’s the one villain that not only fought spidey on almost equal terms but kept coming back with improvements as spidey got stronger through the years. Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the single greatest arcs in all of comics, not just in the spider-man series. Kraven stands alone.

  • Avatar

    Venom, need I say more.

  • Duc

    I like Kaine…an equal to Spider-Man (being a clone to Peter and all). He has the perfect tragic origin story and he flip/flop on Hero or Villain status. He can certainly play the sympathy card.

  • Avatar

    I have to say The Green Goblin.
    No one has put Peter through the emotional and physical wringer then Normin Osborn….(reminds me of a marvel version of Lex Luthor)…..always seems to escape the law and enter a seat of power…..(Not President yet, though)

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