1 Batman #567

WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Damion Scott
NM raws surged into the $75 range and 9.8's raced past the $300 mark when it was announced that Cassandra Cain was going to be in the Birds of Prey movie as Batgirl.  This is not her on the cover though, so…(see #3 below).  Extra tidbit I have noticed, a LOT of the sold copies are in terrible condition.

2 Cable #159 Jay Anacleto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Lonnie Nadler
ARTIST: German Peralta
I like Anacleto, but to be honest, I don't get the current $75-80 price on this one.  While somewhat hard to find, it is out there and it is a multiple character cover–generally not a good thing for variant collectors.

3 Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #120

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Mike Deodato, Jr.
While it does happen, generally the 1st appearance as the ‘in costume' character is the one to have.  This issue is the 1st appearance for Cassandra as Batgirl and as such has seen a nice bump up to near $30 for NM copies.

4 52 Week #11

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
More DC media news with Kate Kane getting her own TV show.  This WILL get media attention so the current $25-35 range may be a bargain in a few months.

5 current $25-35 range may be a bargain

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Dylan Burnett
$75-80 is about where this one is selling helping it stand out from the mass number of variants at SDCC.  What I am most interested in is that this one was serial numbered on book.  Please, please, please let this be a new trend from Marvel and/or DC.

6 X-23 (Vol. 3) #1 Siya Oum SDCC Variant

WRITER: Mariko Tamaki
ARTIST: Juan Cabal
In my opinion, this is a great cover.  Add into the fact that it was only available at the Diamond luncheon, it has quickly become one of the most sought after books out of SDCC.  Expect to pay in the $150 range.

7 Transformers Unicron #1 Alex Milne SDCC B/W Variant

WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Alex Milne
Another book given away at the Diamond luncheon.  This one is selling in the $50+ range.  Remember that Transformers collectors will pay good money for hard to find books.

8 Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #307 Skottie Young SDCC Variant

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Adam Kubert
Aaaannnd, another Diamond Retailer SDCC variant.  And another $50 book.

9 Batman #50 Michael Turner ‘Poison Ivy' ‘Virgin' Variant /1000

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Various
Yeah, yeah, some of you are all psycho mad at Tom King when you should only be mad at DC for promoting something that they knew wasn't happening.  In any case, MT still has a following, Poison Ivy is still wanted and 1000 isn't many copies for Batman fans.  Add it all up, and $75-100 is what you end up with.

10 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #29 Pink Ranger SDCC ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Daniele DiNicuolo
Another group of collectors that pays good money for hard to find variants like Transformers fans.  Don't hate on things you may not like, just roll with it.  $50-60 right now.

Marvel Tails #1

WRITER: Tom DeFalco
ARTIST: Mark Armstrong
I.  Uh.  I.  But.  What?  How?  $300-500 for 9.8's?

Ghost Comics #2

WRITER: Drew Murdoch
ARTIST: Maurice Whitman (cover)

Not an easy book to find, but a VG copy sold this week for $1400+…guide is $200.  Golden Age continues to roll on…

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  • Ben C

    Ghost!!! I have a few from that run 🙂

    Awesome list as always brother, and great call waiting for the SDCC madness to settle before making the list


  • Avatar

    If the 20th anniversary spider ham can sell for so much then why can’t the first appearance right?

  • Avatar

    Thought you guys were going to forget about this week. Well done !

    And in keeping with the general SDCC angle, how could you possibly, possibly fail to put at the top of this list the 2009 SDCC UXM 510 Campbell Partial Sketch variant that just sold for a staggering $12,500 in a blue 9.8 last week?

    • Ben C

      I would suggest hot is more than just a single sale of a book, thats not necessarily hot. IF SO, then this would just be Action 1 & 7, Tec 27 & 31, AF 15s and every rare book that comes to market.

      Not saying thats not staggering, just not sure if you need to possibly possibly the man making the list instead of simply pointing it out…

  • Avatar

    I can’t imagine that Marvel Tails has very many high grade copies floating around. I bought mine brand new and over the years surely has spine nicks from shuffling in longboxes.

  • Eman

    I think there should have been a separate top 10 list for SDCC books and regular non-con books.
    Half of the list is made up of SDCC books. I think it takes away from other potentially hot books.
    We should have a top ten Comic Con list.
    Just my opinion.

  • Avatar

    So I’m a little confused. Are Kathy Kane and Kate Kane two different characters? Cuz Kathy Kane first appeared in Detective Comics 233. Unless I do really well in an auction or something that book is a little out of my reach but regardless, wouldn’t that be the book to have concerning the news on the TV show? Any ways, I am lucky enough to have scored on a couple of the Week 11s.

  • Avatar

    That Marvel Tails is a great book

  • Avatar

    I think I got a little lucky-ish with Batman 567 seeing I missed the early boat on all the cheap ones. Found a newsstand version on Amazon advertised as a 7.0 for $38. Didn’t want to spend that on a book that was barely $10 a day earlier but they were, at the time, almost sold out on Ebay with much higher prices. Anyway, the book finally arrived and not only is it a newsstand version but an easy 9.0 potential up to a 9.4 with a good press. So, where that book is headed gotta say I am pleased. Amazon is so freaking hit or miss!

  • accustomfigures

    Excellent point about King/DC.

  • userX745

    A little more information about the Skottie Young and X-23 variant. The Skottie Young one the room held about 1000 people in it. The Marvel panel which the X-23 was handed out held about 500 attendees. Both where in bags and boards. I was lucky enough to attend both those panels. There was a mixed bag of people. So the copies handed out in those panels people handle them on the rough side. How they were handed out during the panel was each row they counted how many people and handed a stack of that said amount. Not all chairs were filled in both panels.

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