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    Spectacular Spider Man 101: John Byrne’s legend is alive in this cover. The use of only black and white is gorgeous giving a lot of motion to the image. You can look at a lot of Spidey covers and imagine him swinging through the city, but this cover does that like no other.

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    Web of Spider-man 32, Mike Zeck was killing it! So many memorable Captain America, G.I. Joe and Spidey covers, but this is the cream of the crop.

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    Amazing Fantasy #15 because it exudes the reason why we are all here . . . MONEY. Plus it was one of the first comics that I sold for over a $100.

  • ECooper

    Amazing Spider-Man #14 from the original 1963 series. It was the first comic my wife ever bought me and she did it as a 10-year anniversary gift. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also the first appearance of Green Goblin.

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    My favorite is ASM #39. I got a collection of books from my dad’s childhood, and it was in there and blew my mind. 1st Romita Spider-man cover art. Pinnacle moment in the Spider-man/Green Goblin mythos in finding out each orher’s Identities, and the cover blasts the implications in your face. Only book I have signed by Stan Lee. I also have the Marvel Select figure rendition of the cover

  • Punisher78

    For me I would say AMS #129 My 2 favorite heroes on the cover, Spider-Man & the Punisher. 🕷💀

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    ASM 294 – I love Zeck, especially his covers and this story arc was so good. The sense of the hunt in just this 1 cover is awesome

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    Amazing Spider-Man #244! Pumpkins, man Pumpkins, and theses happen to be bombs!

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    I would have to ASM 140. I was elementary school and it was first comic that I read. It actually put me on the path to enjoy reading and improving my vocabulary. Forever in debt to that issue.

  • passenger27

    Amazing Spider-Man #124! My dad and I used to go to the drugstore every week or so for new comics, and on this particular occasion I already had a handful from off the spinner rack. I knew I was pushing it grabbing another, but when I saw that groovy Romita cover I flipped out. It was such a powerful image to my young eyes. Everything about it was cool. A Man-Wolf! Had to have it! When dad was done picking over the spinner rack, he saw all the comics I had and told me to put a few back (I guess he couldn’t part ways with any of the ones he had). I couldn’t decide which ones to put back, so I did what had to be done: I cried. In the end I got the comics. I suppose inside my dad was just like poor J.J.J. on the cover: “It’s–my son!

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    Amazing Fantasy #15 – It is such an iconic and classic cover. It reminds me on so many levels why I read and collect comics. Every time I see it in person I get what I can only describe as a tingling Spidey-sense.

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    I’m gonna have to go with ASM 606. There’s something about that cover that I have always liked. Campbell catches a lot of flack but I like his lines and fluidity, especially in this cover. You can read a lot into this cover without ever opening the comic. Not the most classic ASM, but it’s my favorite.

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    ASM 34… The kraven/falling Spiderman, cover
    New 800 virgin Dell Otto…..

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    Amazing Fantasy #15 because it’s so dang iconic.

  • redfroman

    Amazing spider man 39! I got it signed by Stan last year. Such a cool cover.

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    Amazing Spider-Man #600 is simply my favorite as the brilliant red just screams “DANGER!” It feels as if the reader has inheritated the Spider-Sense and Alex Ross’ monochromatic battle between Spidey and Doc Ocktopus’s twisting arms of death beg you to reach out and grab the book for an epic read.

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    My favorite is Amazing Spider-Man 492-493 (Mary Jane covers J. Scott Campbell). I buy them every time I see them at a reasonable price.

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    No disrespect to the many amazing covers and artists but I have to say Wizard Magazine 1 with Spidey in a wizard robe and wand drawn by Mcfarlane. This is by no means a classic but it was the cover and image that drew me into comics. It’s a special one to me and is the only signed Mcfarlane book I own.

  • mister paws


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    It’s cliche, but ASM 300. There’s a reason that cover has been swiped more than any other I’ve seen.

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    Amazing spiderman 294. Kravens last hunt is my favorite spiderman story, and this cover has it all

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    Web of #32.

    Mike Zeck iconic cover! Spidey buried alive and digging himself out.

    You literally see the gravity is spidey’s situation. Spidey looks exhausted as his fighting for freedom!

    Zeck did an amazing job!

    In my opinion, the best covers are those that say a story in one image and forces the potential reader to want to know to pick it up and read the whole story… find out how our hero came to this!

    Excellent cover!

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    Web of Spider-Man #1; I love that cover! That was a cover, at that time, sold the book inside. Posters, cards…iconic cover.

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    it’s between #100, 121 and 346

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    Amazing Spiderman #5

    1st App of Dr Doom in Spiderman. Both of my favourite characters in an early appearance that I managed to afford. Can’t go wrong 🙂

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    So many to choose from, but I would have to go with Amazing Spider-man Annual #1- First Sinister Six

    All of Spidey’s best villains all charging at him really stands out.

    I love covers that describe what is going to take place in the issue!

  • A. J. Diesel

    Amazing Spider-Man #50! Truly iconic. The cover that shows the inner battle between Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Everyone wants to be a superhero, until they are. Just amazing cover, with the original stories.

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    Amazing Spider-Man 50 for me. The Romita Snr, Parker / Spiderman image and title “Spider-Man No More” tells the reader exactly what this story’s about and captures the story’s emotional beats! Simple yet so effective! Had a great impact on me and is difficult to ignore. The cover was so iconic that it was even referenced in the Spider-Man 2 movie. The issue also features the first appearance of the Kingpin to boot!

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    Spider-man 1 by Mcfarlane such an iconic pose. love everything about it

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    I know this will probably sound cheesy but it was ASM 365. It was my first comic book ever and a gift from my father. It is definitely not much of an iconic cover but it comes with very good memories. But my favorite memory is that of my father who is no longer with us. I still have the book to this day.

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    amazing spiderman #33 original series. A tremendous Ditko cover from an iconic story. If you look, even the sploches of water are “ditko”.

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    Amazing Spider-Man 316. My favorite cover and favorite character, Venom. You have this physically larger Venom sitting on top of Spider-Man while clutching the ripped costume of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is clearly in pain and Venom is clearly enjoying himself.

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    Amazing Spider-man #1 (first series) I saved for months to buy a beat up #1 with my paper route earnings. Couldn’t stop looking at the cover when I finally brought it home!..Cost $70 back in 1986…a huge amount for me back then. As beat up as it is I still have it and still enjoy taking a look at it from time to time!

  • Foxom

    Ultimate Spider-Man 160 color sketch. So simple but brings a tear to your eye. Pete spent his whole life trying to make up for one mistake but a loving father (uncle) wouldn’t dwell on the mistake or be disappointed. Instead he’d be proud of the man Peter became. “You did good kid”. I would’ve tried to start the world’s most epic slow clap if I was in the studio when Quesada finished this cover.

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    ASM 50, classic cover!

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    Spiderman #6 or #7 (1990)… McFarland is what got me into comics with his ASM run… But when I saw Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider on those covers I went nuts…

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    As much as I love ASM 300…I’d have to say Amazing Spider-Man #700 GARCIN COLLAGE COVER.

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    Web of Spider-Man 32 by Mike Zeck. Love the story, art and black costume.

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    Web of Spider-Man 32. The pic of Spidey emerging from the grave. Reminds me of all those great EC covers of the 50s.

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    Amazing Spider-Man #539

    Close to when I started collecting the comics and this was the first cover that made me truly appreciate the medium as something more than a superhero tale. That it was an art form as well.

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    Amazing Spider man vol 1 #78. for one simple reason. It was my first one. When as a 10 year old, i begged for 15 cents from my mother, at sylvia’s luncheonette on 91st street and Avenue L in Brooklyn, and bought it , it started a life long journey that continues to this very minute.

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    Wow! Tough to choose. I am going with Amazing Spider Man 161 because of Nightcrawler being on the cover and it was also the first Spider-Man comic that I read and subsequently started collecting.

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    I hate to be that guy but the Amazing Spiderman #800 Del Otto variant is my favorite. It was just published but it is so slick.

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    Sooooo many covers to choose from but my all time favorite has to be Amazing Spider-man 238 with the Hobgoblins first appearance!

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    Amazing Spider-Man 300. I’ve always liked the black costume. It’s an iconic cover by an artist that I like. With the red background it pops in displays like Incredible Hulk 181 does.

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    CIVIL War #3 Turner Variant IRON SPIDER. When I saw this book I fell in love immediately, I didn’t need to see some HOT buy this book list to know. This book also captures a significant event (civil war) in the marvel universe, the event and concept made it to the big screen.

    Turner is one of my favorite artists and his style still impacts artists today. I have fond memories of Turner, this guy would have lines wrapped around the building for autographs and yet he never put a limit on books to sign per person, Seriously he would sign 20 comics if you asked him. Amazing man and Amazing talent, Amazing spider-man cover!

  • ManFromTheStars

    ASM 230! That Al Milgrom cover work is top notch. Spider-Man looks ready, but man, you know ain’t no body ready to just fight the Juggernaut!

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    Not only is it a classic Ditko…. (R.I.P)

    When I first saw this cover… I starred at it for a while and then I realized I was holding my breathe.
    It’s the full embodiment of my claustrophobic, drowning nightmares I used to have as a kid.
    It’s one thing to have a cool cover… it’s another to have an image that invokes a deep emotional impact.

  • freudian-slip

    I’d have to go with Web of Spider-Man #32 by Mike Zeck. It’s all sorts of moody and triumphant at the same time.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #122 By John Romita Sr.

    Very dramatic, as a distraught Spidey holds Gwen’s lifeless body. He’s enraged, saying to the Goblin “Today’s the day you’re gonna DIE!”
    Spidey doesn’t go dark like that very often, especially back then.

    The caption is also cool saying “The Green Goblin’s Last Stand!” …and of course the Goblin dies this issue.

  • fourwayflashers

    For me it is Marvel’s #4 by Alex Ross where Gwen and the Green Goblin are reflected in his eye. I love it.

  • Demon Jim

    Somebody already beat me to this but I’ll elaborate on it more.

    For me it is easily Ultimate Spider-Man #160 Quesada Color Variant. If you want a cover that can produce feels then this is it. Through out the many years of Spider-Man the premise of Uncle Ben was always there. Do to what Peter deemed a fault of his own we were able to experience decades of Spider-Man greatness. Years and years of him trying to make things right and achieve forgiveness Peter created a life and story, though while amazing, that never felt quite whole. The most prominent father figure of his life was not there to see the hero Peter had become. Like the rest of us who have suffered loss you never forget.

    It does not matter what you believe as the thought of being reunited with lost loved ones is one that I’m sure many people would give anything to have. With the death of Peter we are able to see in this cover happiness, closure, purity, heaven, and acceptance. This cover seems to make the story of Spider-Man come full circle. Peter did all of this to fix a wrong, but Ben never saw it that way. You know that in this moment the years of trials and tribulations became worth it even more. Ben is proud. I have never seen a speech bubble that captured more raw emotion and story summary then Uncle Ben’s few words of “You did good, kid”. That simple sentence conveys the thought that Peter never really lost Uncle Ben. He doesn’t blame Peter for anything, in fact as I mentioned it shows pride to the man that Peter has become, that everything he did was worth it. This was a huge cathartic moment for Peter as the biggest weight on him was lifted. It’s almost as if Ben is telling Peter “It’s okay.” Ben is proud and in a way this cover is telling us that we all should be too.

    “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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    My absolute favorite Spider-Man cover is no doubt Amazing Spider-Man #353. This cover is truly special to me because it was the start of the first story arc that I ever read with ASM and it also reminds me of my little brother. When I was 7, my dad took me to Wal-Mart and bought a comic book variety pack on the way to the hospital to meet my new baby brother. So while building the anticipation of becoming a big brother, I delved into the “Round Robin” storyline. Whenever I see this cover, it always puts a smile on my face. That was the moment that I fell in love with comics. My brother still takes the credit for that experience though!


  • misfit138

    Amazing Spider-Man #328. My first choice Kraven Hunt Guy already took. ASM Annual #1 which has it all and it’s a Ditko. Since #316 was taken I have to go with #328. He kicks the crap out of the Hulk. This Original Art for the cover sold on HA for around $650,000 too, so this is one Kick Ass cover!!! Amazing McFarlane!

  • Avatar

    As the new guy of collecting comics, I really like most is the Black In Black series.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 543 cover is beautiful but simple. The red background makes the scene pop out more. It shows a lot of emotion.
    The artist, Garney uses the shadows and lighting on the black suit to show Peter Parker’s struggle with keeping his values as Spider-Man or embracing the darkness that is building up.

  • Eman

    AMS #342 cover by Erik Larsen.
    I love the cover because Spiderman looks beat up, his suit is torn and shredded… it reminds me that Spidey is just a high school kid, that he is human.
    And because of that reminder it makes the story even better…a high school kid doing all these great things.

  • stevemcqueen

    There is something beautifully wistful about the Amazing Spider-Man #300 cover by Todd McFarlane. When I first saw this cover in 1988, it matched the colors of my favorite basketball team when I was in grade school, the Chicago Bulls and I’ve always liked Spidey since I was a kid so when I asked my Mom, she bought it for me (it was pretty cheap back then). I also thought that it was really cool that Spider-Man wore a black costume and found out that it was actually the first appearance of Venom! I kept that copy and read it over and over again but since I was still very young, I wasn’t able to keep it. I lost this beauty when my parents cleaned our storage room of old school and leisure books during high school, and it may have ended up in a paper recycling shop. During the 90s, I felt sad when I saw other teenagers at my age still keeping their copies because when I tried to find another copy when I was in college, I couldn’t afford it anymore because it was already seen as a key issue and were highly sought after by collectors.
    But then something happened on the early morning of June 8, 2018. As if it was divine intervention, I saw a sale post from an old guy who’s selling a comic book through Facebook marketplace for only $14. It was an issue of the ASM#300!! I rubbed my eyes and I just couldn’t believe it. No it wasn’t a true believers copy. It was the real thing!!! When I checked the details, I found out that the location of the item was at a place called The Blue Room Art Gallery (an old antique shop) and is actually located near my office. The seller messaged back to my inquiry that a lot of buyers were also interested, so he told everyone who private messaged him that its now on a “first to pay, gets the item” basis. Lucky for me, I got there first and my hands were still shaking when I got hold of the comic book. Like memories that warp with time, my lucky find of this ASM#300 copy has the old paper and storage smell as if it was the same copy that I had lost when I was a kid. It is a warm and nostalgic feeling that for me, is a once in a lifetime find and the memories of my childhood with my ASM#300 comic book which was cherished… is happily remembered.

  • Dell18

    Peter Parker Spider-Man vol. 2 #1. John Romita Jr. Not only was Romita Jr. one of my favorite artists when I got into reading comics in the mid-80’s, this cover just reminds me of how I interpreted Spidey for the first time at that age. That it wasn’t all a blast, chicks, money and fame being a superhero. Spidey perched up there, dripping in the rain is just classic Spider-Man.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #36 volume II

    Very iconic all black cover for 9/11 tribute. In my opinion this cover reminds us that we are all in this together and Marvel chose their flagship title to commemorate this terrible tragedy. Plus cover is great for having artists at con’s give their tribute to those we have lost on that terrible day.

  • Avatar

    X-Force 16. I like Spider-Man and X-Force. It was sideways too.

  • Avatar

    My favorite cover is Amazing Spider-Man # 800 by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

  • Avatar

    My favorite cover is Amazing Spider-Man 361. I really like Carnage. I really like the actor Woody Harleson who is supposed to be playing him in the Venom Movie.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #68 – greatest cover of all time! This was also my first comic ever when my grandpa gave it to me when I was 4

  • Avatar

    I Really love Amazing Spider-Man 301.. It was supposed to be the first “variant cover”…. after Marvel said “No” to McFarlane’s idea of having that cover as one of two covers to 300.. So, The big heads put the 301 cover on the next issue’s.. no one would ever buy into that alternative cover shenanigans

    Why I like it … It is simple.. with the white background… and Spider-Man in McFarlane’s iconic twisty contorted pose pops like a red ball on a billiard table

    nice to get a free hand-me-down ASM 301 from my cousin as a youngin! =)

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #238.
    I love the Hobgoblin. My favourite all time cover. Ripping spiderman in half.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spiderman 50. 1st Kingpin….Iconic cover!

  • Avatar

    I have to go with Amazing Spider-Man 600 Alex Ross cover. I have a signed copy by Stan Lee. I love the detail rd art and simplistic layout all in red and the Dynamic Forces variant in all blue.

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #39. So many things make this cover my absolute favorite.

    First off, the colors; the very dark blue on the top fades quickly to the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen. As the sky reaches closer to the tops of the buildings it fades into a more gentler blue. It’s just so blue. You didn’t see many covers like that at the time; or even now.

    I also love this cover because when I picture of Spider-Man in my head it’s John Romita’s Spidey that I see, and this was his first issue. And the way he drew Peter Parker was a lot less wimpy/dorky looking than Steve Ditko’s Peter Parker. Don’t get me wrong; Ditko was the man. I just like a more grown up version of Peter, like on this cover.

    Finally, Peter just looks so vulnerable on this cover and it appears as if The Green Goblin doesn’t just have the upper hand; he’s holding all the cards. This is Peter Parker/Spider-Man at it’s core. Always being the underdog and able to beat the odds, bending but not breaking, giving all he has to give, always caring and looking out for other people first… but damn that Parker Luck. Around this time Aunt May was constantly on her death bed, he didn’t have money to pay the bills, he was still considered a dork by everyone around him, he can’t get or hold onto a girl, etc.. This IS Peter Parker and this cover perfectly sums all of that up in one image.

    P.S. I also like how the issue number and price seem to just be placed randomly on the book. I guess they wanted to show to Goblin’s glider exhaust fumes instead of where they would normally be. It makes this cover look unique.

  • Ben C

    OFFICIALLY OVER, will post results later on today.

    Thanks to all the folks who entered, lots of amazing entries!!

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