Week 34

I think it was around Christmas the last time we had an image by artist Ross Tran. This time it's an image of the Power Puff Girls. When the series was originally created I really loved the simple animation style of the character designs. I found this image particularly interesting because it has such a Japanese animation style to it. While I don't read the comics related to this property, it seems like artwork such as this would make for an awesome variant cover for the comics. Granted it's not going to be everyones cup of tea, but I think more unique covers are going to be essential for the variant market to grow rather than fizzle out. Variants should be an alternative to the regular cover, much like DC Comics has done with the Rebirth B covers.  

Next up is this Spider-Gwen piece by artist Andrew Gibbon. I've actually had this image forwarded to me by several people, so here it is. As i've mentioned in previous installments the whole Spider-Gwen thing got pretty old quick. Gwenom seemed like it might be the shot in the arm the book needed to bring me back on board, but that wasn't the case. I'll be interested to see what the future holds for the character with a new creative team and having her planted in Marvel 616 continuity. Not sure when or if that is happening, but like with most things, I guess we'll see.


That's it for this week, see you next Monday!

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