Welcome back to another contest.  The fine folk at Fan Expo Boston have gifted the site with some copies of their awesome Amazing Spider-Man #1 Variant with cover art by fan favorite Humberto Ramos!!!

Want to win a copy?  Of course you do!  Just post a response in this thread(one entry per person please) of *WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF ATTENDING A CONVENTION OR COMIC BOOK SHOW?*

Pretty simple right?  Because it is!  This contest will run until Saturday July 21st.  Sunday July 22nd I will announce the TOP 5 COMMENTS, all will receive a copy of the incredible Humberto Ramos AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 Fan Expo Boston exclusive variant!!

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  • fourwayflashers

    The best part of a comic con is Artist Alley hands down. There is nothing better than interacting and getting sketches from the artists.

  • Foxom

    The people watching for sure. Movie stars to walmart parking lot and everything in between. If there was CGC on a stick it would be like a state fair on steroids!

    • Hard question. It has to be those unique chances to see or get things that you didn’t think possible. Seeing the 1st pilot for Locke & Key. Buying a 4 figures set of TMNT and then getting it signed by Kevin Eastman. The countless sketches by your favorite artist.

  • Chacho

    People watching is fun, but my main reason to go to cons is the books. I love hunting books that I cannot find in my local scene. I guess it would be easy just to stay home and buy stuff from the bay, but I love hunting the books raw, seeing it in person, and see what kids of deals can be found. The hunt is the funnest part for me.

  • My favorite part of any con or comic show is short and long box diving. The feeling I get when I flip a book forward and see that special cover I’ve been chasing is just awesome. Or when you come across a run that you know a gem/key is a part of and every flip of a book sends your HEART racing…..I LOVE THAT FEELING!!! LoL. Thank you guys for giving me so many gems to chase the sight is awesome.

  • My favorite part of a con is the chance to meet the artists.

  • A. J. Diesel

    My favorite part of a comic convention is bumping into my close friend, Mr. Louis Ferigno! It’s like, every show I buy a ticket too, he does too!

  • My absolute favorite thing about a comic-con is digging through boxes an boxes of cheap comics looking for (and usually finding) lots of books that I can sell for 5x – 100x the purchase price. Trust me. I once paid $.25 apiece for six books at a con, paid to have 3 of them graded, sold the other 3 raw and came out $974.50 ahead. I’ll sit on the floor and dig all day.

  • Books and interaction with artists absolutely…but you can’t beat grabbing some picks with the cosplayers.

  • Getting to meet the artists and writers, and having my books signed for my pc.

  • Definitely looking for a great book buy while getting a commission from Artists Alley!

  • Eman

    My favorite part of attending a show or a con is that I’m surrounded by people that get (understand) the comic book life. That I can nerd out about Batman comics and the guy next to me understands why and he’s doing the same thing.

  • Interacting with the artists and writers while getting your books signed is always the highlight of any con for me.

  • The Cosplay. I love that members of our comic book community can go wild with their creativity and feel uninhibited because everyone in the convention is part of the extended family! Where The only judgments are the ones that start out,”hey Great costume!!”

  • I love interacting with comic talent during all cons that I get to go since I am not located in the USA but also while waiting in line for the talent I have gotten to meet a lot of nice folk with whom I have struck good relationships with and become friends so both are an intergral part of a comic book convention for me.

  • My favorite part of a comic-con is being able to interact with some great creators, writers and artists! Like when I was briefly chatting with Simon Bisley, a personal icon to me, and he tells me “man, I have to use the head” and asked me to watch his table for a few minutes. As I oblige, across from him is Mike Grell and we start chatting and he tells me how nice of a young man I am, I was 40 at the time, and he signs my Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters and includes remarks. These are the moment I treasure!

  • Punisher78

    My favorite part of the convention, besides picking up 50¢-$1 keys is to pick up my graded books from CBS or CBCS. The long wait through the mail is soooooooo long an Treacherous & I just can’t wait to see them.

  • For me it’s talking to comic dealers and listening to their vast experience and knowledge on characters and stories I never knew existed. I have been into comics for about 3 &1/2 years, so my knowledge is miniscule to these grandmasters! I love learning about comics and where I’m going wrong, right or where I need to improve.

    So I thank these guys and gals for fuelling my love for comics!!

  • misfit138

    The only reason I go to cons is to get sigs. I don’t even care about talking to the artist, because the top ones you’re going to get 10 seconds in front of them and then move along. I love taking a $3-4 dollar book and turning it into a $150-300+ book. I love reading comics 1st and foremost, but accomplishing an objective I have is second. For instance, taking an Our Love Story #5 and getting Romita, Stan and Steranko on it is a passion. Taking a Rock And Roll biographies and getting the members of my favorite band, Living Colour, to sign it and having the only copy in the world. Or going to a signing for aquatic painter Guy Harvey and having him sign an Aquaman #15 blank and having the only one in the world is a cool feeling. Meeting Will Eisner and Stan at a convention and getting Liefeld, Lim and a few other artists to do head sketches in my Program and getting Eisner and Stan to sign it is incredible. That’s why I go to cons. To complete ideas I have in my head. Meeting Tim Vigil, J. O’Barr, Howard Chaykin, Katie Cook and Arthur Suydam and getting commissioned pieces on blanks is pretty thrilling for me. It’s cool to put a face with a name and sometimes what you imagined an artist to look like isn’t even close in real life. Especially back in the days when we didn’t have the interweb.

  • My favorite part would be like most everybody else’s which is to blow my entire life savings on comic books of course!
    Seriously though, my favorite part is seeing the vast amount of great stuff there’s out there, what a great big community there is that loves comics and is passionate enough to go out there and indulge in their obsession many times over.
    Just went to Garden State Comic Fest this past weekend and was able to scratch like 7 or 8 books of my wish list! Feels great! Will also be attending the Boston con and Terrificon in August!

  • Nick Tolman-
    The atmosphere. Everyone is there for one reason…their love of comics and everything related.

  • Like many other people, I enjoy watching people in costumes, meeting my favorite artists, getting my comics signed, and getting them graded. I do enjoy that. But for me the best part of going to a conventions is bring my Son. Giving me a chance to show him the costumes, the digging thru boxes for comics, giving him a chance to meeting the people who create the comics we enjoy. I get to share my interests with him and make some memories.

  • The awesome cosplayers who pose with you for selfies!

  • Checking out the comics dealers! Especially because at some cons they seem to be gettinf fewer and fewer

  • I love everything about ComicCons … except for the lines. Well, the lines aren’t that bad. I’ve always chit-chatted with people while I’m waiting. It’s like another microcosm of like-minded people. We’re all waiting in line for the same thing. Whether it’s to see and talk to a certain person, signatures, or getting a picture with them. All’s good.

  • Earlybird

    Seeing the younger generation showing the same excitement and interest that I did all those years ago. You can’t beat true childlike enthusiasm ; and I still have it to this day.

  • A lot of awesome things about the experience, but to pick one, I’d have to say the Cosplayers make it really memorable!

  • My favorite part of attending a show is chatting with dealers to catch up with how they’re doing on a personal level and catching up with other collectors my same age range… digging through the cheap bins is also nice.. but hanging with ppl is what a convention is all about … Mainly dicking around and laughing and telling jokes to distract others while digging through the bins lol

  • I love going down artist alley to meet the artists and see new and up and coming books and meet the possible next big artist. There is also no better thrill than the hunt for comics. Digging through boxes to find gold.

  • This year is going to be my first time at a con. The thing I am more excited about are meeting with the artist and writers. Talking with them know their story see their passio. Be able to let them know they are appreciated and thank them for making great story and art that let us have that special moment in our memories for ever.

  • The best part about a con is the team-mission skill building it brings when you’re with your friends. At a recent con, my girlfriend, her brother, his girlfriend, and myself went together. We were able to give each other lists of what everyone wanted. We all split and had zones throughout the con. We covered the medium-sized con so fast, we were able to ooh and ahhh afterwards as a group, looking at the high priced wall books and meeting the guests. It was an awesome experience and made for a smooth and seamless transition. If this were an RPG, everyone’s team skills would’ve increased. Some quick examples are finding both issues of Blade Runner, a ASM #606 for $20, and a Batgirl #23 Middleton for $25. It was definitely a great bonding experience.

  • I love digging thru long boxes, seeing the cosplay, all the crazy exclusives….but my favorite part is just seeing everyone smiling and happy to be enjoying themselves. I haven’t been to many but the few that I have attended had a great atmosphere. I’m not really into meeting the artists or signings….just not my thing.

  • I love meeting fellow comic book fans and meeting the writers/artist

  • Easiest part for me is being able to get my hands on tonnes of stuff I can’t get locally. Easily beats eBay buying and it’s pretty difficult around where I live in Scotland.

    An adventure is sure to be had 😊

  • The best part of Comic Con is seeing my son’s excitement and engagement with the vendors and other fans/cosplayers. Last year he dressed up as Rocket Raccoon and got the chance to go up on the Marvel stage, answered a few questions from the host and did a hero pose. He ended up getting some new comics, posters and a signed Spider-Man book as a reward!

    Can post a 40 sec video clip if I’m allowed. 🙂

  • stevemcqueen

    Aside from buying comic books, my favorite part of going to Comic Conventions is meeting actors, actresses, and comic book artists, and getting a glimpse of their personalities. One of my most memorable moment was seeing Millie Bobbie Brown at the Asia Pop Comic Con, who looked actually warm, humble and very engaging to the fans. It was really an awesome experience!

  • For me it is unearthing hidden gems in dollar boxes.

  • kidbamboo

    The best part for me is bumping in to an old friend trying to get his own comic title/art into the mainstream and sharing the comic scene with my family.

  • I experience a high that I cant get elsewhere!

  • I like to meet the various artist, get sketches from them and search for comics to fill my want list.

  • For me, the best part of the con is seeing all the cosplay and toys…the books are a bit hard to track down or so overpriced, just not worth it, but the peripheral stuff is fun to see.

  • invinciblelatin

    Getting swag and seeing first some sexy cosplay outfits then checking out all the other well created cosplayers. Mainly the non professional ones. Also I love getting exclusive books but sadly da cons lately in my area haven’t really produced any.

  • I love finding books that nobody else found. The thrill of the catch!

  • Ben C

    Thanks Folks, entries are officially cut off, will have a post of the winners tomorrow morning.

  • Favourite part of a con is picking through dollar bins finding gold.

  • Ben C


    Need you folks to email with your username, name and shipping address so we can ship your prize out.

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