The Weekend After Wednesday for 6/30/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/27/18. They could still be at your shop.



BATGIRL #24 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – Everyone was on top of this variant.  Surprisingly, it’s doing well at $9 to $13 shipped.  This was the ONLY Hot book that I was able to find this week. It was still such a crazy fun week for comics. 

BLOODSTRIKE #23 LIEFELD “THE POUCH” VARIANT (IMAGE) – Yeah, we get it.  You had too many costumes in the 90’s that featured WAY too many pouches and big guns. I don’t see a long life for this book’s value; however, it’s currently selling for $15 shipped.

CHAMPIONS #19 & #20 CONNECTING 2NDPRINTS (MARVEL) –Sets are selling really well at $30 shipped.  It even hit $40 on Thursday.  The good news it’s a little harder to flood eBay with these since you have to find BOTH connecting covers.  There are about 21 sets currently listed on eBay.  However, there were plenty of copies available at Diamond this morning for both covers.  #19 2ndprint is no longer available.  However, #20 2ndprint has plenty of copies left.  If you’re missing #20, just ask your LCS to order one for you at cover price.  I doubt they’ll last long.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 1:25 VARIANT (BOOM!) – Power Ranger books are surprising lately.  The 1:25 variant was mostly selling for $20 all week, until it’s most recent sale of $40.  Is that a fluke?  There are cheaper copies available at $30.  The 1:10 variant is ALSO doing well and selling at $20.  However, tread lightly with the 1:10.  There are numerous listed copies ranging from $15 to $20 shipped and most seem to be sitting.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #32 (MARVEL)– This 1stappearance of PRINCESS FISK (if you don’t count the preview in issue #31… which I don’t) will cost you $13-$16 shipped.  That’s a great price for a brand new book.

MARVEL #31 HANS VARIANT (MARVEL)– Man, this book was impossible for me to find. Most of my stores under-ordered these.This is going for $19 shipped. Oh, and it’s also the first appearance of SKUNK GIRL.  Is she not Hepzibah from X-Men?

TEEN TITANS SPECIAL #1 (DC)– There was some debate over this book… and I’m not sure where it landed officially.  However, Lobo’s Daughter CRUSH does make a very brief cameo in this book.  It’s selling really well right now at $12-$15.  I also heard it’s a great read (which I wouldn’t know since copies were sold out before I even stepped foot into my LCS).  Oh well!

VENOM #3 1:25 MOLINA VARIANT & 1stPRINT (MARVEL)– I’m not super impressed by this variant and I’m also on the fence with this whole Knull: Symbiote God.  However, it was still incredibly difficult to track down and it’s doing fantastic. It’s currently sitting at $108 shipped.  Amazing.  The 1stprint is no slouch either; it’s selling for $15 to $16 shipped.


CHAMPIONS #21 (MARVEL) – Last week, the first full Snowguard in CHAMPIONS #21 was selling for $13 shipped.  Sets of #19, 20 & 21 were selling for $40.  Prices have dropped a bit.  #21 is selling for $10/$11, and the full set of Snowguard books is selling for $23/$25.

X-MEN GOLD #30 CAMPBELL CLASSIFIED VARIANT (MARVEL) – This book sold tons of copies last week at a very steady $14 shipped.  It’s dropped a little to $10/$12.


BATMAN ELMER FUDD #1 (DC) – One year ago, this was the hottest book of the week, selling at $24 for a set of both covers or individually at $15.  Surprisingly, one year later, both the Lee Weeks and Fingerman covers have held up decently.  Prices vary, each selling for $14 to $20.

EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1 (OF 5) 1:50 MATTINA VARIANT (MARVEL) – Last year, this Mattina variant was selling for $68 shipped.  One year later, prices have varied greatly.  Some NM raw copies can hit $60 and then a few days later a CGC 9.8 sells for $80.  More recently, NM raw copies are selling from $22 to $50.  This is a very inconsistent seller.

WONDER WOMAN 25 FRISON “B” VARIANT (DC) – This gorgeous Jennifer Connolly-like variant was selling for $13 last year.  If I remember correctly, this is the book that set off a lot of the interest in Frison’s DC “B” variants.  One year later, prices have actually gone up to $14/$16. 



BLACK PANTHER #2 DAUTERMAN 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This variant, which interior story features Killmonger (potentially) having a symbiote, is holding at ratio: $25





CHARLIES ANGELS #1 (DYNAMITE ENT.) – Man, even the Finch 1:30 B&W only sells for $10 shipped.

DETECTIVE COMICS #983 BROOKS “B” VARIANT (DC) – I’m a huge Brooks fan and this totally flew below my radar.  I absolutely LOVE this cover.  I couldn’t find a single copy, so to eBay I go!  Luckily, this is selling for cover price + shipping.


FLASH #49 MATTINA “B” VARIANT (DC)– This was seeing some higher sales at $10 shipped.  However, it has since settled back down to cover price.










  • Dale Valiant horton

    This week belonged to the speculators/flippers but also gave some great stuff for readers. Pretty amazing week to kick off the summer season. Great coverage i know you had your hands full this week. If skunk girl and squirrel girl do not have some sort of meeting soon i would be disappointed.

  • Avatar

    Surprised sentry isn’t hotter.

    • Avatar

      I just hit my LCS this morning and it looked like Sentry hadn’t been touched while nearly everything else sold out. I’m a bit surprised with the hype going into this week

  • Avatar

    I think the owners of my local book shop visit this site. They had Batgirl limited to one copy per customer but I was surprised that they had no limit on the Teen Titans. I did manage to find a couple of copies that weren’t beat up. Black covers are tough even on new book day. I’m gonna hold them and see what happens.

  • Avatar

    I think BP2 is the most underrated this week. I have a feeling that book may heat up later.

  • Avatar

    That Edge of Venomverse Mattina 1:50 was the first variant that I noticed was far more widely available than it should have been due to a very high number of store variants and sellers getting the incentives based off store exclusive orders. It was this book that made me first take notice to this recent phenomenon that has held such incentives back due to basically the market being flooded with too many copies. And this is the result a year later this book is still not doing nearly as well as it should have if there wasn’t so many copies due to store exclusives imo of course but I really don’t think I’m alone in my thinking here.

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