Ssssssssnikt!, Daria, Creed 2, Speed Racer & More!

This week I am all about claws.  With Charles Soule set to add a new power to Wolverine's arsenal,  I wonder what the sound of hot claws will be?  Last week I mentioned the first appearance of hot claws, this week I am going to cover the heat and laser variety.  You never know what Marvel is going to do so buying these cheap books is probably not a bad move.

Wolverine 22 ( 2005 )

First appearance of heat claws

Johnny Storm aided Logan on this one but he clearly has heated claws at least for one page.  He also describes in great detail the agony they cause, something I expect Soule to make a point of doing throughout his run.


Wolverine Weapon X 2

First appearance of Blackguard ( cover )

Um laser claws are way cooler than hot claws.  Blackguard appeared in issue 1 but the cover to issue 2 is infinitely better!



Wizard Magazine Wolverine Special 1999

First appearance of Wild Thing/laser claws

Laser claws were a thing back in 1999!  Wolverine's first daughter ( not firs child mind you ) had some pretty sweet claws but she never really had any staying power.  She was popular enough to appear in a bunch of comics and get a toy.  Maybe the idea was just ahead of its time or she was just a victim of an era filed with poor writing and terrible novelties.

NOTE:  Wild Thing's first is also the first  Hulk 181 homage!

( unconfirmed )  


Monsters Unleashed 5

First Fireclaw

So this guy is not Wolverine and despite being called Fireclaw he has energy claws?!  OK well I thought this guy would sore in popularity but he's all but forgotten.  The series was underwhelming to say the least but he was the best of the bunch so I am still betting on him long term even though he's dead.


X-Men Mangaverse 1

First Mangaverse Wolverine


Old Man Logan 32

The Wolverinix thing is real people and the speculation has already begun.  Here is one people seem to have forgotten about.  Fire claws and Phoenix!

More fire claws!


Exiles 85

First appearance of Brother Mutant

First astral claws?



Weapon X 10 ( first appearance of Deathlok of Reality ), 14

Man Jason Aaron sure loves him some hot claws too!


Amazing Spider-man 66

No first hear,  just a great Mysterio cover.  As rumors continue to build for his inclusion in the next Spidey film, finding iconic covers are not going to be easy.  This one is killer.



Marvel Age 134

First appearance of Daria

Never heard MTV's Daria?  IF you are into awesome cartoons then it's time to go Google MTV Oddities and have your mind blown!  In my opinion Daria is the best cartoon MTV ever produced and she's coming back!

Beavis and Butt-Head 1

First Full Daria

I have to included this one but you really should own it already.  There are a few versions; 1 direct, 1 newsstand, 1 silver, 1 red hand error ( thanks to G+ member Mike Jensen for pointing the error out! )



Kamikaze! 1

First appearance of Speed Racer


I’m not sure how I feel about a new Speed Racer adaptation but it looks like it's gonna happen.


MAD 548

There aren't a lot of Stranger Things illustrated covers out there so this one should be on the list for anyone excited about those upcoming comics!

UPDATE:  There was an Con sampler for this which appears to be quite rare.  See comments below

You can tell the difference on cover as the banners are not the same.


G.I. Joe Order of Battle 2

First appearance of Rocky Balboa

With Creed 2 coming out I realized how I never put any effort into finding Rocky's first comic appearance.  Comics are sooooo strange sometimes.  What is he doing in a Joe book?



Justice League Quarterly 11

First Mike Mayhew pro work ( Interior Pencils )

Mike is one of the artists we all love and for good reason.  This is his first pro work


Justice League Quarterly 15

First pro cover ( collaboration with Dan Davis )

First pro cover



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    Love me some Lady Rawhide. Definitely remember snagging that one on day of release!

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    There’s also a 16 page 2017 Mad Magazine Stranger Things NYCC Sampler which predates Mad Magazine #548 and was a limited giveaway at the DC Booth at the Con. It has a similar cover to #548 except there is no UPC Barcode and the top banner says, “Special Convention Sampler”.

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      It was also given out to all attendees of the Mad Magazine panel. While I sat thru that panel to guarantee a seat at the IDW Byrne/Simonson Kirby panel right after, the Mad panel was incredibly funny.

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    That ASM #66 cover is awesome!

    I had no idea Rocky was is a GI Joe book. As a huge Rocky fan, I am going to have to hunt this down!! 🙂

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    I had to pick up the 1st Rocky book. I am too big of a fan not to. I found the 1st Wolverine in Manga in a charity shop today. Thanks.

  • misfit138

    Awesome as always. I’m always shocked at what you come up with, good or bad!!! 🙂

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