Variant Heat Check for 6/26/2018



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 1:10 Ramos Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Sony announces plans for a Silk movie and ASM #4 just went ballistic. The Campbell variant goes for more money, but for sheer volume this book takes the crown this week. 9.8’s have cracked $300, while raws were hitting $150. I feel like Sony is getting way ahead of itself as the Venom movie doesn’t look that great, but I guess we’ll see in October.


The Weeknd Presents Starboy #1 Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

The Weeknd has turned himself into a superhero, and this book is selling surprisingly well. The regular cover came out a couple of weeks ago (6/13), but apparently the variant dropped on 4/19. It started out as a $25 book, but now is getting between $40-$80!


Green Lantern #25 Frank Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

I find it interesting that this book has been selling a little bit. DC variants have cooled off a lot lately, especially since the Justice League movie bombed at the box office. But someone must have some interest in Larfleeze or Atrocious, and I must say that sometimes it’s better to go against the crowd. The price has nearly doubled in the last few months.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


  • 2/3 … who care about The Weekend

  • I live for the week…and I know how to spell.

    I got 4 Spidey’s the day they were released from Rockin Rooster in Cincy for $10 each….as for the Green Lantern, I’ve never seen that book, despite never actually looking for it.

    Great job, Keith!!

  • Great job ! Quite happy with my 5 ASM 4 and my ramos variant ! 😉

  • Green Lantern #25 Frank Variant

    I specced on this book a while back thinking this might be the big bad for a possible green lantern corps movie. it’s still a good buy if you can find a high grade copy cheap.

    • Keith S.

      I figured that’s why people were buying it, but DC movie spec is in the dumpster right now.

      • True…it really is, but one or two good movies and a strong commitment in regard to how the DC cinematic universe will move forward (Looking at you Black Adam!) and DC movie specs will hit the big time again!!!…..Sooooo, probably never.

        • Keith S.

          Kevin Smith recently interviewed the guys who wrote Avenger Infinity War, and asked them how they could fix the DC cinematic universe. too funny.

  • Have 2/3. I personally don’t care for musicians on comics but there’s a market for everything.

    I sold a Monsters Unleashed 2 1:100 variant (Kamala Khan cover) for $1,500 last week. On to the next one.

    • Keith S.

      I thought Gerard Way did ok. $1500, damn time for you to retire!

      • A. J. Diesel

        Gerard Way was a huge comic book before he became a musician. Wrote a comic called “On Ravens Wings” in his teens. Got printed by an Indy press. I too am against people in music doing comic books just to have more crap out there. Tyrese Gibson tried that crap years back. But Gerard, he’s a true comic guy

  • I think the Venom movie looks great and based on the 65 million trailer views on YouTube it has tons of positive buzz, but even that movie, with a character with sizable fan base and 30 years of canon, took nearly a decade to actually materialize.

    Given Sony’s track record of announcing movies only to then cancel them, I am silently chuckling at anyone who seriously believes a Silk movie is ever going to see the light of day.

    • Keith S.

      I have some serious doubts about a Silk movie, but you never know as Sony is pretty desperate to break into the super hero genre.

      • Lol Apparently. With the Morbius movie, Aunt May, Sinister Six, Silver and Black, Kraven the Hunter, and now Silk (?). It really looks like Sony is just trying to throw everything at the wall, and as of yet, none of it has come to anything (other than Venom, which like I said took about ten years to happen). Sony’s biggest problem is that all of the known hero material they have to pull from comes exclusively from Peter Parker/Spider-man’s universe in one way or another. So unless he’s in it in one way or another, how does it work? That’s the biggest gripe people have about the Venom movie (even though it’s pretty much already been confirmed that at least some kind of minor direct Spider-Man connection will be made in that movie). Do I think there will be a Silk movie ? No. Do I think there will be a Morbius movie? No. Kraven movie? No. If the Venom movie hits we will probably get a sequel or two out of that, along with a bunch of Spider-man sequels but that’s about it. Best we’re going to get in live action is an Easter egg here and there about other Spider characters, maybe an appearance or two in the distant future within a Spider-man movie. Maybe.

      • accustomfigures

        Sony will get their chance at their own superhero franchise next year when Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot lands. If it hits the 4 subsequent planned movies with Harbinger could be a big franchise for them.

        • Keith S.

          I lost a lot of faith in Valiant after I watched 2 or 3 episodes of the web series, when Dinesh got canned, and then Lemire told me he was leaving after issue 12 of Bloodshot Salvation.

  • Well Disney is coughing up $71 billion for Fox. Now obviously they are getting a lot more than just the F4 and X-Men out of this but those are the things most of us care about. Part of me hopes that Sony’s Spider-Man related movies don’t do well so that eventually Disney can buy the movie rights back for their Spidey characters and we can finally have everyone back together again. Disney getting to use Spidey in Avengers movies will have to do in the meantime I guess.

  • I doubt a solo Silk movie will develop but I can certainly see the character being easily worked into the Sony film Spider-verse. If don’t wants a go of it the will need a large diverse cast of young characters like Morales, Moon, Gwen, etc. In fact to avoid confusion I can easily see them using Cindy Moon as a Spider-Man love interest instead of Spider-Gwen depending on the script or story. Also with Netflix and the like there is many avenues of movie release now besides the big budget blockbuster.

    Is the character going to have her own trilogy? Hell no, but there is a decent amount of potential there in my opinion.

  • I want chocolate cake,

  • Keith S.

    That would be Green Lantern #20

  • Ben C

    think thats like GL 27 from new 52 or Justice League 30. I get confused with my 1st apps after 1975, lol

    Great job Keith, I look forward to this piece each week!

  • Topher

    That GL is indeed the first Larfleeze, who would make a great live villain! It is also the firsts for a bunch of his constructs.

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