CBSI : Scott’s Collectables / SDCC Variant Contest

In our ongoing effort to improve as well as our G+ CBSI COMMUNITY I am happy to announce the latest CBSI Contest with awesome prizes from our friends at SCOTT'S COLLECTABLES !!


With the success of the first CBSI WRITER WARS it became clear to us that we want to give the readers what they want.  How do we do that?  Well quite simply, we ask!


WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE FROM COMICBOOKINVEST.COM / CBSI??  Any ideas or suggestions for what YOU want out of the best comic book speculation and investment site in the universe.  Want to see a specific topic covered in an article?  Want to see more posts from our Instagram or maybe you want a section on the G+ community that covers a specific topic we have overlooked?  LET US KNOW!! 


Entries will be in the form of comments on this thread.  While all ideas and suggestions will be considered, the top 3(decided by the CBSI staff) will win prizes.  *One entry per user please*


Winners will be prized some very cool Variants that Scott's has specifically for San Diego Comic Con!  Lucky for us, though these variants are headed to SDCC, CBSI has been gifted a very small number to prize out to our members.


1st Place : ASM 1 (Dell’otto variant)


2nd Place : ASM 1 (Parrillo variant)


3rd Place : TMNT 84 (Bermejo variant)


Can't wait to win?  Anything NOT sold at SDCC will be placed on the SCOTT'S COLLECTABLES SITE for sale after the convention is over.


Contest will run until Saturday June 30th so make sure to get your idea in now!!


As always I want to give a big thanks to Dan Scott of Scott's Collectables!


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    I am somewhat new to speculating to the degree that you guys have this dialed in at! Kudos. But what I would like to see is more information on pre-speculation. Generally, the information is for comics that are already out and everyone bought everything under the sun already, so the price has already jumped. I would like to know more about the comics that are coming out “inbetween” Previews and what is coming out this Wednesday.

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    The G+ CBSI page is putting out a ton of grant tips and rumors on speculation. In fact, I am having trouble keeping up with all of it in addition to the articles. Would be great if there was a weekly summary (or even daily) of the speculation news from the previous week on the G+ page and highlighting the articles from the website. I usually visit my LCS once a week and this would be a nice quick reference before I go to see if there is anything to dig through the bins for.

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    There are obviously a lot of articles on speculation because this is a speculation site, but how about an introspective look at comic book collecting. Articles that showcase why comics are so important to someone featuring a special story in their life. It could lead to showcasing that one special book they are holding on to for emotional or investment purposes. It would be great to allow someone different to write one of these a week with authors switching. I feel that there are a lot of people who just come one here to get their info and dip. It’s time to bring more of a camaraderie and connection between us so we not only share specs, we go deeper and understand why comics, and certain comics, are really important to us.

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    1. More haul posts, especially hauls from the writers LCBS. I enjoy watching Youtubers that do this. Finding a hidden gem or getting a steal of a deal is exciting.

    2. Showcase collections from the community (not mine, it’s sad).

    3. Showcase obscure variants. I always love to see a variant I haven’t seen before.

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    This site has pretty much everything thing I want in regards to spec. Something outside of spec that I would like to see from you guys is comic reviews. I know from listening to the podcasts that I trust your tastes in comics better than the questionable tastes of some of the other sites like CBR, etc. hearing how you guys would rate new comics would help me choose my reading material in the same way that your articles help me choose my spec.

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    As informative as this and the G+ site are, there is one category or type of article that I don’t remember seeing, at least frequently. I do recall seeing replies on the subject, and the occasional arguments why not to invest in certain books. So, in short what I would really like to see is, with all the facts/theories/etc. to back up the warning, are articles cautioning against investing in a particular book/group of books/character/group of characters.

    P.S. always looking for more cheap/longshot spec. articles to read over.

  • Foxom

    This is a little out of the box but I have 2 ideas. 1st of all how about forging a relationship with a large dealer. When a book gets to a certain point on you guy’s radar see if they can set aside x number of copies to be offered to our community with a limit per buyer, so we can all get a taste even if some don’t live near a big shop and se don’t have to keep shoveling $ into the bay.

    2nd is it possible that we could combine our forces like Voltron(for you younger readers that’s like power rangers but awesome) or like group health insurance. If someone could facilitate it could we get enough submissions together as a group per month/quarter to get a discount from cgc or cbcs on grading?

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    A series on collecting fads. I collect foreign comics like Britain’s Mighty World of Marvel or Captain Britain, Italian silver age comics, Die Spinne from Germany. I collect Double cover comics. I collect comics that contain Beatle appearances. I collect “last issues” of long running series. I collect (even though I don’t collect, normally) High grade Marvel romance comics, westerns, war and monster because fewer people collected comics in those days BUT NOBODY collect those books. They were literally thrown around. Some people collect flag covers, some collect infinity covers….Fad collecting…there might be a better name for it.

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    The one thing i would like to see is checklists of key issues/ appearances on specific characters or series. Other than that, this site is perfect

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    Splitting the top 10 into variant and non-variant.

    Another thought would be to create top 10 by splitting the ages up, silver/bronze/etc. Would be awesome, but I realize that would be time consuming.

  • Mark

    I’d like to see a section where users could vote on topics like controversial first appearances. G+ polls fall off the radar and I’m thinking of something more permanent. Could also be a wiki or something more community driven that’s backed by data collected in G+ polls.

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    I’d like to see some sort of “comics optioned for film or television” resource to make speculation easier. Seems like 90% of a comic going up in value is based off of it getting picked up by a film company. If you could somehow reference optioned books by 1st appearances, keys, and milestones and possibly have a weekly column on the new optioned books and/or a best bets section. Also, I personally miss all the one per store books, like the Spawn Thanks variant, etc. It would be awesome if the site can pre warn us to look out for those. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!- JT

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    As someone who is pretty young in the spec game I feel something that may be helpful to see is how to shop for good spec.

    Where to dig for good spec info (previews, twitter, etc.), the do’s and don’ts of EBay shopping, his to shop for new comics especially if you don’t have many shops, should you do pre-orders, etc.

    I feel like the site does a great job on telling us what books are hot and what to buy/sell but not always the real when and why of it that could help us see trends and such for other books.

  • Dell18

    A lot of quality responses here. I’m old-school and just starting to utilize CBSI and G+ and have really enjoyed the articles and used the info. I get the market has evolved and changed but it seems there’s so much emphasis on covers and 1st appearances (which is fine, I get it, I go after those too) but little on just actual quality stories and series. It could be a favorite of a writer (or writers) current series or back issue. I mean, just this last week, Marvel’s kid book Alpha Rising got WAY more love than say Gideon Falls or Skyward or Coda or whatever which are actually good reads for someone over 12. It’d be nice to see a slight market/spec shift towards quality stories and I’d like to see what story arcs are favorites of the CBSI staff.

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    I think an article on ordering through your LCS would be a good addition. Most new speculators know about ordering online or being Wednesday Warriors, but I think they could learn about being Previews Warriors. Talking to your LCS, asking to order a certain number for you. I’m sure most shops can give you a deal if you order heavy (mine does).

    This could also lead into what I call “sweet spot” comics. Ordering comics that do not have store variants but will have a big first appearance that will yield returns down the road.

    The best example is probably Thanos #13. Imagine being the customer who ordered 25 copies through your LCS to get the variant, got a discount on them, and then sold them all (or a big chunk) two months later. I know I wish I was that guy.

    The next sweet spot comic I have in mind is Death of the Inhumans #1 1:10 variant. No store variants, new character on the variant cover, and most shops probably don’t care to order Inhumans since the show did bad, comics did ok, and they rather focus on Cosmic Ghost Rider instead.

  • Earlybird

    I’d like to see a top ten best comic covers, maybe monthly or bi-monthly, maybe you can do it as a open vote an suggestion process by CBSI’ers
    But whatever you do i’m Sure I’ll enjoy it

  • Punisher78

    Always been a fan of this site. I would like to see Netflix 101 Speculation to come back better than ever. It’s a whole new chapter in collecting. There are so many shows & new shows to be seen yet. Down the road they might go to Disney but let’s enjoy a great thing while it lasts.

  • Tue L

    I would like to see a Weekly TOP 10. Ben C does one week and Trey do the second week as mentioned on the podcast. Thanks!

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    I would like to see speculation farther in advance. The three week article is great but more of what is coming farther down the line would be nice to see spec on. Thanks as always and this is a great site and community!

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    Love the site. I would like to see a weekly article dedicated to new collectors and/or sellers to help grow your audience. This section could cover grading tips, what are the different types of “damages” or “imperfections” on a comic to look for when buying comics (condition wise), how to ship comics, how to store comics, buying tips, selling tips, differences between types of bags and boards, why print runs matter, PC vs spec vs flip articles, 1st apps vs cameos vs 1st in costume etc. Yes, these tips do exist in various forms throughout the history of the site, but having them in one place in a “new collector’s corner” would help those new to the hobby navigate some of the more intimidating parts of beginning the hobby. It would also create a space for new(ish) collectors to ask questions they may have.

  • AnthonyL

    A Top 10 like Stein does but that dives into a niche: artist, series, character.

  • Avatar

    The Top 10 needs to become updated weekly.

  • Avatar

    I really liked the Writer Wars. It would be awesome if it were a monthly/bi-monthly item. I don’t think there always needs to be a prize as being able to write something and have it on the site is a win already. Maybe give the person who wins the option to do more or be featured on the podcasts and tell their story.

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    How about sitting down to interview and talk shop with some of the up and coming artists? Artists like Stephanie Hans or Joshua Middleton. Maybe even throw in a big name artist from time to time like Dell’Otto. You could ask them questions about their killer covers and also see what future comics they are keeping an eye on???

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    First, I just want to thank you guys for always giving great information!
    I have been following your site for several years and I have done well by you.
    I enjoy the classic cover, Top 10, and obviously the Wed article. With that said, I think an article that deals with $1 bin finds would be an awesome edition. When I go out on Wed it would be cool to have an article guiding me to the $1 bins and potential flips there (Top 10 does this, but it’s on Friday and usually has harder to find items)
    For a lot of people just starting out this is a great way to get more invested.
    I would call the article “The thrill of the hunt” as $1 bin finds are still my favorite part of collecting!

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    I’m thinking some info on comic related start-ups. Who is doing what? Where to find and fund start-ups.

    Hell even some info on how start-ups work.

    I mean there are some pretty good comics out there that started through start ups and the comics you get as a thank you for investing can be very cool and really rare.

    That would be something cool to get information about. And not only speculatively speaking, you even get to help the comic community.

    Win/win if you ask me.

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    i would write a series of semi serious semi tongue in cheek editorials on the comic book scene.

  • orbetony

    I’d like to see different advice for short/medium/long term investing/investors.

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    I’d like to see an article on comic book grading tips. How to evaluate books condition, comparisons between the grading companies, how to submit, pressing / restoration issues, etc.

    I also love seeing people predicting grades and then seeing what grades the books get when they come back.

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    Found this site when I first got back in to collecting and its been awesome! Check it every day. I like the top 10, variants check and the Wednesday after. I would like to see prediction specs that can guide us in pre-ordering. I’d also like to see, possibly on Wednesday after, a hold/sell type suggestion. Thanks for doing the contest. That Dell’Otto variant is sick!

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    1) I would like to see an article of 80s 90s and 00s books that have gone from dollar bins to wall books
    2) Can we get some articles about crossover/ event spec. Seems like we get a lot of books from the big 2 like that but do any of those books have staying power or just wait for the dollar bin to get them.
    3) Also a fun idea for an article would be a where are they now type of thing. Where books have gone high and then have fallen in price.

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    The thing I’ve enjoyed the most on the site in a long time is the simplemanscomics videos every Monday (unless you follow on YouTube). The videos are fun and are a bit of pre-Wednesday speculation. I think it’s really interesting and gives you a shot of the stuff you’re going to be looking for. Otherwise, I’d say that another bit of fun would be more low income spec based on Previews magazine. I don’t know how that’d work though. hah

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    I have 2 suggestions:

    I think it would be great to have some sort of “Preview Speculation” article so that we can order the best books ahead of time with significant discount. I know my lcs has a fair amount of new releases but rarely orders variants and misses out on the more obscure series. It would be great to know an expert’s opinion on this so that I don’t have to buy that hot book I just found out about last second from ebay for a lot more than I want lol. I’m new to speculation too and I want to know how you guys think ahead of time.

    Secondly, we could have some sort of ongoing poll where people vote on upcoming comic books (it can be within any period of time or as soon as they are announced). That way we can all get a great idea about what everyone is thinking is a good investment. As soon as the book has been released or has been out for a little bit, we can remove it from the poll and allow other users to add the next newly-announced round of upcoming books that they think would be a good shot. I think that would be awesome!

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    First of all, love the site. I visit it every day on the weekdays at least. My favorite things are the Hot 10, the Variant Heat Check and the artist cover galleries. I also enjoy the original art articles on Fridays even though I don’t own any OA. One suggestion might be line graphs that chart the value of books over time. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • misfit138

    I don’t know exactly how you could expand upon Original Art Columns on CBSI, but I would like to see more about OA. Since the OA articles started I have now become an OA collector. Since the inception I have picked up pages from Tyler Kirkham and Gene Colan. On Saturday I just purchased an amazing piece from Tony Moore of a Zombie wearing Mickey Mouse ears if anyone wants to Google the image you can see the print they made from it. Maybe do articles focusing on different artists. Maybe showcase certain artists whose OA is hot, or is reasonable and spec on it taking off? I like that you showcased individuals collections, that is inspiring. So far with OA I am just keeping it simple, collect what I like and what I can afford. I have pieces from Lucio Parrillo, another sketch from Kirkham, an a few commissions from Arthur Suydam, Tim Vigil, Howard Chaykin, Scott Blair and Katie Cook. So in a years time I am pleased with my OA haul. The Tony Moore piece is by far the prize.

    It would also be cool to have a reader’s choice awards for an artist top 10 or expand to top 15. You recently had an article that was pretty polarizing, so let’s let the fans pick their top 10. My number one right now may be Jerome Opena. Who’s doing better work that him right now. His work on 72E is unreal. Let the fans keep JSC off the list if we opt to!!! 🙂 McFarlane is still King after all this time. Dell’Otto is regressing because he’s not doing any backgrounds. I’m not a Frank Cho fan, but if the fans love him and put him on the list, so be it. Adi Granov has completely fallen off. Let’s hear what the fans have to say. Maybe a Top 10 cover artist and Top 10 interiors artist?

    Lastly, numerous people have mentioned this, but I’d like a weekly Top 10. 2 a month is just too few for us ravenous fans.

  • mister paws


  • stevemcqueen

    Given that CBSI is mostly about about comic book speculation and investment, may I suggest if CBSI can try to have a section in its website that categorizes which comic titles are worth investing over time, and which comic books are under speculation? These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably: speculating and investing in comics. But there should be differences between the two in the articles, even though they sound like pretty much the same thing. And there should somehow be a way for us to determine which of the two we want to focus more on. The two primary factors that distinguishes them apart are time frame and the level of risk involved. Basically, how long are you putting money in the comics for, and how much risk are you willing to take? The approach that we’ll take, will have a significant impact on our comic book collecting, buying, and selling.
    Investing in comics should take more time. Here, there’s a lot of comic investors trying to make investments. If you’re a true investor, you don’t just sell your comics because there’s volatility. Even if you’re one of those who believe a comic book issue is bound to rise over time, the reality is that it’s never a straight line up. Long-term investing is about sticking with that comic book through its ups and downs, just like Batman and Catwoman, Colossus and Kitty Pryde, and Gambit and Rogue. I hope CBSI can somehow hint on titles which ones are good potentials for long-term investments, and which ones are good because of speculation.
    In addition, I hope you’ll write another great article on the Top 100 Variants. Thank you and more power guys!

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    I think you’ve covered pretty much everything in this site. I like dhero’s suggestion above about comic book collecting so he beat me to that. What I would like to suggest is to look at the other side of the spectrum – the comic book suppliers (our LCS). I don’t think we’ve look at comic book collecting from their perspective. Maybe you can do a weekly LCS corner where representatives from comic book shops can be interviewed – pulse of the market, brief history of their shop, favorite titles, etc. In turn, those that would like to get featured can do sonething in return much like Scott’s does for you guys. Overall, i think it will benefit both sides.

  • Avatar

    How about a weekly “quarter bin bets”. Stuff that’s super cheap in the bargain bins but could be a half way decent long shot, even if it’s years off.

  • Avatar

    There are three things i would like to see. I’d like to see two articles brought back from the dead “Ghost Hunting” and “I’d Buy that for a dollar.” Ghost hunting was great to help identify the HTF books, the old article really focused on modern books, i’d like to see it come back and span any age. I’d buy that was all long shot spec from the dollar bins but it highlighted lesser known 1st appearences or cool covers that could possibly rise.

    A new article would have two parts, first would be a list of books available for pre-order at around 8 weeks out. Fresh pre-orders and the reasons why a particular variant was pre-ordered even if it’s just artist spec.

  • Clashoftitans71

    CBSI is doing great work now and is most helpful for someone getting into the spec market. This week alone I was able to ask my LCS to pull the hot books for me, because of this community. Keep up the great work.

    Some things I think would be good additions are showcasing members collections, members hauls and a focus on someone’s local LCS. I’d love for the “I’d buy that for a dollar” articles to come back or others focusing on dollar books getting over looked. I LOVE searching through dollar bins.

    Keep up the amazing work and I am incredibly fortunate to find this community.

  • Avatar

    Here are a few ideas (sorry if any are repeats):

    1) An ongoing series that allows for CBSI followers to submit TV and Movie pitches based on their favorite comic book storylines. We could vote on our favorite submissions.

    2) Best and worst practices for posting/selling/shipping/buying/bidding on eBay (or any other sites). This could also include a Blacklist/watchlist to report scammers.

    3) Best and worst places to buy comics online (this could be a growing list with regular updates).

    4) Top 10 NonComic Hot List. Of course it would have to include comic themed items (e.g. Star Wars figures, cards, movie freebies)

  • Eman

    I’d like to see a ” Up coming Keys page” that informed us about upcoming First Appearance, deaths, or anything epic .weeks a head of time…. at least before it’s FOD.

  • Avatar

    I don’t know how you perfect perfection bit here is my 10 cents worth.

    I was trying to think of a way to get children involved with all things comics so my idea is what if CBSI applied to become a registered not for profit charity that members and others can donate to so we can help unprivileged children?! Children whos may be struck down with illness Olor children who go that extra mile in helping sick patents and just need an uplift in their little lives.

    Through the CBSI Charity we could provide comic books to schools, children in hospital wards where we could donate money to provide super heroes to turn up and surprise them?!

    Massive task but what an achievement if this could be pulled off!!

    Other than that I think what you guys have suggested is awesome!! 😎🤘🤘🤘

  • Avatar

    I always thought it be cool to have a post everyday where people can post the coolest book everyone found that day. Like a find of the day post … almost like a mini contest but just for bragging rights of course. Or just little fun posts like that if done tastefully of course could be really entertaining and good for the community to kinda see all the amazing finds from people who don’t have the time or energy to create a forum post for pick ups.

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