The Weekend After Wednesday for 6/23/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/20/18. They could still be at your shop.



CHAMPIONS #21 (MARVEL) – OKAY, after I butchered SNOWGUARD’s name (not Snowbird or Snowflame) last time, I can confidently say that she officially has her first full appearance as Snowguard in this issue. Copies are briskly selling for $13 shipped.  What’s really strong are the CHAMPIONS #19, 20 & 21 lot sales.  One set just sold for $40.  There’s also some light debate about how Snowguard also appears in full costume within INFINITY COUNTDOWN CHAMPIONS #1 this week (see below). However, it’s not much of a debate since the build-up, her non-costume 1stappearance and event timing all take place before Infinity Countdown.  BUT, because these are released on the same day, there could be some long-term debate down the road IF CGC puts something like “ties with Champions #21 for first full appearance of Snowguard.”  This will most likely happen.  SO, if you missed #21, Infinity Countdown could be a good consolation prize.   If you’re a fan or speculator of the character, you’re picking them all up anyways (unless you’re like me and not grabbing any). It’s worth noting that there are also 2ndprints for #19 and #20 coming that feature a connecting cover that spells her name and reuses interior art that features her in full costume.

X-MEN GOLD #30 CAMPBELL CLASSIFIED VARIANT (MARVEL) – Oodles of copies of the Campbell Classified cover (spoiler… Rogue & Gambit cover) sold this week at a very steady $14 shipped.  The Kirkham 1:50 variants are doing okay at $35.  The other variants are doing about half of ratio.  The winner is definitely the classified cover.


MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1 LEE 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This variant is still chugging along.  However, it has had some strange sales this week.  In the last few days, it saw a height of $137, $110 & $107 at the same time other sales were ranging from as low as $40 to $92.  The two most recent sales were for $50 BIN listings. They sold instantly.  However, two auctions ended around those at $86 and $52. The cheapest copy currently available is for $85.  Other auctions are still moving well.  So, who knows what this book wants to do right now.  $90 seems to be the most consistent.

WEATHERMAN #1 1:25 VARIANT (IMAGE) – Prices are still holding from last week's value of $41.  It did see a height of $69.99, but then dropped to its current price $44.  Can it hold? There aren’t that many copies listed, so flooding doesn’t seem to be an issue. I have a feeling that these will drop and settle to $30.

WEEKND PRESENTS STARBOY #1 (MARVEL) – Prices have been bouncing around for this title.  According to several shops that I spoke with, several mentioned that this was the most requested title last week… and everyone under ordered it.  Right now, it sells for $7 to $10 shipped.  The highlight for this book is the black variant that was only available at the WEEKND website for $5.99 capped at 5 per customer.  VF copies sell for $35, while NM-/NM copies are selling for $85.  I have a feeling these are going to be big.

ZINNOBER #1 –The “B” Dragon Variant is another price hold over at $17/$18 shipped. There do seem to be enough copies listed.  Most aren’t moving.  A drop does seem to be imminent.


SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER #1 (OF 5) 1:25 “NUDE” VARIANT (IMAGE) – This time last year you needed to shell out $35 to $40 to own the “Nude” variant of this title.   Today, this variant will cost you $24.

Z NATION #3 PARRILLO 1:20 VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – This hard to find variant was in WARM one year ago, simply because it had no listings or sales. Flash forward to now and it’s STILL hard to find.  Sales have been strange.  It sold for $3 in April, $15 in May and then most recently $40 on June 2nd.  So, I think this is still WARM.



AQUAMAN #37 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – While not as strong as BATGIRL #23, Middleton is still moving this book at $9-$11 shipped. The most recent sales have been just a tad over cover, hence why it’s in WARM.

GREEN LANTERNS #49 LOUW “B” VARIANT (DC) – Another gorgeous Warren Louw cover hit shelves this week.  It was an easy pick-up… if you could find one.  I couldn’t.  It’s currently selling for $12 to $13, yet copies are available for $10.  For some reason, copies are just sitting right now. Only one copy sold on Friday, the 22nd.   HOT books should be picking up steam, not losing it before the weekend.

TAARNA #2 “B” VARIANT (HEAVY METAL) – There is some interest in this cover.  Copies have ranged from $14 shipped to cover price.  There are only two listings currently, one is an auction and the other is a BIN at $25.  That seller might just get it.

VENOM #1 2NDPRINT (MARVEL) – This 2ndprint is surprisingly selling above cover at $11 shipped ($4.99 cover price though).



BATMAN #49 ARTGERM “B” VARIANT (DC) – I would like to say I was surprised that this is selling for LESS then cover, but it’s Artgerm.  Stores are all over his covers now and PLENTY of copies are available.  Still a great cover for the PC though!


FATHOM VOL 7 #1 (ASPEN) – It’s always nice to see a Siya cover!



INFINITY COUNTDOWN CHAMPIONS #1 (OF 2) (MARVEL) – So, if there was ever any real debate on whether people count this as a tied “first full appearance of Snowguard”, Champions is the hottest book of the week and this is selling for cover price. 

LOST CITY EXPLORERS #1 (AFTERSHOCK)– Zack Kaplan is a great dude.  His ECLIPSE and PORT OF EARTH are great books.  What’s actually creating some buzz for LOST CITY EXPLORERS lies in his back page biography where he mentions that both ECLIPSE and PORT OF EARTH have been optioned (nice catch Mr. Emiliano Begs!).  I guess we shall see.   







SKYWARD #3 (IMAGE) – You should really be reading this series. 


TONY STARK IRON MAN #1 (MARVEL) – Most of the variants are selling for half of ratio.  The virgin Alex Ross is actually doing the best at $150 (and it may just be his best Iron Man cover ever…. In my opinion). 

TONY STARK IRON MAN MINI COMIC (MARVEL)– ONE copy sold for $1.  I don’t think you need to stock up on these.


WWE #18 RUSEV DAY 1:15 VARIANT (BOOM!) – Apparently only the WWE Female variants sell for big money.  This is selling at ratio.


  • Sandy Sutherland

    I agree with you Matt that Skyward book is a book everyone should be reading it is so good. I hope your readers try out Skyward I think people would like it.

    Not only does Fathom have a Siya cover but she is doing the interiors as well. I picked it up for the Mike Choi cover and her art. It was not a bad read.

    Great post as always.

  • Avatar

    Yay… got both hot books 2 copies of the champs 21 and one classified variant but all 3 are 9.8 candidates so I’m feeling good especially considering I really wasn’t paying much attention to spec in general lately, just good old instincts on Wednesday morning helped me this week. In retrospect I should have left my second bats 49 behind and grabbed a 3rd champions but what can you do overall I’m happy witbmy books this week. Especially the JSC, my favorite cover from him in quite a while.

  • Matthew King

    Nice Job Matt ! I feel like *FRUITY* NINJA ANCIENT ORIGINS #1 would’ve been more fun, adding that Y on the end.
    MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1 LEE 1:25 VARIANT is a fun cover but can it keep going up ? I’m gonna sit on the sidelines
    and watch this one… Far from a PC book for me, but a cool one to hang in the kids room for sure. Middleton is
    here to stay and he’s only gotten better with age. ( Like a fine silky wine…*SILK.* ) Venom #1 2nd print is a
    refreshing take on an old Alien based on an even older ALIEN… LOVE IT !
    PETER PARKER SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 has got and old school Steve Ditko vibe going but man is
    it UGLY.

  • Avatar

    Fathom #7 has a nice Art Adams cover as well.

    There was a 1 per store(?) Justice League #1 Virgin “Gift” variant this week as well – any interest that at all?

  • misfit138

    Champions #21 will probably be Snowguard’s 1st appearance because it introduces her in that book first, and she don’s her costume and becomes Snowguard, and then she’s a part of the team in Infinity War Champions. It’s about which appearance is first in terms of story, and that is Champions #21. Who knows if she’ll do anything though. She seems pretty weak and so does her costume.

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