The Weekend After Wednesday for 6/16/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/13/18. They could still be at your shop.



MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1 LEE 1:25 VARIANT – This 1:25 Stacey Lee Variant was pre-selling at a height of $45.  Strangely, despite having one or even NO listed copies, sellers were undercutting their own listings on Wednesday by offering a “buy it now” at $29.99 and $34.99.  Of course, these instantly sold and it climbed back to $40.  As copies dried up, this variant now sits at $50.  It was the only “Buy it Now” among the 3 current auctions.  This IS going to climb.  This has been on my radar since issue #0 came out (which actually has this variant cover on the back cover stating “DIGITAL SHORTS AND ANIMATED FILM, RISING 2019” with the bar code reading “FREE”).  And yes, this may seem like “a pump and dump”, but here are my reasons why I’m supporting it and some cons to represent the counter-argument (for the record, I have ONE copy that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon):


  1. New full character appearance (costume & name) – Yes, the cameo (or true 1st) was in the free Marvel Rising #0, which I previously said was totally worth grabbing at the awesome price of $0. One of the main reasons I like this book is specifically for this new character, Emulator/ Ember Quad.  Her powers sound fun and original.  I think she has great potential.
  2. This cover features almost all of the hottest/ most promising Marvel characters that are already seeing content transitions. These characters are hand chosen by Marvel for a reason.  The next wave of Marvel Film content is forming.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a future Avengers movie looking very similar to something like this.
  3. It's under-ordered and truly hard to find


  1. It’s an okay cover… and I love Stacey Lee.  Her Silk #1 cover is one of my favorite covers.  This is basically just “okay”.  It’s not quite iconic or special.
  2. It’s an “all-age” book.  A “HOT” variant needs momentum and increasing readership to keep driving prices up, which this will most likely not have.
  3. This is essentially a promo/marketing tool KIDS book for the upcoming MARVEL RISING TV movie.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons.  I love new books like this with great potential.  The regular cover is selling slowly, but that’s a good thing. These standard issues should be on shelves for new readers to grab.

WEATHERMAN #1 1:25 VARIANT(IMAGE) – Wow, where did this book come from?  The most recent sales for this 1:25 has sold for $41 plus shipping.  There’s only ONE copy currently listed at $136… which is nuts. The gift this seller is providing to the next seller is the ability to undercut and sell for a significant jump past that last $41.  This should be a very interesting book to follow.

ZINNOBER #1 – I didn’t see a single copy of this title anywhere, let alone the “B” Dragon Variant.  It’s selling for $14 to $26 shipped.  Sellers are starting to undercut, so prices might drop a bit.  It’s still HOT though!


BROTHER NASH #1 (TITAN) – I had this in WARM last week due to a couple sets selling for $22, which then leveled back down to cover.   It definitely rebounded to $15 shipped for the standard cover and $25 for the “B” variant.  Even with a $6.99 price tag, that’s a pretty significant jump in price.

DOCTOR STRANGE #1 1:50 DEL’OTTO VARIANT– This 1:50 was WARM last week after seeing some healthy rebounds in price.  This week it’s COLD again after sales have ended between $25 to $40.

GARFIELD HOMECOMING #1 (BOOM) – This was in COLD last week as both covers could be purchased for cover price.  The “B” Stan Sakai variant switched gears over the week and now sells for $15 shipped.

GREEN LANTERNS #48 LOUW “B” VARIANT (DC)– After selling for $12 to $14, prices have been fluctuating from $9 to $18 shipped.  There are A LOT of copies listed, so pricing will probably settle to $10.

WASTED SPACE #1 2ndPRINTS (VAULT)– These cover swipes of ACTION COMICS #1 and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 were WARM after having listings still at cover price.  bouncing around in price.  Sets have been selling for $15 to $20 again.  The Action Comics homage has even seen one sale at $15 on its own.  These are great covers.


Nothing was hot this time last year.  Pretty quiet week one year ago.



DUCKTALES #9 “LENA” BLUEPRINT VARIANT (IDW)– The most recent sale was for $18 shipped.  Which is great.  However, there are cheaper copies listed that are close to ratio and sales are really slow… so, this is WARM for now.

VENOM #2 KEITH 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL)– This Sam Keith variant is selling for $28 shipped, which is ratio + shipping.  Except for one current listed BIN @ $49, all the other listings are auctions. This could make a nice jump! I would grab one if you see it for under $25.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 2ND PRINT (MARVEL) – There was a lot of internal chatter about the potential for this 2ndprint. Well, it IS selling for $11-15 shipped. BUT, it has a $9.99 cover price.




BY NIGHT #1 (OF 12) (BOOM)


DETECTIVE COMICS #982 BROOKS “B” VARIANT (DC) – Great cover. I love Brooks.  However, this is selling for cover.



HAWKMAN #1 SEJIC “B” VARIANT (DC) – Stejpan Sejic is hands down one of my favorite artists.  He consistently delivers amazing art.  His interiors look JUST as good as his covers.  I just wish I were a Hawkman fan.  This is selling for cover price.



ISOLA #2 2NDPRINT (IMAGE) – LOVE this cover.

MAGIC ORDER #1 (OF 6) (IMAGE) – None of the variants are doing anything for the massively overprinted book.






STAR WARS THRAWN #5 (OF 6) (MARVEL) – The 1:25 is selling for $20 shipped.


SUICIDE SQUAD #43 (DC) – Another awesome “B” cover, selling for cover.

THOR #1 1:50 RIBIC VARIANT (MARVEL) – sigh... yes, I saw the image of Phonerine at the end and…. just didn’t care.  I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t feel like chasing this for JUST that last page.  I’m glad I didn’t.  All of the covers are selling for below ratio (1:25 is selling for $15), this 1:50 is averaging $36 to $40.



WEEKND PRESENTS STARBOY #1  (MARVEL) – This did see some sales at $10-12 shipped, but has since dropped back down to cover price.

WONDER WOMAN #48 FRISON VARIANT (DC) – Man, what a gorgeous book.  I absolutely love it.  I’m surprised it isn’t’ doing anything over cover.


  • Avatar

    Well I skipped this week and didn’t get any books as it was 107 on Wednesday and I was 90% sure my LCS wasn’t getting a 1/25 for Marvel Rising #1. If I was certain they would have a copy I would have braved the heat for that. I do have a almost guaranteed 9.8 at cgc right now of the Marvel Rising #0. I have a very this book/character but nothing else this week was very exciting to me, and I am quite certain Marvel Rising is in the kids section at my LCS along with duck tales and a few others and unfortunately they rarely if ever order enough issues of these to qualify for variants. Glad the character is being received well because I sent in the #0 issue on a hunch based solely off the fact that I liked the cover and heard something about a new character.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Awesome as always Matt!

  • Avatar

    but my 136$ copy has offers rolling. lol. I expect hate mail soon enough. 🤣

  • Coswrd

    The Hal Jordan sells for above cover..have sold the Hawkman and Suicide Squad a number of times over cover. Not everything needs to appreciate on day one and I don’t mind people leaving these books for me to pick up. The Scout will be hot this week but the DC variants will be worth more before the #2 issue of Zinnober hits the shelves.

    • Matt DeVoe

      I hear what you’re saying. It had sold for above cover, but most recent sales have been for cover and even less. There are copies available for $2.54. But, yes Zinnobar won’t hold it’s value. The DC B variants are fantastic long term books.

  • Avatar

    The auctions for the alpha variants have no climbed over $60 with several days left. I finally found a copy that I really overpaid for but not that much.

    • Matt DeVoe

      This was a no brainer buy for me. I got my copy for $30, which is more then I would usually want to pay for a 1:25. But it’s a fun one for sure. I love surprises like this.

  • Avatar

    I skipped this week. The Quade character’s powers are silly and feel a bit derived from the concept of Wreck-It Ralph. I really think FOMO is driving these auctions. A new character is all it takes. I also saw that they are going to be releasing the issue with the same cover of the variant as a giveaway for kids.

    • Matt DeVoe

      I get what you’re saying SJ. I actually think her powers are pretty original in the Marvel U. She reminds me of a more modern take on Green Lantern. I’vd seen that picture circulating and I tried to address that “upcoming free book with the same cover”. That giveaway already happened. That’s actually the back cover to issue #0 that came out before FCBD.

  • fastballspecial

    I couldn’t find a copy of Zinnober locally at 3 shops no one ordered it.

    I think Starboy is doing better then the review indicates. It wasn’t even ordered locally. Its selling well above cover from what I can see.

  • Cruzzer2

    That “MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1 LEE 1:25 VARIANT” has gone THERMAL NUCLEAR!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, not really.. but some from going for 90s to 100s in such a short time.

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