1 Cyberfrog (Vol. 1) #1

WRITER: Ethan Van Sciver
ARTIST: Ethan Van Sciver
It's amazing what a successful fundraising campaign will do to copies of an obscure indie book.  Raws were, just a short while ago ,  about $20.  Now VG copies are pushing $100 and NM+ copies are close to $200.  Check out Topher's True Firsts article about this character

2 Edge of Spider-Verse #2

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
It's funny, some people were scratching their heads some months back when this book reappeared on the Hot 10.  No head scratching this time.  The fact is, the animated movie looks incredible and teasing Spider-Gwen at the end has caused a surge in this book.  Up to $290-300 from around $200.

3 Marvel Rising: Alpha #1 Stacey Lee 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Devin Grayson
ARTIST: Georges Duarte
Yes, #0 came out first and had Ember Quad/Quade (really Marvel?  Can't get the name the same on 2 consecutive pages?), but that will, and will always be a FREE preview book.  This #1 will end up being the 1st Full Appearance and this variant has hit the ground running at $40-50.

4 Amazing Spider-Man #431

WRITER: Tom DeFalco
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Great cover, always has been.  I'm a little confused as to the recent price increase from $20-25 up to $45-50.  For a fun hunt, try and find the newsstand in high grade.  I'm just kidding, that hunt will drive you insane.

5 Batgirl (Vol. 5) #23 Joshua Middleton Variant

WRITER: Hope Larson
ARTIST: Minkyu Jung
Continuing on its great run, raws have jumped up to $40 now and a 9.8 just sold for $200.  I do find it interesting how 1 book can push interest in all other books by the same artist.

6 Hungry Ghosts #1

WRITER: Anthony Bourdain
ARTIST: Alberto Ponticelli
Look, I get it, paying premiums on items related to people who just passed away is kind of tacky.  The fact is, before his death, this was a cover price or less book.  Since, it's $20.  Do what you want with the info.

7 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Fiona Staples 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: David Maquez
This book definitely saw extra interest after the Spider-Verse trailer because it looks like it came straight out of the trailer (or I guess the trailer came straight off of this cover since it was first).  Multiple 9.8 copies were sold from $135-175 since the trailer hit.

8 Detective Comics #880

WRITER: Scott Snyder
Can we now say ‘iconic' cover?  For those that argue a ‘key' has to have a 1st appearance, I submit this book to you.  9.8's are now almost $600 and even 9.2's are selling at almost $200 at this point.

9 Zinnober #1 Nic Klein Variant

WRITER: Ralf Singh
ARTIST: Ralf Singh
A 30 ft. dragon with arms like someone in a body-building competition perched over a little guy with a rifle?  I wonder how this is going to end.  Anyway, this hard to find book is selling in the $13-17 range at the moment.

10 Domino (Vol. 3) #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Gail Simone
ARTIST: David Baldeon
After consistently selling for weeks in the $30-35 range, this one has now received a price bump up to $50-60.  Those that did not get rid of this one early may end up glad they didn't.

Cable (Vol. 2) #21

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
This somewhat harder to find Hope Summers origin book is selling in the $15-20 range when it was only a $5 book just a couple months ago.

Gay Comics #32

WRITER: Dave Berg
ARTIST: Dave Berg
Yes, the sale was an Edgar Church copy.  Yes, it is the highest graded copy by a long shot.  When a book that is listed in the guide at like $200 sells for $14,000+, well, I can't even describe that kind of price increase.

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