The Day After Wednesday for 6/9/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/6/18. They could still be at your shop.



GREEN LANTERNS #48 LOUW “B” VARIANT (DC)– Well, this was a rather light week.  Our hottest book of the week is this (albeit gorgeous) Warren Louw “B” variant, selling for $12 to $14 shipped.  While this was definitely hard to find,  it still show signs of suffering the fate of most DC “B” variants: the rise to $10 and then the drop down to cover price (ish).  We'll see how it does next week.


AQUAMAN JABBERJAW SPECIAL #1 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – This is a great cover, yet it didn’t quite capture the steam that Batgirl #23 (now at $40 btw) had. It’s still holding at $10 to $15 shipped.

MAZSCARA #1 (RED ANVIL) – This obscure title dropped from $16 to $10.

UNCLE SCROOGE #34 COVER B BARKS VARIANT (IDW) – After a height of $30, enough copies hit eBay to drag it down to $20-$22 shipped.


BABYTEETH #1 VARIANTS (AFTERSHOCK) – Last year, this book was hot.  There were a surprisingly large amount of variants for this #1 issue.  Most were store variants that sold for a premium.  Today they sell for much less. The one that has held the best is the Eh! Hip Hopf Foil variant (limited to 100 copies).  That sold recently at $70 shipped.  When this was released, a set of the 3 covers (250, 150 & 100 copies) cost $125.  This is actually a solid holdover in price. 

BATMAN #24 (DC) – Wow, it’s been a year since Batman proposed to Catwoman.  It seemed pretty obvious at the time that this was a plot device that would never go through.  Seeing how hyped Batman #50 is with the actual Wedding, it looks pretty legit. The Finch cover is so popular now that I completely forgot that there was a Time Sale cover B variant.  One year ago, these were selling for $20 as a set and $10 individually.  Today, the Finch cover sells for $20 shipped and the Sale “B” variant sells for $16 to $19. This is one of the first books in this “Hot This Time Last Year” section to actually increase in value!

GWAR ORGASMAGEDDON #1 (OF 4) ASHCAN (DYNAMITE) – This book had some of the craziest variants last year.  The 1:100 variant, all signed by the band, used to sell for $100. You can buy it now for $35.  The foil Hip Hopf Golden Showers was selling for $35.  It hasn’t seen a sale in while, yet one copy is available in a $50 set. The highlight of last year was the ashcan.  It was limited to 100 copies and was selling for $70.  This year… it’s gone.  It’s absolutely nowhere to be seen.  So, the value is undetermined.   

STAR WARS DARTH VADER #1 1:50 BROOKS VARIANT (MARVEL) – Last year, this awesome Vader cover presold for $80, it dipped to $50 the day of and then rose back up to $80.  Today, this is selling for $55 to $65.  It’s Mark Brooks, whose star has risen over the past year.  This isn’t a bad drop and should continue to hold at this price.

STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS #2 (OF 8) 1:25 LOUW VARIANT (UDON) – This had a pretty sharp drop over the past 12 months.  Last year this sold for $40 and currently sells for $15 to $20 shipped. I really like the covers that Warren Louw is putting out lately.



BROTHER NASH #1 (TITAN) – Despite a hefty $6.99 cover price, sets of both covers have been selling for $22 shipped.  I debated whether or not this should be HOT. However, due to some more recent sales at cover price and slow sales, it’s in WARM for now.  This is definitely one to watch though.

DOCTOR STRANGE #1 1:50 DEL’OTTO VARIANT– This is one of the best Doctor Strange books I’ve seen.  Despite a high pre-sale at $95, I wasn’t surprised to see this drop as low as $28.  Doctor Strange variants have rarely held value.  On Wednesday, this variant started turning around and hit $40 and then most recently $55 shipped.   Most of the current listings are all auctions and all have active bidders.  It looks like this variant will level out to a steady $50/$60 variant.

WASTED SPACE #1 2ndPRINTS (VAULT) – These cover swipes of ACTION COMICS #1 and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 have seen one sale of $20 for the set.  However, a couple of copies are still available on eBay for cover price, though it’s worth noting that not many are left.  This does show signs of a price jump.  The print run has to be tiny for this 2ndprint.  Grabbing the Action Comics cover would definitely be worth it.



ABERRANT #1 (ACTION LAB)– Is that a Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 variant??


BATMAN #48 (DC)– LOVE this Cho cover even if it’s only selling for cover price.  Hopefully no one is stocking up on this week’s new DC titles for the “first appearance” of Lobo’s daughter Crush.  The preview for TEEN TITANS #20 are in all of this week’s books.


DAZZLER X SONG #1 (MARVEL)– Even Sienkiewicz’s variant is still sitting at cover.

DEADPOOL #1 (MARVEL) – I really didn’t expect to put this here. I thought that the Opena 1:50 variant was going to jump to $100.  It’s only selling for $35.  The Liefeld 1:25 is selling for $17.  The Marat Mychaels “store” variant (limited to 1000) is doing the best at $40 and it’s interesting on how this is sold.  From what I understand, Marat is only selling this at conventions for $20. He’s not listing them online (from what I could tell).  This is really smart.  He doesn’t have to deal with shipping and gets people to stop by his booth and have those buyers potentially pick-up other books. I hope other artists follow this approach. It also staggers sales on eBay and prevents flooding, which is the number one problem with store variants.




IMMORTAL HULK #1 (MARVEL) – None of the variants are selling for above ratio.  The only variant doing decently is the Keown 1:50, which is selling for $40 shipped. 


JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 (DC) – So, just a reminder… don’t speculate or stock up on big event books like this.  The print run is always huge and they always have massive drops. There are a bunch of cool store variants that are doing well (with expensive buy-ins), however the 1:250 Jim Lee incentive variant only sells for $105 to $120.  That will continue to drop.





  • Gary Nusser

    Late or not, great job as always, Matt. I remember a lot of naysayers about that proposal issue last year but I’m glad that I went with my gut and stocked up. That sdcc foil should also continue to rise. That Brooks Darth Vader is one of my all-time favorite homage covers and will stay in my PC. Big fan of the second prints of Wasted Space, I love what they’re doingat Vault.. these issues can currently be found at one of the major online retailers at cover however…

  • Avatar

    Awesome stuff….dang….a year already on the proposal… make time slow down please lol

  • Avatar

    There’s only 1 Garfield Homecoming Sakai variant on the bay now, and it has a 14.99 bid, not seen another since I bought mine last week, there’s a ton of the regular cover, just wanted to throw that out there

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