First You May Have Missed: Lockdown and Discord (Ms. Marvel)

Hows it going every one and welcome. If you're not checking out the writers wars your missing some great stuff. Today we will be riding the wave of a hero who a lot of people seen heating up from miles away. Like with every good character once their books start to climb to high people start to invest in related characters mainly villains. Today i will give some insight into two character's that will likely be tied to anything Kamala Khan. Lockdown and Discord “Khanverse First”

 Lockdown: real name Becky st Jude 1st appeared in Ms Marvel vol 4 #8. Kamala is called by her idol at the time Captain Marvel to help lead a group called the Carol Cadets. This all takes place during the events of civil war II when carol is using the visions of Ulysses (the future predicting inhuman….it was a pretty big event) to stop crime before or as it happens. At first things were fine together with Jude and her team they apprehended their first criminal, the Canadian ninja clan leader Hijinx (also first appeared in this book along with the carol cadet members Marco, Jonah and Heather). Of course Becky like many managers, begins to take her job way to serious and grows power-hungry eventually leading to the arrest of someone Khamala knows personally which brings a lot of unrest to her friends and the people of her city. This set forth a chain of events which ultimately lead to Kamalas close friend and one time crush getting seriously injured in an attempt to free some of the prisoners of the carol cadets. This pushes Kamala to confront Becky which now has a custom-made plasma armor, a battle which Kamala eventually wins.

Although a lot of spec is driven solely by movies or T.V. shows Becky st Jude also serves another more long-lasting purpose. If you follow Kamala you know that Carol Danvers is her idol, the person she looks up to most, even once taking on the appearance of the old blond one piece jumpsuit Ms.Marvel. She would defend Carol at all cost which was hard during the events of Civil War II where the marvel universe was split down the middle, but it was at this point when Carol came to mediate the fight between her portage Ms. Marvel and her Lieutenant Becky aka Lockdown that we see one of the most important and pivotal changes in Kamalas Character. This is where carol takes the side of Becky and leaves kamala heartbroken and confused. This also leads to kamala eventuality doing a few things which redefined the childish innocence of her character. First recruiting and working with the villain Hijix to stop Lockdown, then denouncing her admiration of carol and leaving the avengers causing the formation of the Champions. So this conflict between her and Becky (who is later defeated by the team of Hijinx and kamala) marks a grand change in Ms. Marvels story. Now i wont go as far as to say lockdown is kamalas Green Goblin but she is the antagonists in what i think is one of Kamalas most defining story arcs. But what would a good antagonist be without causing reoccurring trouble for our hero?

Discord: Issue #19 Becky returns Plasma armor and all, now dubbing herself Lockdown. Working with K.I.N.D. under the mayor she once again comes face to face with Kamala but now she comes with a team-mate, Discord. Equipped with plasma rings and electrical powers Discord quickly defeats Ms Marvel. Now while Lockdown may have played a large roll in the development of Kamala i think Discord is the nail in the coffin to Kamalas innocence.  If you have not read these Ms. Marvel books and you don't want to ruin one of the great twist of the series then skip this next part. I know it's not new and way past spoiler warnings but for the love of comic readership i am just giving the heads up. During a later battle with Discord in issue #21 his identity is reveled and it is none other than Joshua Richardson. If you have been following Ms. Marvel Josh was the one time boyfriend of kamalas best friend Zoe who has been around since her first landmark issue of her very first series. Sometimes friend mostly bully(think Flash Thompson type) but overall not evil, this revelation crushed kamalas innocence hope and optimism. Their ongoing battles both physically and morally take a toll on both Discord and Ms. Marvel. Seeming to possibly be open to change during their final battle Discord and kamala part ways both broken and matured from being on opposite sides of the same war while Lockdown is arrested(i'm sure she will return).

So here we have two villains (i am thinking discord goes full anti-hero, forgive me if he already has i'm about 5 issues behind at the moment) that are both exclusive to Kamala and play a major role in her character development. This is not based solely on tv or movie speculation, these are character's who i think will continue to play a part in Kamala's life for years to come and are an essential part of her story. Lets look at this run down.

  • Ms. Marvel vol 3 #1 1st appearance of josh(later becomes discord) this is a sort after and dare i say it iconic book at this point going through 7 reprints and launching the story of Kamala Khan. If you don't know about this book yet shame on you and if you don't own one yet……good luck.

  • Ms Marvel vol 4 #8 1st appearance of Becky st Jude which later becomes lock down. Also features the first appearance of the carol cadets and the Villain hijinx. This book has a sub 32k print run split (probably not evenly) between 2 regular covers. Both should be easy to find and cheap but i would go with the civil war reenactment Siya Oum variant even though it is not a great cover by Oum imo but it does seem to be a bit more rare.


  • Ms. Marvel vol 4 #10 first appearance of plasma armor. Although she does not take on the name lockdown this is the first appearance of becky wearing the plasma armor that she uses as lockdown. This one has a regular priced Ms Marvel Tsum Tsum variant(not the one of Mel V fame) with a print run under 30k you should be able to get these under cover in the wild, i wouldn't pay the shipping for these unless i already had a bulk order coming in and it had space.


  • Ms. Marvel vol 4 #19 1st appearance of Discord and lockdown named. This one should be somewhere on your dig list. Sure josh has been around but do we really care about the first Cletus Cassidy or do we want the first carnage??? This is a must grab at cover imo with a sub 18k print run and 1 cover it has to potential to disappear without warning. Cover price or less i'm grabbing these all day and tossing them in a box, and not a bad looking cover.



  • Bonus book!! Ms. Marvel vol4 #21 is the first cover appearance of Discord and the reveal of his identity.


That does it for this edition of FYMHM be sure to come back next week. If you need to reach me for any reason feel free to email me at until next time happy hunting and remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


  • Clint Joslin

    Incredibly informative piece! Your logic makes a ton of sense about the future within the KK universe. I will be on the lookout for that #19 this upcoming week at the ole LCS. Thanks again for continuing to give us all great characters to chase. Your column continues to be one of my top reads of the week! Knock out job as always my friend!

    • Dale Valiant horton

      Thanks clint. With all this KK media stuff floating around its only a matter of time before they start looking at source material to pull from.

  • Eman

    Great info….also a great refresher course for those of us that follow Ms. Marvel.
    Well done buddy.

    • Dale Valiant horton

      Appreciate it, things in comics are moving so fast and with KK being on so many teams as well as her solo book its easy to get lost in the reading.

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